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The Iron Duke review Ð 0 ✓ [Read] ➲ The Iron Duke By Meljean Brook – After the Iron Duke freed England from Horde control he instantly became a national hero Now Rhys Trahaearn has built a merchant empire on the power and fear of his name And when a dead body is droppe After The Iron Duke freed England from Horde control heBringing Detective Inspector Mina Wentworth into his dangerous world he intends to make her his next possessionBut when Mina uncovers the victim's identity she stumbles upon a conspiracy that The Iron Epubthreatens the lives of everyo. I have to hand it to Meljean Brook She created a wonderfully detailed and fantastical world in this book If a reader is wondering what 'steampunk' is I will definitely point them towards this book I was very impressed how she integrated nanotechnology into her world building and the nanotech fit very well in this universe There are some aspects that seem rather dystopian despite the fact that this is a Victorian like setting The use of robotic technology has some great applications but some are rather horrific In this story a large degree of the world particularly Europe and associated continents has been subjugated by the Horde which I intepreted to be the Mongols as in Genghis Khan Many of the major cities of Europe are under occupation or have been razed to ruins Zombies roam the unoccupied territories humans who were infected by nanobots that caused them to become vicious cannibalistic monsters However many regular humans are infected with nanobots that enhance them in many positive and some negative ways The problem is that the Horde can control those humans called buggers with radio signals In this world the Horde are hated and despised which creates a lot of problems for the heroine Mina She is the product of a Horde frenzy in which control of her mother's body via control of the nanobots by radio signals was overtaken by the Horde and she engaged in a Horde orgy resorting in Mina She was so horrified at the sight of her half Horde baby that she gouged her eyes out Yeah right away I knew this story was going to be kind of darkI was very impressed with the meticulous world building and attention to detail in this story In addition there are several major players who all want a say in the future of England and the rest of the world grabbing any kind of power or edge they can to gain that This book has everything mechanically enhanced humans and animals pirates zombies giant sea monsters airships you name it However it was so well done it never came off as over the top While this book probably wouldn't work for straight romance fans or even some fantasyscience fiction fans I loved it because I got a kick out of how imaginative and uniue this Victorian world was Despite my enjoyment this wasn't an easy read for me I often had to reread certain passages to make sure I was getting a clear understanding that's not due to Ms Brook's fault but to my inexperience in reading a lot of science fiction type literature and not having a head for political intrigue storylines That's okay because I wanted to get a full grasp of this book and it certainly enhanced my enjoymentIn my opinion Ms Brook didn't let her romance fans down The love story between Rhys and Mina is eually important I was eagerly awaiting the arrival of The Iron Duke when I started this book When he showed up I was not disappointed He's a very uniue character which some aspects that I had not encountered in a hero thus far I loved his vitality his ruthless nature his determination Mina has a pull on him that compels him throughout this book He is the kind of man who will move mountains to get his woman which definitely works for me Even outside of that I respected him for his strength in enduring a very rough past his determination to do what was necessary and to protect others He might have seemed self absorbed he put importance on protecting what was his whether it was his ship the sailors on it or his properties and subjects as the Iron Duke He didn't really like the ceremony of being a Duke but he took the responsibility seriously because that was the kind of man he was He wasn't a smooth refined character which is fine with me When he considers his feelings for Mina they are described in a very rough way but the emotions behind them are pure and he definitely shows his love for her not just physical infatuation As for Mina I couldn't have liked her as a heroine She's tough really tough But she's not hard or frustrating Any armor she ha

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Ne in England To save them Mina and Rhys must race across zombie infested wastelands and treacherous oceans and Mina discovers the danger is not only to her countrymen as she finds herself tempted to give up everything to the Iron Duke. This book was both lots of fun and uite disappointing The alternate history of a Mongol dominated England with mind controlling nanoagents steampunk body grafts and forced social reorganization was original and fascinating Brook worked the steampunk elements into the story and the lives of the characters in a intimate and plot effecting way and she also showed how the political and scientific changes common to this genre would not be superficial window dressing on the same old Victorian stereotype world but would cause changes in gender roles family relations local and world economies international diplomacy religious practice this is some fascinating territory for exploration she is setting up hereAnd then Then Instead of developing all this really awesome material she decided to write a romance And not even a good romance A generic romance The same disgusting sexist rapey “romance” people have been writing for decades A woman who seems strong and independent but is afraid of her emotions and desires An ultra alpha male man who overpowers her and forces himself on her because no doesn’t mean no especially if women are saying no for practical reasons like not wanting lose their jobs and reputations But because this is a romance the reader knows the two main characters are Meant To Be so it doesn’t count as rape And we know they are in love even though they pretty much just think about and have lots of un hot sex Because in Romancelandia being really horny for a particular person proves that person is your One True Love Even if you don’t like them I don’t want to go on an anti romance rant here I have no issue with stories including romance as an element I even think the romantic pairing here could have been good especially if Brook had spent pages fleshing out Rhys’ personality instead or his er flesh His character here seemed not precisely two dimensional but one sided We see his aggression his controlling nature his sense of responsibility – the elements anyone meeting him would identify Even when we get the story from his point of view there aren’t a lot of other personality traits And that made it hard to see him and Mina falling in love Rather than instant lust followed by standard romance genre manipulations and throbbings I would have enjoyed a process where in the course of fighting zombies and solving mysteries two people learned to respect one another and fell in love This uninspired unoriginal romance story was especially disappointing because it took away time from a story and a world that I really did want to hear about There were several elements that could have been explored fully and some fairly important inconsistencies that should have been worked out For instance if marriage hasn’t been the norm for generations and most people don’t live in nuclear families why is it that it would ruin Mina’s reputation to have people know that she had a lover Brook actually states at one point early on that most women live in small groups with their kids and support themselves and one another so obviously they must be taking lovers I felt that Brook wanted think about ways in which society could be different and explore how s are artificial – and then at the same time she wanted to stick with hoary old tried and true romance themes even when they didn’t make sense I wish she had used the page space spent describing sex to instead develop how society had changed or why the Horde made giant sharks or giving details about the Ivory Market Or even working out some of the kinks in the plot

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The Iron DukeAfter the Iron Duke freed England from Horde control he instantly became a national hero Now Rhys Trahaearn has built a merchant empire on the power and fear of his name And when a dead body is dropped from an airship onto his doorstep. zombies kraken pirates automatons marriage reform nanotech mongols just another classic steampunk romance right or maybe not this is my first one it was crazy none of the other bodice rippers wanted to read the shapeshifter romance come on guysshapeshifters romance i am so curious about the mechanics of it but i am not going to read one without the protective cloak of the rest of the rippers so steampunki mean honestly there wasn't anything wrong with this book; it replicated a lot of the typical romance conventions and fell into the same booby traps which is totally not the right word but i got to say booby two strong willed people like this shouldn't really spend this much time running away from each other legitimate reasons or no sex should not be this complicated in this book racial and gender issues were legitimate roadblocks but between the two of them they had guns and money and a title and and self confidence and an iron freaking skeleton these two should not have anything standing in the way of whatever they want these are the kind of people who tell other people the way things are going to be not sheep people who are slaves to silly societal norms i mean i personally would not have put up with his sexual pushiness but she seems okay with occasionally being pushed up against a wall and getting the physical euivalent of you mean yes when you say no right so to each his ownbut he is such a schizophrenic male lead sometimes he is a calculating pushy rapist sometimes he is all secret philanthropy and delicate treatment of the feelings of othersbut who needs consistency who reads to reconcile conflicting personality traits shes got a burning knot he's got a hot ridge of flesh these crazy kids were made to clench and twine and growl and clutch and rub we are in romance country it doesn't need to make sense or have any real world applicationsand her she can save kids from monsters but she can't figure out how to get laid this world is kind of awesome; i would much rather have had the conflict be external zombie war monsters than internal noooo don't put your mouth on my vagina it makes me too craaaaazy i mean there is plenty of external conflict i just think her sexual resistance was while explained adeuately retarted and less interesting than zombiesbut the rest of it was pretty fun i should probably read fantasy so i can get those muscles honed because it took me time than i care to admit to get myself situated in this world i had to go back and reread several pages over and over and it wasn't her fault it was me there were so many details that i had trouble cementing them in this here swiss cheese brain so for a bodice ripper read it was better than most i like reading things i would never read otherwise it makes me a broadcome to my blog