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READ The Virus in The Age of Madness 107 ↠ [PDF / Epub] ☆ The Virus in The Age of Madness By Bernard-Henri Lvy – As seen on CNN's Fareed Zakaria GPS #160;Forget the world that came before The author of American Vertigo serves up an incisive look at how COVID 19 reveals the dangerous fault lines of contemporary s As seen As seen on CNN's Fareed Zakaria GPS Forget in The Kindle #209 the world that came before The author of American Vertigo serves up an incisive look at how COVID reveals the dangerous fault lines of contemporary society With medical mysteries rising death tolls and conspiracy The Virus eBook #180 theories beamed minute by minute through the vast web universe the coronavirus pandemic has irrevocably altered societies around the wo. When he's Bernard Henri Levy apparently Levy or BHL as he's known to the sort of people who used to refer to Nelson Mandela as Madiba is the kind of intellectual superstar the French crank out like Eton does toffs He certainly SOUNDS intellectual which is to say pretty impenetrable but since Joe Biden increasingly sounds that way as well it doesn't mean a lotNear as I can tell he thinks the world has gone mad worrying about a virus that maybe shortens the lives of the very old or very sick by a couple of weeks and does little or nothing to the rest of us all the while behaving like all the stuff we were worrying about heretofore has just gone away and won't need to be dealt with once we come to our collective senses I'd say he's smashed it if it weren't for the amount of space he uses in this already tiny book little than a pamphlet making sure we all know he doesn't have anything good to say about that horrible Donald Trump fellow Perhaps he though the Madiba people would turn on him if he didn't pro actively distance himself from Orange Man For his next outing he might consider a pamphlet on THAT pathology This one wasn't worth the read

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Rld In this sharp essay world renowned philosopher Bernard Henri Lvy interrogates the many meanings and metaphors we have assigned to the pandemicand what they tell Virus in The MOBI #243 us about ourselves Drawing on the philosophical tradition from Plato and Aristotle to Lacan and Foucault Lvy asks uncomfortable uestions about reality and mythology he rejects the idea that the virus is a warning from nature the inevitable res. BHL at his best Great causal analysis and as ever the deeper thoughts make you reflect on the whole pandemic and our reactions to it Even although it's a long way from over he has the sagesse to point out the possibile pathways on the ways forward to how changes will occur to our way of living A short and refreshing read elegantly written well translated and well worth the cash

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The Virus in The Age of MadnessUlt of global capitalism he uestions Virus in The Age of PDFEPUB or the heroic status of doctors asking us to think critically about the loci of authority and power he challenges the panicked polarization that dominates online discourse Lucid incisive and always original Lvy takes a birds eye view of the most conseuential historical event of our time and proposes a way to defend human society from threats to our collective futu. The preface neatly sums up the uestions that anyone who has given any thought to the pandemic response will haveI was hoping for some insight into the politics economic thought and health rational behind shutting down the world Instead the book contains a rambling series of essays describing in unnecessarily convoluted obtuse and opaue ways how different individuals and groups have responded to the pandemicFor anyone who can't think for themselves but is a good reader this book might be worth readingI think this book is mainly an opportunist attempt to cash in on the pandemic without challenging any of the standard media dogma