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READER Ø DOC The Arrangement New Hampshire Bears #4 FREE í MARY SMITH ´ ➼ [Reading] ➾ The Arrangement New Hampshire Bears #4 By Mary Smith ➱ – The first season of Vance Pemberton’s professional hockey career has passed and it was better than hCey Grion gave her word to remain in an arranged marriage with Vance and move to America from Northern Ireland Now the year is up and she’s walking down the aisle But not all is as it Where do I begin? I loved this bookDacey and Vance grew up together in Northern Ireland When they were 10 years old their parents arranged their marriage Now they are 21 22 and have to proceed with this marriage or not Dacey has remained true to the arrangement even though Vance was in Canada following his dream Vance well hasn't Can Dacey move past that and go through with the marriage?So many things happen and don't want to post any spoilers All I can say is this story ended up being my favorite of the series so far

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Seems to appear When a shocking revelation reveals itself and an injury halts Vance’s playing will these two hold tight to each other? Or crumble from the pressure of their arrangement Great causePurchased the book because I love the author and its proceeds are for charity I can't say I've read to many books about arranged marriages and none that included a hockey God but it was a great read and it was a fast read Enjoy the book and take a look at some of her other writings

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The Arrangement New Hampshire Bears #4The first season of Vance Pemberton’s professional hockey career has passed and it was better than he could ever imagine Now a new season is upon him but first he has to get married Da The Arrangement is the story of Vance Dacey promised to each other at the age of 1110 to marry by their parents This book is a preuel of sorts as this story is before Vance's draft into the PHL with the New Hampshire Bears and we know these characters from book 2 The Workaholic and the Realist Dacey Grion 21 just finishing up her university degree and helping her sister with her wedding plans is excited for Vance to return from Canada and training at what he loves hockey Even though they haven't spent much time together Dacey is willing to make this arrangement work for their families Vance has been away at various hockey training camps and boarding schools since a young age Family relationship strained Vance with pressure from his brothers decides to make an effort to get to know Dacey when he returns for a week before the draft Can these two learn to love each other? Will a relationship develop over time or will it only be a marriage of convenience?First off I have to mention that this book is part of Seduced by the Game Cancer Charity Collection All proceeds will be donated to support cancer research and patient care More information may be found at each novella in this series supports a charaity of choice by the author which I love I personally didn't connect as well with this story as I have the others in the New Hampshire Bears novels I did find it really interesting the whole arranged marriage aspect and ones reputation could to tainted without even having done anything wrong Dacey is such a strong young lady who only wants to do what's best for her family and hopefully fall in love as well Vance is the typical young man thinking about himself and only recognizing what he might lose when it's slipping from his grasp 425 Stars for The Arrangement by Mary Smith Reviewed for Sweet Spicy Reads ARC provided for a honest review