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The Van Meter Visitor Book Á ☆ Chad lewis ☆ ❄ The Van Meter Visitor kindle Epub ❦ Author Chad Lewis – For several nights in 1903 the small town of Van Meter Iowa was terrorized by a giant bat like creature that emerged from an old abandoned mine The identity of this mysterious visitor wFor several nights in 1903 the small town of Van Meter Iowa was terrorized by a giant bat like creature that emerged from an old abandoned mine The identity of A terrific find on a creature I had never heard of before I loved that the book is deeply researched and explores in depth many of the possibilities for the weird creature without forcing any belief on the reader Basically the beast was some sort of giant bat like thing that showed up in rural Iowa during the early 1900s The whole time I was reading this I was thinking that it would make the perfect Hollywood movie some sort of real Cowboys vs Aliens What truly got me looking over my shoulder at night were the witness descriptions of the creature and how ineffective their attempts at killing it were I especially enjoyed the onsite research and expeditions that the authors took along with reading the original newspaper articles that were included at the back of the bookOverall this was a nice addition to go along with the well known cryptid stories out there

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With eye witness reports historic photos and current accounts of the paranormal this in depth book looks to discover what really happened in the town of Van Met An almost exhaustingly detailed examination of an unusual little known cryptid that haunted a small town in Iowa for three days in 1903 Lewis Voss and Nelson have really jumped into the story of the Visitor waist deepThe book begins with a short history of the town of Van Meter along with an exact chronology of the events surrounding the Visitor sightings as detailed by newspapers of the time anyway and brief but detailed biographies of all the principle witnessesThe second part of the book explores theories as to what the mysterious creature might have been Ideas range from a deliberate hoax to mass hysteria fed by a few odd but naturally explained events to misidentification of large birds though the writer of that particular essay dismisses all possible culprits to the possibility that the Visitor was an alien or perhaps something even bizarre My personal favorite from a speculative fiction standpoint anyway is Nelson's theory that the creature may have been an ultraterrestrial a term originally coined by paranormal investigator John Keel which refers to a being from a dimension adjacent to ours that temporarily slipped into our reality through a window in space and time It's a really interesting idea and even if I don't entirely believe it the concept of ultraterrestrial beings makes for great story materialIf there is anything negative to say about the book it is only that the writers seem to have concluded from the beginning that the Visitor was indeed a real probably supernatural creature and not something with a mundane explanation such as a hoax stories of bizarre flying monsters in the American West were actually fairly common in newspapers of the 19th and early 20th century and were widely known to be fabrications made to drum up interest in the paper much like the weird stories from the old Weekly World News tabloidsRegardless the authors obviously have a deep love for what they do and an admirable respect for the people of Van Meter Which translates to an enjoyable read about an intriguing obscure bit of cryptid lore

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The Van Meter VisitorThis mysterious visitor was never discovered Over 100 years later three researchers set out to Van Meter to shine a light on this amazingly bizarre case Filled DNFThis book is a good example on why I cannot take real paranormal books seriously The majority of this book is just wild theories and twisted scientific facts to try and prove that monsters can and do exist This time it is a lesser known monster that appeared briefly in a small town in 1903 The only evidence for this creature's appearence is a newspaper article It's pretty obvious that in a time of fantastical newspaper stories and hoaxes this is just one of those The authors do discuss that possibility but make it well known that they believe in monsters but also believe this monster is just as real as bigfoot or nessie