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PDF ´ BOOK The Mistress ✓ TIFFANY REISZ ✓ [Reading] ➽ The Mistress Author Tiffany Reisz – Danpashley.co.uk Unter anderen Umständen würde Nora Sutherlin es genießen nackt und gefesselt zu sein Doch ihre Kidnapperin ist nicht an erotischen Spielen interessiert Sie kennt nur ein Ziel Rache an Søren dem Ma Unter Einem anderen Menschen zu unterwerfen Um ihm dieses Schicksal zu ersparen ist sie gewillt die ultimative Todsünde zu begehen Langsam streckt sie die Hand nach dem Dolch aus den die Entführerin ihr reicht um ihrem Meister ein letztes Mal zu Willen zu se 35 starsFirst of all do NOT read these books out of order There's no point If you are reading this review prepare to be spoiled about the rest of the series I'll spoiler tag anything that is a spoiler to this bookAfter weeks of stalling I finally decided writing this review is not gonna get any easier High expectations are a bitch And so many conflicting emotions an even bigger one But if I'm to untangle all that I felt about this book I'm going to have to go one step at the timeLike in the book The ueen AKA The Mistress Nora is right where we left her Or near enough She's been kidnapped by Marie Laurie the crazy ho Seems like Kingsley's sister and Soren's wife has always been a psycho and now she's back for some kind of revenge Nora's in a bind so to speak But she still has her words and although she doesn't want to give Marie Laurie precious bits of herself and the men she loves she'll use her words he stories her wild past to prolong this and save herself There's a lot of backtracking in this one We see the past through Nora's eyes and I can see the necessity we need to see how and why she makes the choices that she does but I still would have loved of the present There was one menage scene that was gulp I went a little blind there I think And you know what I finally completely like Nora She's so free in her skin her choices her love She's unrestrained And don't we all wish to be deep down? I also feel she made the only choice she could have should have to keep true to herself “Love versus love King you’re comparing infinities There is no ‘’ That’s not how love works If it’s love it’s infinite You can’t count itHow true You don't love someone You love them differently Although just from a mathematical viewpoint some infinities are larger than others Just sayin' The King Ah Kingsley Je t'aime He and Nora really are kindred spirits He's just as wild and unpredictable Wholly his own person he does what he wants and live that way as well Now he's facing a difficult situation to say the least His sister isalive He's blamed himself for her death for thirty years and she's alive And now he might have to kill her to save Nora whom he loves and hates but is his family in truth He's heading to them both of them to resolve it all After tying up Soren of course for his own good Wesley’s eyes widened when he took in the scene On the floor at the end of the biggest red bed he’d ever seen in his life sat Søren his blond head bowed his eyes closed “Talk away He may not talk back however”“What the hell?”“He threatened to call the police” Kingsley said matter of factly “The police the church and all city state and federal authorities I couldn’t allow that For his sake”“So you”“Sedated him And handcuffed him He’ll be out another hour at least with the shot I gave him”“You drugged Søren?”“I’m a pacifist I don’t believe nonconsensual violence is ever justified I am trying to remember that I’m a pacifist so I don’t murder Kingsley where he stands”Just to think such great conflict Together with the place King and Soren's relationship was left in The Prince it could've been so good Sadly we don't see much of King I wanted It could've been awesome Sigh Oh well it is what it is I am satisfied with the way things were left with him Ecstatic even I love LOVE this sceneview spoiler“‘Jacob have I loved’” Kingsley said in English once “‘Esau have I hated’ Romans 913 I paid attention in school sometimes”“Not nearly enough attention”“I was preoccupied”“Obviously You learned all the wrong verses First Samuel 181 ‘And it came to pass when he had made an end of speaking unto Saul that the soul of Jonathan was knit with the soul of David and Jonathan loved him as his own soul’ First Samuel 2016 17 ‘So Jonathan made a covenant with the house of David saying “Let the Lord even reuire it at the hands of David’s enemies” And Jonathan caused David to swear again because he loved him for he loved as he loved his own soul’ Second Samuel 126 ‘I am distressed for thee my brother Jonathanthy love to me was wonderful passing the love of women’”Kingsley stared at Søren and found he couldn’t speakSøren smiled at his sudden muteness“Don’t get into a scriptural pissing contest with a Jesuit priest Kingsley” Søren chided “You’ll lose every time” hide spoiler

