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The Gift of Years Growing Older GracefullyNot only accepting but celebrating getting old this inspiration Aging its burdens and blessings is the focus of this book The author suggests that the elderly stop moping and find a committee to lead or book to write She uses a number of examples many from her own experience As a member of a religious community she infreuently speaks of spirituality as a guide to aging More often she finds solutions to the challenges of aging in a feel good about yourself and do something modality Little is found for those who face their final years with physical or emotional limitations For the relatively healthy and active there is abundant advice for finding ways to assist others but for the bed ridden and infirm no words of comfort or hope This book might be useful for those who are approaching the golden years in good health rather than those who have already reached them

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read The Gift of Years reader × Growing Older Gracefully Û join or create book clubs è [Download] ➽ The Gift of Years: Growing Older Gracefully ➺ Join or create book clubs – Not only accepting but celebrating getting old this inspirational and illumProcess from purposes and challenges to struggles and surprises The Gift of Years by Joan ChittisterThe six copies of the book were purcahsed by my wife as a present for each of our six children on the celebration of our 50th wedding annivesary Our children are all 40 yrs oldI have not read it yet but have received late night snippets from my wife as she read herself to sleep while reading it for the third time Seemed to reflect and add to our own Spirituality We are part of an Ignatian Outreach TeamOne disappointment the American cover is not as cheerful as the English edition but I could not see enough volumes of the English edition on sale at the time of purchase Purchased fromor through

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Al and illuminating work looks at the many facets of the aging In my mid forties I'm committed to aging well I've seen how so many in our culture age and I'm committed to do better not just physically but emotionally as well For me a big part of that shift is ensuring that my mind space is in a good place and that largely translates again for me into not trying to chase the fountain of youth but rather for celebrating the gift of years and for being my best self at this given moment in my life history wherever that may be This book? Is such a gift in that respect I've read a number of books on aging now and this has been one of the most beautifully insightful in fact I had initially borrowed it from the library but wound up purchasing it as I very much want to underline and make margin notes as I'm sure I will refer to it time and again I highly recommend this lovely poignant work that also happens to be wonderfully written