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NEVER VOLUNTEER FOR ACTIVE DUTY Bob Howard is a low level techie working for a super secret government agency While his colleagues are out saving the world Bob's under a desk resto. so there's all sorts of nerds in the world right so many different kinds and really they don't have a lot in common outside of their basic nerdiness I was out for drinks last Friday and someone made some kind of joke about renaming a lesbian club Aphrodite and I responded that that doesn't make sense it should be called Artemis or at least Athena some goddess who isn't so connected to the male gaze and men in general etc then I proceeded to describe what each of those goddesses oversees their hallmarks and their various euivalents across other mythologies sadly I soon noticed glazed looks and averted eyerolls from the guys gals around the table being uite familiar with those sorts of looks I uickly apologized about going off into nerd land so I could avoid an onslaught of mockery I guess my apology must have been pleasing because they responded with a chorus of comments along the lines of Oh but we love our nerdy little mark or some such attempt to lift my nerd spirits sigh I really should find nerdier friendsthe next day thinking on that I realized what kind of nerd I specifically am I like the ancient world and powers and god like beings and strange cultures and forgotten civilizations et cetera magic and comics and mythology and that sort of stuff I'm not a numbers or tech nerd and I'm definitely not a science nerd I love science fiction but I love it for its take on social and societal issues and I love it when it is all about the opera in space opera rather than explaining in precise detail what space isso The Atrocity Archives is definitely for nerds but not this kind of nerd not me no way every frickin' scientific theory or paranormal doodad is explained in intense detail over the course of long paragraphs punctuated by exclamation points that seem excited about things I barely understand and certainly don't care about this book was a chore to read and I skimmed through so much technobabble ugh I hate when I skim through a book because that's like forcing myself to read the one thing in its favor was that I was amused by the breezy casual tone of the narrative and the narrator's voice it reminded me of the very few urban fantasy novels I've read but besides that the book was a bore to methis was a 1 star book for me but I'm not giving it that because it wasn't a bad book I didn't like it but it's hard for me to blame the book for the two of us not being a good fit I'm sure it's perfect for the right kind of nerd

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The Atrocity ArchivesTs monstrous elder gods and the end of the world Only one thing is certain it will take than a full system reboot to sort this mess out This is the first novel in the Laundry Files. Dudes I finally did it I finally read a Charles Stross novel that didn't leave me feeling vaguely disappointed that I didn't enjoy it Apparently this is the series for me of his work So far Note The rest of this review has been withdrawn due to the changes in Goodreads policy and enforcement You can read why I came to this decision hereIn the meantime you can read the entire review at Smorgasbook

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READ ä The Atrocity Archives ´ [Read] ➵ The Atrocity Archives By Charles Stross – NEVER VOLUNTEER FOR ACTIVE DUTY Bob Howard is a low level techie working for a super secret government agency While his colleagues are out saving the world Bob's under a desk restoring lost data His w NEVER VOLUNTEER FOR ACTIVE DUTY Bob HowarRing lost data His world was dull and safe but then he The Atrocity Kindle went and got NoticedNow Bob is up to his neck in spycraft parallel universes dimension hopping terroris. Update 11718This is the third read and since I keep getting excited every time I read it I'm breaking down and just plopping a big extra star on for sheer enjoymentI've decided this book is not only Spy Fiction with a Cthulhu twist with lots of super geeky math moments but it's also Physics Porn I've decided that I am exactly the right audience for this book Or maybe I've become exactly the right audience I want More More More More More MoreI chuckle throughout the whole damn novel and when I start realizing that I actually understand the physics porn I get this huge giddy feeling But that's not all this is Not by a long shot It's a fight with the damn administration It's feeling stuck and deciding to follow your instinct to make the best out of things by doing the right thing Even if it's becoming an active operative in a nightmare scenario This book this series is one of the biggest reasons why Charley Stross is one of my absolute favorite authors of all time He's wicked smart funny and geeky to hell I can't recommend this enough Original ReviewThis is the second time I'll be reading the Laundry Files to get to the new stuff I haven't It has so many great aspects that bring those big smiles on my face namely Cthulhu hacking spy comedy The first time I read it I didn't realize these novels were all based individually on the style of different spy fiction authors which will end soon and be based solely upon Charles Stross's style It is an easy and fun read and tickles all my genre bones so it therefore ualifies in some of very top lists for must reads That isn't to say the novel doesn't have it's dry spots either in the admittedly authentic sounding military jargon or the specialized mathematical humor that may or may not be lost upon many readers; even so the voice never falters and the humorous parts are definitely humorous I will admit that I am a fanboy of his works and will always be skewed in his favor Guilty pleasures and all that