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Unter anderen Umständen würde Nora Sutherlin es genießen nackt und gefesselt zu sein Doch ihre Kidnapperin ist nicht an erotischen Spielen interessiert Sie kennt nur ein Ziel Rache an Søren dem Mann dem Nora mit Leib und Seele verfallen istIhre Peini FULL REVIEW NOW POSTED WHAT A BOOKFirst before anything I have to say #TeamSøren Omg so completely utterly and irrevocably #TeamSørenLol apparently I'm a switch Hehe Get it? ; Gah My poor heart But just #TEAMSOREN ALL THE WAYMy feels have been toyed with my mind has been fucked with my emotions are now so tangled up that I went from being a 100% solid #TeamWesley gal to being so completely on #TeamSøren that it's hard for me to accept that I was ever not on his team I honestly didn't believe this would happen I kept seeing everyone all in love with Søren while I was just eyeing his warily but NOW I GET IT I really doPlease be sure to read the first 3 books in the series or at least my reviews of them before reading this because this book isn't a standalone and I think you should have least the tiniest bit of context So first check out The Siren my review The Angel my review and The Prince my review m'kay?OK On to the reviewFirst things first THE WRITING IS BRILLIANT Literally some of the best I've ever readBRILLIANTBRILLIANTBRILLIANTJust absolutely fucking amazingThe story is the most boundary pushing one I've ever read You have to understand that I went into this series completely blind by choice And by that I mean that I literally did not know anything I didn't even read the blurbs Usually when I read a book I know who ends up with who and the general direction of the storyline I'm not a fan of surprises but with this series because it was already so far outside the box I decided to just accept whatever it dished out and try to remain as open minded as possibleSo this book starts off right after the giant freaking heart stopping cliffhanger that the previous book left us on that threw the world around Nora into full out crisis mode It was so powerful to see the way all these characters that we'd gotten to know over the course of the series come together in this desperate time to work together to help Nora ALL THE FEELS I tell you All the feelsI'm not going to go into detail on what this crisis is that they're facing but just trust me that it's about as dire dangerous and deadly as you can imagine Everyone's worst nightmare coming to passI started this book rooting for Nora and Wes as I had been feeling at the end of the previous book but I have to say that that little part of me that had started warming up to Søren in The Prince was beginning to grow with every page I read There was just no denying that Nora and Søren had this kind of soulmate forever til the day I die love for each other But my heart still broke for Kingsley and his unreuited love for Søren What a heart breaking emotional tangle it wasThere was such a intricate web of characters all bound together by some degree of sexual separation which alone is fascinating if you think about it but also bound together by varying and differing measures of the deepest love you can imagine This is the first time ever that a series has presented and used the concept of people genuinely being in love with and I mean romantically than one person in a way that I not only accepted but also began to believe and understandOddly enough some of my favorite scenes in the whole book were Søren's chats with Grace Grace is the wife of Nora's editor and one of Nora's few female friends it seemed so she was there to help as best she could The thing is that everyone other than Nora and Kingsley was in some way or another terrified of Søren so I feel like that naturally meant that it was harder to get to know him as a character But Grace has this kind of calmness to her that just allowed Søren to be himself around her I almost feel like the way she was around him turned him into a real person if that makes sense He never treated her with the dominance of the Underground world because she wasn't a part of that he never had reason to intimidate her because she posed no threat he didn't have to cause her pain or humiliation because he wasn't trying to sleep with her she was happily married so there wasn't really any sexual awkwardness between them and with the thing he held dearest to him in dire jeopardy he already had everything on the line and she was trustworthy so he genuinely had no reason to hide there was just no real reason for his walls to be up So we got to see him It was the purest form of him as a person that I feel that we'd ever seen so far in the series No masks or pretences or games And I loved it If I had to pin point the moment that I joined #TeamSøren that was it That's when I fell for him and when I most truly understood his love for NoraAt first I hated myself for moving to #TeamSøren I felt all kinds of weird guilt Like I was betraying my own emotions Ohhh my poor mind was so thoroughly fucked with No it wasn't even a mind fuck it was an emotion fuck A total feel tangle Up became down everything I thought I felt went right out the window and was replaced with this overpowering knowledge that Søren and Nora belonged togetherI feel like I want to go back to my previous reviews and erase everything and just replace it with #TeamSøren #TeamSøren #TeamSøren #TeamSøren #TeamSøren  but that wouldn't be honest The truth is that reading this series was a journey of discovery Along the way I felt different things based on what I knew what I thought I knew and the things I thought I wanted for these charactersI think I get it though these characters have so many layers to their histories that as you're reading the series you can only form opinions on what you know And up until this point what I knew led me to be #TeamWesley but after learning everything that this book showed me there left no doubt in my mind not even a little that #TeamSøren was the only teamI feel like I've definitely come away from this series with a much deeper understanding and respect for the psychology behind BDSM I mean I understood it mechanically and very basically from other books I'd read prior to this but this series opened my eyes to it in a much different way For these characters