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PDF Ú BOOK The Crew The Story of a Lancaster Bomber Crew FREE Î DANPASHLEY ↠ ➹ [Download] ➵ The Crew: The Story of a Lancaster Bomber Crew By David Price ➼ – Danpashley.co.uk A moving tribute to the sacrifice and bravery of the fliers of RAF Bomber Command The Crew basA moving tribute to the sacrifice and bravery of the fliers of RAF Bomber Command The Crew based on interviews with Ken Cook the crew's sole surviving member recounts the wartime exploits of the members of an Avro Lancaster crew between 1942 and the war's end Gloucestershire born bomb aimer Ken Cook hard bitten Australian pilot Jim Comans Navigator Don Bowes Upper Gunner George Widdis Tail Gunner 'Jock' Bolland Flight Engineer Ken Randle and Radio Operator Roy Woollford were seven ordinary young men living in extraordinary times risking their lives in freedom's caus Like the 1997 film 'Titanic' which wasn't just about the ship 'The Crew' is about much than the title suggests The story of one crew is the central theme from joining up to the parting of the ways told chiefly through the recollections of the one surviving member But throughout the book the author uses their story to take the reader off at a tangent to recount the development of the bombing campaign against Germany Some of the connections to the story of the crew are tenuous to say the least but that fact notwithstanding the content is always interesting and well written Most books about Bomber Command include anecdotes from aircrew but the author concentrates on one crew who completed 46 operations effectively a tour and a half This is an honest account of what it must have been like to spend almost two years with six other people who prior to crewing up were complete strangers It is this element that binds the story together; however for anyone not familiar with the bombing campaign the book is an ideal introduction The account which effectively runs parallel with the story of the crew explains how the bombing war developed the effects on the enemy and also on the aircrew themselves It does not overburden the reader with detail because that is not the aim of the book But as the author himself says it could encourage further reading There are some typos which is irritating but all too common these days and I think the author is a little unkind when he compares the Wellington with the Heinkel 111 putting the latter some 40 mph faster; most sources give their performance on speed height and bomb load as very similar with the Wellington having the edge on range; however that is a minor gripe from someone who has read far too many books on this subject being a pedant I would recommend this as an all round excellent read and you don't have to be an expert to enjoy it

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Diacy; while the military events and strategic decisions that drove the RAF's area bombing campaign against Nazi Germany are interwoven deftly with the narrative of the crew's operational careersReviews 'A sensitive account of the bomber's life Price has given the bomber offensive a human face This bookhas a heart and soul' The Times 'A fascinating and fast paced account of the exploits of an Avro Lancaster bomber crew from 97 Suadron RAF' The Herald 'A remarkable insight into the bravery determination and skill of British Bomber Command crews during WWII' Waterston I am about to start reading this book and it looks well researched however for an author with an 8th AAF book already published to see a basic mistake concerning the positioning of the H2 X radar in a B 17G is rather sadThe Radar was fitted inside a retractable dome fitted in place of the ball turret The radar ‘Mickey’ operator sat on the opposite side of the fuselage from the radio operator It was decided in early 1944 that it was not necessary to have Officer trained Bombardiers using the Norden bombsight in every aircraft just Lead and Deputy Lead Two waist gunners were reduced to one air attacks not so heavy by mid 1944 The redundant gunners were re trained as ‘Toggliers’ and watched the Lead aircraft and toggled their bombs as the sky markers fell from the lead bomb baysRegarding accuracy it has been said that ‘RAF Bomber Command carried out area bombing with precision the 8th AAF carried out precision area bombing’

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The Crew The Story of a Lancaster Bomber CrewE in the dark skies above Hitler's Reich From their earliest beginnings – in places as far apart as a Cotswold village and the suburbs of Sydney – through the adventure of training in North America and the dread and danger of the forty five bombing raids they flew with 97 Suadron David Price describes the crew's wartime experiences with human sympathy allied to a secure technical understanding of one of the RAF's most iconic aircraft The drama and anxiety of individual missions – to Kassel Munich and Augsburg as well as Berlin – is evoked with thrilling imme David Price is clearly well versed in the development of Bomber Command and the book is rich in technical detail and the context in which events took place However he is above all he is interested in the ordinary people who did extraordinary things during the bombing campaigns His use of interviews is exemplary and the crew of the Lancaster who survived over 40 missions are brought vividly to life but never romanticised The author shows great skill in using the evidence of participants to illustrate the lives they led in the cauldron of conflict The description of the Augsburg raid will live in my memory