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The Jewels of Manhattan Read & Download ☆ 104 ç [Reading] ➭ The Jewels of Manhattan ➵ Carmen Reid – Can you steal the perfect lifeFind out in Carmen's fabulous Christmassy stand alone novelIt started with too many cocktails as all great plans do1 Rob Auction house where sister works2 Sell the jeweCan you steal the perfect lifeFind out in Carmen's fabulous Christmassy stand alone novelIt started with too many cocktails as all great plans do Rob Auction house where sister works Sell. 35 starsHave thought really long how many stars is the bestFirst of all although Carmen Reid herself is just amazed with her idea of the plot ie stealing jewels by Jewels sister I guess it doesn't take to me so much Maybe it's not controversial it's too big a word but it just suit nowhere What is this actually We should excuse the main characters as they are the main characters and we are supposed to stand by them and like them and understand them but sorry it doesn't work that way and doesn't matter what happens I am really not so delighted with the whole idea of this book I was very very curious about this book when I read the synopsis I mean stealing in a Christmas time Maybe I am a bot too old fashionedI would say this is the best stand alone novel written by Reid I love the Annie Valentine series and I don't like the stand alone novels simple as this This one is okay and is easy to read I was actually very interested how it is going to end although I knew from the very moment who has stolen the jewelsThe only problem were the three sisters herselves to me The only one that was normal and to be liked was Amber I just hated Em her need of money her stealing shop lifting actually obsessing about money money money and what is she going to do with all the millions that she's going to steal And the way she behaved after they got the money from Monsieur M shopping shopping shopping I guess she goes to bed thinking about dollars and wakes up thinking about dollars It was like an obsession And coming her with her tail between her legs because the rich life was not exactly like she thought it will be I don't remember such a selfish person in a book really Then there was Sapphire oh god how old was she again Twelve Her obsession with getting married getting wedding presents finding a right man doesn't matter how and when and where it was all so so childish she herself was like a big child And really what I still don't understand is the way the sisters were so dissapointed with their father one moment because he has cheeated once and they herselves were running around with stolen jewelery and planning to sell it and live long and happily Hello How does it call Hipocrisy or whatSo all in all am a little confused about this book Not bad to read but the plot and idea themselves do not hook with me so much

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R Sapphire and Em all came to New York looking for a new life But things aren't working out as well as they hoped Em has had enough She wants fame and fortune and she's got it all mapped o. This was an impulse buy I loved the cover and the blurb intrigued me so I went ahead and got it welcome to the simple world of my book buying reuirementsThe action started straight away with Amber and Sapphire becoming caught up in the middle of an armed robbery – this was a great way to start the book because it meant that I was hooked immediately There were lots of laugh out loud moments throughout and there were many times that I found myself shaking my head in disbelief at some of their actions I was willing them to make the right choiceAmber was my favourite character at the beginning I would’ve said she was the most level headed sister but as the story progressed she seemed to get swept along with all the mad things that Em had started Speaking of Em I’m afraid I didn’t like her at all – I was waiting for her to have some redeeming ualities that I could warm to but it just never happened Sapphire was much likeable she was very innocent and childlike in some ways and I found this rather endearingThere were lots of predictable moments but this didn’t affect my enjoyment in the slightest I just loved the whole idea and the comfortable style of writing made it easy for me to read This kind of unbelievable storyline is the perfect example of why I love reading fiction so much – it’s great to escape to a bit of unreal craziness now and thenThis was a light hearted read that I was addicted to from the very start

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The Jewels of ManhattanThe jewels Disappear and live happily ever afterA completely brilliant and perfect The Jewels Kindle plan when you are a few Cosmopolitans downThe three very different Jewel sisters Ambe. I finished this book in just under two days which I found uite surprising as I can’t say I enjoyed every minute of the book I can only say it is like when you taste something for the first time and you’r not sure if you like it so you keep going hoping it will get better having said that there must have been something great about the book as usually I wouldn’t read pass the first chapter if I didn’t like the feel of the storyOur main characters in this book are the three Jewel sisters Amber Em and Sapphire Each of the sisters are completely different and in my opinion all of their characters are developed well which is unusual in a book with three characters as I usually find there is one who stand out than the others but this is not the case The book gets off to a great start with Amber and Sapphire being in the wrong place at the wrong time in a jewellery store robbery but I did find that after a great start the story started to take a bit of a dip for me and as I was getting to know the girls I couldn’t see how these girls where going to carry of a jewellery heist as they just didn’t feel like the type of characters to do something like this This is where the synopsis is a little misleading because it wasn’t all three sisters who plot and carry out the jewellery hoistThe storyline is obviously not very believable but that for me is not a problem as I tend to find books like this easy reads but I think this would have been helped with a little humour involved but there is no humour in this book which makes the book feel a little flatAll in all it was an ok read but it is not one I would be rushing to read again I found it a shame as I loved the characters in this book but I just wasn’t keen on the storyline