it wasn't just a game it was a lifestyle I just feel like I really understood where they were coming from and what fuelled their desires so much And OMG The way the story built up to the climax was so intense My heart was racing There were a few moment that I even broke right down crying with the sheer beauty of it I took deep calming breaths Even took a tiny break but only a little one because I just COULD NOT STOP READINGGahhhhh Them in that corner at the end Just wow There's just no choice there No teams Just themOk now at this point in my review I've covered the book up until the 85% mark In the book this is the conclusion to a big section of the book It has a resolved ending and truly if I had stopped reading at this point my rating would be a very easy 5 STARSBut the book went on and honestly I had several strong issues with a lot of the things that happened after this point so I feel like I need to separate the book's rating up into 3 parts0 85% in the book 5 STARS85 98% in the book 3 stars98 100% in the book I'm just going to pretend this didn't happenOk there are HUGE SPOILERS in this next part of the review so I've hidden them You have to click to open them If you have not yet read this book I do not recommend you read them I've written them for the other people who have already read these books because I kinda just needed to get my feelings out If you have not read this book or series yet I still highly recommend that you DO try it Enjoy the first 3 books and the first 85% of this one with all your hearts and take the rest of it with an optional grain of salt but don't allow my feelings on it to stop you from reading this book because it truly is AMAZINGOk here goes click the spoiler below to read view spoilerI'd like to point out that it wasn't so much that I didn't like what happened in this part of the book but that I felt that the things that happened were complete out of character for Søren and Wesley respectively I genuinely do not believe that either of them would do the things they did in this part of the book and I have to say that that was what bothered me than the actions themselvesLAST WARNING SPOILERS SPOILERS SPOILERS AHEADWesley first Ok to sum it up I don't find it all that believable that he would have moved on from Nora that fast I just don't I think that the path he went down was probably a really good one for his character and I could really see it being a good thing for both of them but it just felt abrupt to me Too sudden too soon Just the whole thing felt really off to meNow Soren And this is really where the bigger part of my issues layAfter three and a half 450 page books of getting to know Søren's character I can tell you that in my opinion the character I've come to know would never ever EVER have done this action He's not only noble than that he's way the hell smarter than thatIt's very important to distinguish here that there have been many scenes like the blood play scene that I didn't like and that made me uncomfortable but that I accepted openly because they made sense and were a believable part of Søren's character The reason I didn't like THIS scene was because it DID NOT make sense and was not at all a believable action for him to have doneHUGE SPOILERS AHEAD Seriously if you haven't read this book I don't care how curious you are PLEASE DON'T READ THIS Trust me Ok?So we all know Nora and Søren have an open relationship admittedly that idea took me a while to warm up to but I've genuinely come to respect and understand it The one thing though that has been repeated over and over again in the course of the series is that Søren has only ever willingly shared his body with TWO people Nora and Kingsley I'm discounting Elizabeth despite so many countless opportunities thrown at him Yes he has other women who sub for him but that is to satisfy his need for sadism He doesn't actually ever have sex with them There's a separation there And I've come to respect it So I get why he'd have Grace sub for him heck Nora even set it up so that I could deal with even though it felt weird to me because the thing I loved most about Grace and Søren's relationship in this book was that it was almost just a real friendship without sexual interferance but whatever 'be openminded' has been my mantra with these books It felt off to me but I tried to accept it But then HE ACTUALLY HAS SEX WITH HER TOO What? What? Whaaaaaaaaat????? The fuck? He's old enough that he's had the chance to sleep with countless women and he never did but then he actually has SEX? With her?? HUH?? Why?? Who is this guy and where did the Soren I've come to know go?? I just shakes head I couldn't believe it I didn't believe it But FINE Jeez Whatever Be openminded I tried I really triedThen we got to the final page and THAT REVEAL?? Just no No No No No NO Hell to the fucking NO I'm sorry but for so many reasons I just DO NOT believe that he would have EVER allowed that to happen He's too smart to have had it been an accident And he cares too much for Nora to have done it without consulting with her first So just no I completely reject this part of the story It was so out of character that I don't believe it happened This was a harder limit for me than the darkest kinkiest most controversial or shocking thing you could ever imagine I can't accept it #TeamDenial hereFor me The Mistress ended wonderfully at 85% I'm still counting it as one of my top favorite books because holy God it was BRILLIANTLY done If for some reason you haven't yet read this book but still chose to read the spoiler which I hope to hell you didn't PLEASE don't let this deter you from reading the book because if you do you'll be missing out on a seriously epic readI hope you can believe me when I say that I really did love the bookLol I'm just completely rejecting this one part of itI still love Søren I still love Wesley I still love Nora And Kingsley And everyone Ok? hide spoiler

