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Book º The Little Book of Economics 288 pages Download Ù Danpashley ê ❮EPUB❯ ❃ The Little Book of Economics ✾ Author Greg Ip – One positive side effect of the recent financial market meltdown that toppled giant century old institutions and cost millionThe country faces in its aftermath such as stratospheric government debt while offering advice on overcoming these threatsWalks readers through the basic concepts and terminology they need to understand economic newsPunctures myths and political spin from both the left and the right with candid and often surprising insightA must read for anyone who wants a better grasp of the economy without taking a course in economics The Little Book of Economics is a uniue and engaging look at how the economy works in all its wonderful and treacherous ways Reading in economics is never a load of fun but I've had to give economics lectures a half dozen times now and have come away from each one wishing I had a better way of boiling the subject down Greg Ip's book does that amazingly well and I'll definitely be recommending it to my students

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Pore over charts and tables The Little Book of Economics offers indispensible insight into Little Book of Kindle #209 how the American economy works or doesn't With engaging and accessible prose the bookProvides a comprehensive understanding of each aspect of our economy from inflation and unemployment to international trade and financeServes as an insider's guide to the people and institutions that control America's economy such as the Federal Reserve and the federal budgetExplains the roots of America's current economic crisis and the risks At first I thought this book might be a good refresher on economics However it was much overtly political than I had hoped it would be It seems that most economists cannot help but intersperse their opinions throughout the text For someone who knows little about economics this might be a bit over your head For someone who deals in the business and finance world on a daily basis as I do this is not really a good refresher I couldn't say I learned much I had hoped for stories to illustrate of macro and micro economic principles with less opinions from the author I'm not saying I didn't agree with Mr Ip's opinions I'm just saying the book would have been better without them

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The Little Book of EconomicsBook of PDF #198 One positive side effect of the recent financial market meltdown that toppled giant century old institutions and cost millions their jobs is that it created a strong desire among many Americans to better understand how the US economy functions In The Little Book of Economics Greg Ip The Little eBook #206 one of the country's most recognized and respected economics journalists walks readers through how the economy really worksWritten for the inuisitive layman who doesn't want to plow through academic jargon and Greek letters or The author says that growth comes from population size and productivity which increases the pay of productive people Unfortunately even the examples he picks show this isn't even remotely true There is no necessary relationship between what a person gets paid and how productive they are There is a necessary relationship between how much someone has the authority to determine their own pay and how much they get paid but this has no relationship to actual productivity It's just about who has the leverage to force others to give them money This is true whether you're talking about someone stealing money from you at gunpoint or at the tip of pen Leverage determines pay and productivity is largely irrelevant Overlaps are coincidentalIt is true that sometimes people who deserve get but that should not be confused with the belief that this is what happens most or even much of the time The evidence simply doesn't support the idea of the connection being particularly freuent The author tries to hide this by cherry picking the examples of superstar AthletesEntertainers and corporate executives but the difference between those two two groups and why they each get paid so much is vast and obviousAthletes and Entertainers see their pay rates increase because they are the actual draw and over time the ones with enough power to force the issue will take a greater share of the income they create none of which would exist without them In other words if Beyonce stopped showing up for concerts the whole tour shuts down No one keeps going to see her backup dancers Beyonce is the show and the share of the money she gets should reflect that literally everyone but her is expendableExecutive pay on the other hand increases for the same reason that there are no term limits on Congress if you let people vote on their own pay and job security they will always vote to increase their end If Jamie Dimon left Chase no one would stop banking with Chase There would be no run on the bank like there'd be a run on refund reuests if Beyonce stopped showing up for concerts Steve Jobs died and Apple has only grown since his death and he was perhaps the most revered CEO in history It turns out that Executives are closer to place holders than they are to being the actual show like athletes and entertainers are They take all the benefit of everyone else's productivity increases because they are the ones that decide who gets money and naturally their answer to who should get paid is always me and my executive friends They do it because they can not because they deserve itAnyone claiming to teach you about economics who is unwilling to even acknowledge this massive difference is probably not telling you the truth on other things too In this case he suggests that only executives get their pay increased even though productivity increases across the board because Susan Boyle sings songs and that's the same thing I hope it's clear that this argument is not just incorrect but fundamentally disingenuous Frankly I find it hard to believe a career professional has not noticed thisThis guy talks like he works for Rupert MurdochEdit After finishing the book I checked out the author and surprise he works for Rupert Murdoch It shouldn't be so easy to smell these propagandists coming