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Summary Ñ PDF, DOC, TXT, eBook or Kindle ePUB free ´ J.C. Carleson The account of a royal Middle Eastern family exiled to the American suburbsWhen her father is killed in a coup year old Laila flees from the war torn middle east The Tyrants PDF or to a life of exile and a. 475 Cultural stars To me it was simply a story with a message family honor redemption and true love Laila is the Invisible ueen of the Middle East easily ignored easily dismissed After her father is murdered she becomes a refugee in America along with her mother and younger brother Adjusting to her new life in America is a night and day experience Things aren't as they seem and she discovers that within her own family The betrayal runs deep within her network The last part of the book holds secrets and an endless loop of double crossing A great young adult book with an interesting story line The short chapters made the book move along uickly For my romance loving friends this book does not have romance Standalone20th book of 2014ARC pre approved by Random House Children's Books via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review

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The Tyrants Daughter Free download ¾ 2 ✓ [PDF / Epub] ☀ The Tyrants Daughter By J.C. Carleson – The account of a royal Middle Eastern family exiled to the American suburbsWhen her father is killed in a coup 15 year old Laila flees from the war torn middle east to a life of exile and anonymity in The account of a Nonymity in the US Gradually she adjusts to a new school new friends and a new culture but while Laila sees opportunity in her new life her mother is focused on the past She’s conspiring with CIA operati. When The Tyrant's Daughter was offered to me for review I was not aware that it was from Random House's Children's Books division aka a Young Adult novel If I have known this I probably wouldn't have accepted it as I rarely review YA books I glad I did read it because YA or not it may be a contender for best fiction in 2014Laila is a fifteen year old girl and the daughter of a controversial ruler of a foreign country Her father is killed in a coup by her traditional and military minded uncle leaving Laila her mother and her six year old brother who she describes in the first sentence of the book as The king of nowhere in peril Having escaped with her family and now living in America she not only has to adjust to a very different lifestyle but is confused by her mother's seemingly indifference to their decline from opulence and importance to rather sparse surroundings as exiles She is suspicious of the gatherings of expatriates who her mother would have not associated with in the past and particularly of a lone American man who she suspects is with the CIA She is also discovering through her new friends and the much open media that her father may have not been who she thought he wasIn telling Laila's story and in immersing the reader into the thoughts of this smart but sometimes innocent girl J C Carleson makes some wise moves While there is enough information to clearly place Laila's country in the Mid East and presumably a Muslim nation the author never makes it specific This allows the reader to be less judgmental and accept Laila as she is; a young girl caught in a myriad of cultural and political conflicts Yet the events that take place in the novel seem all too real to anyone with even a slight knowledge of world events Carleson has managed to latch on to just the right amount of empathy without the baggage that often accompanies this type of cross cultural tale Laila is just a young teenager trying to grow up but also a victim in a nasty power game and maybe even a unwilling player in the same repressive regime Her conflicts and dilemmas seem real especially since she essentially comes across as a typical teenager despite how others see her She is also smart and appropriately cynical especially when she asks herself things like Why am I the only one seems to feel luck like a sunburn How she survives her plight is what makes this story mesmerizing I won't give away anything about the end except to say that it is as emotionally perfect and powerful as endings can beWhile The Tyrant's Daughter is classified as YA it should be noted that the author does not water down anything While respecting her audience she does present some events that can be disturbing to the very young For the teenage audience that I feel this book is aimed at it is exactly the right amount of reality that they would respect But I do not see this as purely a YA novel I think adults will love and admire it too Besides in a YA world where fantasy and science fiction dominates the charts it is nice to see a uality work that deals with the real world

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The Tyrants DaughterVes and rebel factions to regain the throne their family lost Laila can’t bear to stand still as an international crisis takes shape around her but how can one girl stop a conflict that spans generations. THIS IS A MUST READ for anyone curious about cultures so different from American practices Although written for YA reading this is an eye opening experience for all age groups Imagine being dropped in the middle of a dictatorial country whose religious beliefs reuire certain dress and conduct at all times where voicing your opinion could mean torture or death How difficult would this be for you to acclimate to The Tyrant’s Daughter by J C Carleson is a moving and enlightening tale of a young girl forced to come the United States ill prepared for the culture shock of a land of people who live large freely and openly expressing themselves Laila’s father ruled his country with an iron fist but betrayal and the thirst for power finally caught up with him After her father was assassinated Laila her mother and her younger brother were spirited away to the United States where Laila was plunged into a world so different from the simple luxury she was used to yet she willingly tried to experience everything to fit in Along the way her eyes were opened to the brutal and ulgy truth the world knew about who and what her father was His rule brought pain and suffering for those who spoke against him but now things were far worseWhen the opportunity came for her mother to manipulate events so they could return to the glory of their elegant lifestyle in a seat of power in their own country Laila is shocked to see a calculating side to the woman she loved and afraid that she was making a huge mistake by playing such a dangerous game Does Laila really want to return home As Laila struggles with these new revelations while trying to re define who she is who she wants to be she must decide whether to return to the life she knew or stay in a world she is growing accustomed to Can she ignore the suffering of her people Will they accept her family back Her chance to grow as a person to become educated is far greater in the United States but is there to life than personal desiresJ C Carleson writes with clean straightforward prose defining her characters with realistic ualities and uirks She carefully defines the spotlight of this tale and it is clearly Laila who shines with a calm intelligence and a thirst for the truth of her homeland While other characters are important to the plot two others stand out Ian who represents an All American boy and Amir also from “home” but one whose family and village have suffered at the hands of her father’s regime Is her attraction to them a symbol for her divided feelings between the old and new worlds in her life You decideI received this ARC edition from Random House Children's Alfred A Knopf BFYR in exchange for my honest reviewPublication Date February 11 2014Publisher Random House Children's Alfred A Knopf BFYR ISBN 9780449809976Genre YA FictionNumber of Pages 304Available from | Barnes Noble