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eBook ↠ The Amateur Science of Love ç Craig Sherborne Ut there are cracks in the foundationThis is a love story told from passionate beginning to spectacular end It is intimate and honest blackly funny and emotionally devastati Craig Sherborne is best known for his wonderfully vivid memoirs of childhood and adolescence Hoi Polloi and Muck – variously praised by the likes of Clive James JM Coetzee and Hilary Mantel So the reader comes to his first foray into fiction with high expectationsReaders of The Monthly or Best Australian Essays will uickly realise that this is also a continuation of sorts of Sherborne’s autobiographical project Many of the details here – of a young man who falls in mad love with an older woman in London and moves with her to regional Victoria where they marry and live out an intense claustrophobic relationship that ends badly – mirror those of Sherborne’s frankly stunning memoir essay ‘Unforgiven’ So it’s unsurprising that the voice of this narrator Colin will be familiar to Sherborne fans alternately knowing and naive; painfully sensitive and horrifyingly blunt; capable of deep affection and callous indifference It’s a remarkably nuanced honest and engrossing portrait of a relationship and of what happens when love “the sickness” is translated into the rhythms of everyday lifeThis review was first published in The Big Issue in 2011

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Download kindle É The Amateur Science of Love 288 pages ✓ Craig Sherborne à ❰Reading❯ ➶ The Amateur Science of Love Author Craig Sherborne – Colin dreams of escaping his parents' New Zealand farm for a grand stage career He makes it to London and a Colin dreams of escaping his parents' New Zealand farm for a grand stage career He makes it to London and a disastrous audition before meeting Tilda beautiful Tilda older an The Amateur Science of Love is Craig Sherborne’s first novel At 21 years of age Colin Butcher escapes the family farm and a lover’s angry husband in New Zealand to pursue his acting dream in London His stalled career takes an abrupt turn when he meets the beautiful Tilda Robson older artistic and exciting and falls in love Together they return to her Melbourne studio and are soon living her artist’s dream a studio in a dilapidated old bank building in the small town of Scintilla some distance from Melbourne As they deal with life in an isolated small town and their own fluctuating passions they also face the prospect of unexpected pregnancy serious illness and eventually infidelity Colin narrates the tale secretly typing it in his “nook” above Tilda’s art studio He comes across as self absorbed immature and with an inflated opinion of his own self worth This delusion he maintains to the very end a source of some humour The male point of view of the relationship is truly a revelation an insight into how a man thinks about sex love jealousy and marriage vows These unvarnished male thoughts some uite shocking are presented with candour and honesty Colin freely admits to having thoughts others might have but would be unlikely to divulge like wishing for a miscarriage He justifies it by describing a miscarriage as “natural” than abortion Colin’s self preservation seems instinctive he holds onto the idea of returning to the family farm as his back up plan should he decide to leave Tilda It would certainly be interesting to know what a male reader would make of this novel Is this a tale of two self absorbed people careening through lust love infidelity and jealousy? Are they flawed people a flawed couple having an inevitably flawed relationship? Whatever this is the story and the way it is told draws the reader in There is some very black humour; lots of excellent prose; an unexpected pursuit; in places it is hilarious Tilda burning Colin’s new underwear in the bath; some of the action is almost slapstick The ending is indefinite it leaves the reader wondering which path Colin will take A most enjoyable novel I feel it will be much discussed by book clubs

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The Amateur Science of LoveArtist who brings his future with her A heady romance leads to a new home in a decaying former bank in a small town hours from Melbourne They are building a life together b Colin is a young New Zealander who heads to London to escape the boredom on his life with his family on a small farm He has grand plans to become an actor with RADA but when he fails the audition he works in a hostel where he meets Tilda a woman 10 years his senior She is an Australian artist on a tour of Europe to escape her failed marriage Colin and Tilda begin an affair and return to Australian where they settle in a small Wimmera town called Scintilla The relationship soon begins to founder as Colin who is a selfish child only wants what he can get from the relationship When Tilda becomes pregnant she has an abortion then contracts cancer and has a breast removed Although Colin stays with Tilda and even marries her he is so self centred and shallow that he becomes increasingly cruel to herThis is a well written novel but with such a hateful character at the centre that it is really unpleasant to read A nightmare view of married life with a truely horrible character