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The Eccentropedia kindle ↠ Paperback ´ chris mikul ´ ❮Reading❯ ➵ The Eccentropedia ➭ Author Chris Mikul – Info to follow The contrarian is the individual who probably springs most often to mind when people hear the word 'eccentric' Contrarians are the people who do nInfo to follow The contrarian is the individual who probably springs most often to mind when people hear the word 'eccentric' Contrarians are the people who do not give a fig for social conventions and determinedly go their own way whether it's in their clothing habits beliefs hobbies or living arrangements Their spiritual father is Diogenes and they have absolutely no doubt that they are the sensible ones and it is the rest of the world that is out of step Contra My love for all of Chris Mikul’s work is pretty well established by now so I won’t discuss in depth why I think he is and always will be an author worth reading aside from just stating that his love for the odd in this world makes his work very topical for me and for this site I can’t imagine anyone will be surprised to learn that I think this is great book Anyone with a love for strange ideas or eccentrics will need to add this book to their collection The book discusses some usual suspects in the weirdo game like Helena Blavatsky Charles Fort Aleister Crowley and Michael Jackson but for every person whose name comes up all the time in compendiums devoted to eccentrics there were ten I had never heard of beforeThis is one of my shorter discussions but to discuss it too much would ruin the nature of the book Encyclopedias don’t lend themselves well to my typical in depth discussions This encyclopedia especially doesn’t given its substantial length over 500 pages and 266 entries that cover almost all forms of human perversity insanity determination and genius This book also has some excellent illustrations by Glenn Smith While I completed this book in two sittings this is a book that can be read in fits and starts a great book to read when you suspect you may face interruptions like waiting in line at the DMV Mikul while he can write fiction well uses a style in this book that is a mix of journalism with clear affection for the subject matter ensuring the book is readable and engrossing I loved this book and highly recommend itYou can read my entire discussion here

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Rians especially in England are often associated with the aristocracy who after all do often have the time and money to be able to live exactly as they please yet they may come from all walks of life and indeed some of the most notable have literally lived on the streets becoming in the process well known and often well loved individuals It is the contrarians that John Stuart Mill was thinking of when he wrote in On Liberty 'That so few now dare to be eccentric ma Amazing book that will shake your mind out of the dull everyday mind frame forced on us by the stupid world we all share

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The EccentropediaRks the chief danger of the time' Mill understood that conformity in a society breeds stagnation By rejecting conventions eccentrics demonstrate new ways of thinking and living Of course what may seem outrageous or crazy to an eccentric's contemporaries may be judged as eminently reasonable and sensible by later generations Charles Waterton's early conservation efforts and Victoria Woodhull's tilt at the White House being but two of many examples that could be giv This book is epic We're talking about 500 pages dictionary style of bizarre abnormal eccentric individuals from the ages The author includes for categories for consideration contrarians theorists visionaries and entertainers All of my favorites are here visionaries with horrible personal uirks like Tesla and his pigeons or Howard Hughes and his jars of pee and hotel room bunkers; writers like Burroughs and artists like Warhol; the guy that built the coral castle down in Florida; and Hiroo Onoda the Japanese soldier who was still operating command style until 1974 unaware that WW2 had ended But what makes this book such a joy is that I could flip open to any random page and find someone I didn't even know existed people who were janitors by day but wrote 11000 page novels at night only discovered after their death; people building castles and starting cults and living on a dollar a year even though they were millionaires and digging out massive underground gardens in Fresno that looked like Italian catacombs As a kid I practically memorized the Guinness book of world records so I absolutely eat this stuff upThis book is the ultimate bathroom reader something to open to a random page for a uick entry or two but it's also hugely entertaining to read from A to Z Keep a copy of wikipedia handy and wander down the k hole when you find a good entry but be warned that this could make the book take a month to finish Highly recommended