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Download The Deepest Well Book Î Healing the Long ¸ Join or create book clubs » [PDF] ✅ The Deepest Well: Healing the Long-Term Effects of Childhood Adversity By Join or create book clubs – A pioneering physician reveals how childhood stress can lead to lifelong hT her patients and their families Burke Harris illuminates her journey of discovery from the academy to her own pediatric practice in San Francisco's poverty ridden Bayview Hunters Point She reroots the story of childhood trauma and its aftermath in science to help listeners see themselves and othersclearlyFor anyone who has faced a difficult childhood or who cares about the millions of children who do the innovative and acclaimed health interventions outlined in the The Deepest Well represents vitally important hope for chan This book was so well written that I actually read it like a novel Excellent case examples clearly researched and evidenced Reading this will not only inform practice and training but will positively impact directly on those who have experienced 'adverse childhood experiences'

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Ss and recipient of the Arnold P Gold Foundation Humanism in Medicine Award expands on similar topics as in her popular TED talk as she demystifies the connection between adversity and ill health After surveyingthan 17000 adult patients she found that the higher a person's ACE score the worse their health This led Burke Harris to an astonishing breakthrough childhood stress changes our neural systems and its impact lasts a lifetimeThrough vivid storytelling that combines both scientific insight with deeply moving stories abou Studies show that 67 83% of us This includes every human being on earth too since the studies have been replicated worldwide with the same results have at least one toxic stress issue Adverse Childhood Experience or ACE in our lives and from 12 17% of us have 4 or of the possible 10 stressors currently defined For example if we have 4 of these experiences we are 10 times likely to attempt suicide With 6 or we are nearly 24 times likely to attempt suicide It is so accurate that it is considered doseable which is explained in the book Auto immune diseases addictions risky lifestyle behaviors asthma cardiovascular diseases fibromyalgia learning difficulties ADHD is often mistakenly treated when it is actually issues caused by ACEs commitment issues and many health and social issues are rooted in these ACEsThe score we have is recorded in our nervous system and DNA which affects every aspect of our body's functions Together these factors will decide our health job success marriage and parenting success and even our longevity because of the power they have over the systems of our body As the author points out though there are simple non medical methods of counteracting much of their effects through mindfulness relationships sleep exercise stress buffering caregivers and so on Simple lifestyle changes can make a big difference in our entire lives if we will follow the advice given in this book The author doesn't waste time discussing or blaming our parents for the way they have damaged us since that isn't the point She does show how the effects of ACEs are multi generational though and then gives hope by showing how they can be overcome and stopped through conscious effort on our partDr Harris has impeccable credentials for writing this book and does so with the same expertise she demonstrates in her TEDMed talk on the same subject This book is up to date since it was released in January of 2018 She uses good science and connects it with anecdotes from her pediatric medical practice in SF's poorest neighborhood Her writing style is engaging and informative scientifically informational while still being understandable If you know anyone struggling with the difficulties of life who honestly wants answers to the reasons they have health issues or make the decisions they do recommend they read this book

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The Deepest Well Healing the Long Term Effects of Childhood AdversityA pioneering physician reveals how childhood stress can lead to lifelong health problems and shows us what we can do to break the cycleTwo thirds of us have experienced at least one adverse childhood experience or ACE such as abuse neglect parental substance dependence or mental illness Even though these events may have occurred long ago they have the power to haunt us long into adulthood and now we have found that they may even contribute to lifelong illnessDr Nadine Burke Harris the founderCEO of the Center for Youth Wellne What a phenomenal storyI was enthralled by every page from her early vision for a medical clinic in one of San Francisco's poorest neighborhoods to the discovery that behind many ailments lay the same biological root cause our bodies' normal reaction to the stresses of Adverse Childhood Experiences to the stories with strategies to buffer the difficulties of life for your child or your inner child to her call for universal screening a fantastic book by someone doing amazing world changing work Brilliant and compassionate scientific yet approachable deeply personal and still profoundly universalMain take aways Your entire genetic code has some flexibility built in and will be expressed differently based on your environment Adverse Childhood Experiences are nearly universal across incomes and groups Having a large number of ACEs correlates with huge health impacts twice as likely to develop heart disease and cancer 35 times as likely to develop COPD twice the odds of hospitalization for an autoimmune disease such as arthritis lupus diabetes celiac and a greater risk of asthma allergies migraines fibromyalgia reflux bronchitis ulcers and the list goes on p 73181 Neuroplasticity means epigenetics are treatable and the stress response can often be brought back under control through therapy meditation and exercise Universal screening would help many people understand their bodies and break the generational cycle by becoming effective bufferadvocates for their children