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PDF ¿ BOOK The Age of Innocence Ä EDITH WHARTON Ä [PDF / Epub] ✪ The Age of Innocence ☆ Edith Wharton – Danpashley.co.uk Winner of the 1921 Pulitzer Prize The Age of Innocence is Edith Wharton’s masterful portrait of desire and betrayal during the sumptuous Golden Age of Old New York a time when societyTer a disastrous marriage Archer falls deeply in love with her Torn between duty and passion Archer struggles to make a decision that will either courageously define his life or mercilessly destroy This book which examines lives stifled by the social conventions of 1870s Manhattan is a classic masterpiece precisely because it is anything but conventional Ironically it had me longing for the lovers to dip their toes in love story convention by finding a hotel room at least once especially with lines like this one“Each time you happen to me all over again” Oh Newland Archer Oh Ellen OlenskaBut no the brilliant Edith Wharton doesn't allow it She stays the course showing the follies of Old New York society the sometimes impossible and suffocating nature of marriage and the changeability of social s that seem so important in the moment but which are forgotten with the passing of a few years She also shows how both noble and tragic it is to do the right thing rather than chasing happiness where it fliesThe poignancy of resignation and missed opportunities reminds me of similar themes addressed in The Remains of the Day And though Wharton's Pulitzer Prize winning novel was written almost a hundred years ago it still feels fresh and relevant This was my second reading of this book The last time I read it was probably two decades ago so it was almost like I was reading it for the first time The only thing I can remember of my first reading was the feeling I had as I turned the last page The overwhelming sense of I loved this and must read it again I had the same experience this time I guess some things just don't change

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Eaded scandal than disease”This is Newland Archer’s world as he prepares to marry the beautiful but conventional May Welland But when the mysterious Countess Ellen Olenska returns to New York af The most perfect ending in literature I'll never get over it

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The Age of InnocenceWinner of the 1921 Pulitzer Prize The Age of Innocence is Edith Wharton’s masterful portrait of desire and betrayal during the sumptuous Golden Age of Old New York a time when society people “dr “We can't behave like people in novels though can we?” A few years ago I read The Age of Innocence and thought it was okay It has something of an Austen esue feel criticisms of middleupper middle class society paired with a subtle and clever humour and a love story here deliciously scandalous But it's taken me a few years to come back to this novel and appreciate the magic Wharton has brought to the tableThis little book is so clever Everything about it from the damn title to nearly every piece of dialogue is perfectly placed and often ironic Things that didn't hit me fully the first time around became so much important in this reread Wharton knows 1870s New York City like the back of her hand; she knows its habits its traditions and its expectations of people She creates a rich twinkly picture of parties and social standards that is both delightful and ultimately ridiculous then she throws a spanner in the worksNever has a love triangle been so welcomed by me This isn't the modern affair we're used to where a girl must choose between hot guy #1 and hot guy #2 Nope in this story Newland Archer is torn between the stability comfort and duty he can be offered by the socially favoured match with May Welland and his passionate all consuming love for the unconventional rebellious and ostracized Ellen Olenska “Each time you happen to me all over again” It's as important as it is beautifully written Wharton casts an eye over this society both disdainful and affectionate Incorporating issues of female emancipation into the story never has the idea of a woman enslaved by marriage and convention seemed so unattractive from a male perspective Newland Archer is full of modernity and the call of new ideas but finds that any freedom he poses to May she would receive only with the intention of pleasing him Though it should be said I believe May is far than she seemsIt's hard to read the ending of this book without feeling emotional but the exact emotion may differ with your interpretation Ambiguity reigns supreme as this novel finds its close and even the coldest of unromantics will surely have their hearts pulled along for this ride One of my favourite tragic love affairs “Only I wonder – the thing one’s so certain of in advance can it ever make one’s heart beat as wildly?” Blog | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | Tumblr