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kindle ô The Fool Games We Play #05 Ó ↠ ❰PDF❯ ✩ The Fool Games We Play #05 Author Liz Meldon – One night can change everythingThat's what they always say and for now vampire hunter Delia hopes it's true After years of mediocre performances she's nothing than a grunt in her hunter leaguHer from drowning in failure is a sinfully handsome masked man dressed as the Fool One night One job One man One chance to change her lifeAll she has to do is not screw it up The Fool is a novella intended for readers aged 18 and is the prologue for the paranormal romance serial Games We Play Oh wowYESSeduction can be a dangerous game A cat and a mouse The cat believes it to be the cat but is it the mouse?I loved the dance that brought the two main characters together So subtle so yearning so exuisiteI truly enjoyed their little dance around each otherI don't want to say too much hopefully I haven't already but this was a fascinating read I didn't think I'd like That's why I put off reading it for so longI fell for The FoolThe characters were developed and I could see their backgrounds I like how you integrated it into the storyline without having an info dump That helped the plot flow so smoothly A vampire hunter who needs money and a ballparty with vamps and humans Such a good cliché idea that was made into a funner readThat plot twist that I should've seen Ugh so marvelous I am SUPER happy I didn't read the first book blurb or I'd have been spoiled of a twistCan't wait and thanks for writing such a great story with intriguing peopleWonderful prologue start to a story I now want to finishRead this BEFORE reading the first book and its blurb if you canAnyone want to lend it to me? xDGimme gimme gimme The main ship has sailed

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Er lap she jumps at the opportunity to take down the region's rud vampire leader at an invite only masuerade ball Clad in a mask and an uncomfortable dress Delia throws herself into the fray only to realize she’s woefully unprepared for the night that awaits her and the only person keeping what a fool I was Liz Meldon totally fooled me with this oneAfter years of mediocre performances Delia Roberts decides to jump on a hot tip regarding a big fish A high level vamp who will give her the chance to boost her career as a vampire huntress All she has to do is stab the fucker and get out of there Easier said than done right?One chance to change her life Don't fuck it up Delia But well shit happens and she got distracted A distraction in the form of a ridiculously attractive guy dressed as the Fool A guy who is far from what he seems The Fool will introduce you to a world where Vampires and humans try to coexist but this doesn't mean that they have a good relationship Vamps have to follow some rules If they are broken they are hunted I confess that even though I wasn't feeling the story during the first chapters I couldn't put it down Why? Liz Meldon's writing Her words were captivating enough to keep me reading and I'm so glad I did it because that ending goshShort sexy and with a sligh twist at the end that will leave you begging for the next bookThe Fool is a preview for what has the makings for a fantastic series If you're into Vampires this is definitely a must read for you

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The Fool Games We Play #05One night can change everythingThat's what they always say and for now vampire hunter Delia hopes it's true After years of mediocre performances she's nothing than a grunt in her hunter league stuck on surveillance duty and low level vamp busts So when her informant drops an amazing lead in h I received this for review but that doesn't change my opinion in any way This wasn't the best novella I've read but not the worst and I think that my main problem was the writing style and the fact that I couldn't click with itIt's a very very short read and I think you should give it a change if you want to see how it is if you like the style the characters so you know if you buy and read the next book or not For me as I said it wasn't amazing it had some good parts here and there but didn't blew me away Especially because I was expecting to be charmed by the writing style and I didn't And this is a very important thing for me because if I don't care for what I read what I would read it?The characters seem pretty interesting and I'm sure that in the next books they'll be developed and we'll find out about them and the relationships between them About the story I don't know what to say it can be good or it can go into the cliche side; it depends And also it depends on what you've read before in this genre and with vampires so if you've read a ton like me then maybe you won't be so amazed Or you'll be who knows But if you're knew and this your first read I think you can give it a try and hopefully you'll like it