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The MistressGerin stellt Nora vor die Wahl Sie kann sich dafür entscheiden ihren geliebten Søren zu töten – oder selbst zu sterben damit Søren weiterleben darf Doch dann wird er auf immer ein Gefangener sein Nora weiß Nichts wäre schlimmer für ihn als sich 5 checkmate STARS Don't be afraid he whispered against her lips This life is nothing but one blink of God's eyes He'll blink again and we'll be back together I've been avoiding this moment for the last 3 days Why? Because I still get teary eyed every time I start thinking about this series Because I am still haunted by the story the characters the message of love in these books Because I am still a mess over how everything turned out at the end Happy but still hopelessly ruinedI can almost hear you guys saying “Dude This is an erotica A very explicit and unconventional one What gives?” sigh It’s very hard to explain really There are these books that you read and they just touch some deep spot inside your soul changing your view of life and love making you a different person THIS IS ONE OF THOSE BOOKS I know it's weird to get emotional over a book that consists of lots of sex but this story is so much than that trust meI've praised Tiffany Reisz enough already in my reviews for the previous books in the series but I can't help it It's unbelievable how fcking brilliant this woman's writing is You just get on this crazy roller coaster of a story buckle up and let the words take you away to forbidden places It's almost as if this brilliant woman puts you in front of a mirror forces you to reflect on who you are what you believe where your life is going and all you can do is say “Yes Mistress Reisz”The presentation of the story as a chess play was unexpected but very much appreciated If you are a chess player yourself and know the pieces and moves it helps you immensely to understand the purpose of and meaning after some of the events that may fail to make sense at first glance If you're not familiar with the game then I suggest you make a 'lil Google search before starting to read it ;As for the story itself I'm not going to spill anything It needs to be experienced first hand so I'm going to allow you the chance to do exactly that Experience The ueen ♕ Nora For once I actually admired this wildcard's every word and action She was absolutely fearless and never lost her faith her integrity Thank God she made all the right choices this timeThe Bishop ♗ Søren There are no words to properly explain the perfection of this man If anyone still had doubts about the purity of his heart I'm sure it would all go away after this book He is one of those characters that will never leave me even if 10 years pass I will always remember him whenever I smell pine on a cold winter dayThe King ♔ Kingsley Mon roi My King My poor tortured soul The biggest reason for my over the top obsession with this series He has everything he ever wanted now and I am on cloud nine for him My search around the world for the King of Kink the King of the Underground the King of the 8th Circlefor the sexiest Frenchman ever Kingsley Edge will never end Mark my words you guysI WILL FIND THAT MAN EVENTUALLY ;The Knight ♘ Wesley This boy has been and still is the most confusing character in the series One minute I hate him for his immaturity and the next minute I love him for his big and tender heart It's not easy to be the dark duckling between all the whites and it's eually hard to be the only white duckling between the dark ducks of the 8th Circle He did the best he could and I couldn't be happier that he finally got his HEAThe Pawn ♙ Laila I knew the purpose of her inclusion to the story way before she actually came in I knew it at the mere mention of her name and her picture on Father Søren's desk in the church And I am so happy about the ending for her part of the story She was a pawn but she is a ueen nowThe Rook ♖ Grace The only character that got on my nerves Not even the evil bitch Marie Laure pissed me off as much Grace's every move every word every “dreamy look” made me cringe and my hands to grip my e reader tighter to not throw it across the room I hated that she left for home back to her husband Zack with an ENORMOUS gift from Søren And that's the only thing I disliked about this book But I will even let that slide because let's not kid ourselvesthis book deserved no less than 5 stars I want so terribly to start reading The White Years now but I feel like I need a break from all the emotional turmoil these characters dump on me That said I don't know how the hell I'm going to move on from this goddamn series while I've been dreaming about it for the last 3 nights I'm in such an eternal blankness that I can't even enjoy the new books I readIt's safe to say Tiffany Reisz has royally ruined me for other authors GOD HELP ME PS If any of you are curious about a certain mysterious young French boy No not Kingsleybut you're close then you may want to read thisCHRISTMAS IN SUITE 37A ♥ BuddyRead with my lovely pal Sandyღ ♥ Thank you so much for being supportive at any point that I got too emotional and started talking nonstop baby And also for understanding why it is so hard to let go of all these crazy heads