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PDF Á BOOK The Crying of Lot 49 ↠ DANPASHLEY ☆ ❄ [EPUB] ✼ The Crying of Lot 49 By Thomas Pynchon ➝ – Danpashley.co.uk Suffused with rich satire chaotic brilliance verbal turbulence and wild humor The Crying of Lot 49 opens as Oedipa Maas discovers that she has been made executrix of a former loverSuffused with of Lot PDFEPUB #188 rich satire chaotic brilliance verbal turbulence and wild humor The Crying of Lot opens as Oedipa Maas The Crying PDFEPUB or discovers that sh so imagine you're browsing through a bookstore on a lazy saturday afternoon you stop in the pynchon section and there out of the corner of your eye you see this guy and he's checking you out you think wow this is one for the movies does this actually happen this is a sexually oriented biased review sorryyou proceed to chat laughing at the length of gravity's rainbow and you go next door with your new books to grab a cup of coffee which turns into dinner whuch turns in to crepes at this great little shop which turns into a long walk which turns into a bottle of syrah in your living room over twelve hours laterand you're so compelled the conversation is amazing he's SO dynamic he tells good stories even though it has the tendency to be stream of consciousness he's convoluted and mysterious and you never want this night to end he makes random allusions that you always pretend to recognize but don't really understand he draws random doodles on scraps of paper napkins bathroom walls foreheads of strangers anywhere he can get his point across you can't get out of your mind how brilliant this guy must be and how lucky you are to have him in all his overeducated and hypnotic glory sitting on your couch and with all the wine in your head the evening takes a turn for the intimate it gets a much heavier that you would ever expect for a first encounter like this especially because you just met this guy scandalous but you feel so wrapped up in his world that you just go along with it and enjoy and trust me you do enjoy it and right as your about to come to the full uh realization of your enjoyment he says oh god and stops and looks at you awkwardly and you recognize at that moment that the enjoyment is um bust and you will never have that full realization that's what reading this book is like but trust me the encounter is well worth it

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S crowd in to help or confuse her But gradually death drugs madness and marriage combine to leave Oedipa in isolation on the threshold of revelation awaiting the Crying of Lot uite fittingly I'm sitting down to write this review after having just checked the mail Nothing today but junk and bills Save for my paltry royalty checks and the occasional bit of fan mail here and there fans you know who you are that's about all I get most days but this still doesn't stop me from checking the box two three or even four times until something shows up On the odd day there's no mail before suppertime I'm usually left somewhat disconcerted What no catalogs No supermarket flyers Not even anything for that chick who lived here three tenants ago I start to worry that the postman fell ill or had an accident somewhere along the wayThat's how reliable the mail isSure we've all had mail arrive late if ever at all Things get lost from time to time but whatever our complaints against the various couriers what we forget in those moments of frustration is that 9999% of the mail addressed to us in our lifetime does eventually make its way into our hands and usually right on timeIt's simply astounding Sometimes I wonder whether UPS FedEx and the United States Postal Service have all colluded to pioneer some new teleportation technology warping pallets of packages and correspondence from coast to coast leisurely loading their bags and trucks for their local rounds while the rest of us dupes check their phony tracking numbersThat's probably even further fetched than the conspiracy postulated by this book but not by much Either way the mail remains uite astonishing nonethelessThink about it If people couldn't send things by mail they'd have to make every delivery in person Only the very well connected could ever succeed in harnessing a vast network of others in such a grand endeavor and I guess that explains why our nationalinternational delivery systems can trace their roots back to the messengers employed by empires of old Royal European delivery services eventually came to be rivaled by private outfits subseuently suashed by postal reform in this country only to return sub rosa in a campaign of guerilla mailings in 1966 Here in 2013 the government service is presently taking its turn on the ropes but that's a whole 'nother can of wormsThis isn't a morality play between big business and big government couriers people This is the very heart and soul of communication ugly futile and absolutely necessary

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The Crying of Lot 49E has been made executrix of a former lover's estate The performance of her duties sets her on a Crying of Lot eBook #9734 strange trail of detection in which bizarre character My first excursion into the Pynchonesueand it left me disorientated introspective and utterly confused about how exactly I feel about it I’m taking the cowards way out and giving it three stars even though that makes me feel like I’m punting the responsibility football and doing my best imitation of an ostrich when trouble walks by I am going to have to re read this My assumption is that I began this book taking Pynchon a little too lightly I decided to start my exploration of Pynchon here because it's widely considered his most “accessible” work I figured even as addled as my brain is with wine sediment and Milk Duds my big boy education would serve as an adeuate navigator on this little journey Well around page 21 I started getting that “I’m lost have you seen my momma” feeling and there's not a single character in this story trustworthy enough to ask directions on how to get back to the plot This much I think I knowOedipa Mass get used to monikers like that as every character’s name is a play on words is a clever self motivated middle aged housewife from California who isn’t above shagging the occasional stranger not her husband hell it’s the 60’s Oedipa’s ex shag partner Pierce Inverarity dies uber rich and leaves her as co executor of his estate Inverarity is a practical joker extraordinaire and so the idea that everything may not be as it seems is teed up immediately However Oedipa is the kind of woman who loves a mystery and she feels compelled to play the part that Inverarity has created for her If it was really Pierce's attempt to leave an organized something behind after his own annihilation then it was part of her duty wasn't it to bestow life on what had persisted to try to be what Driblette was the dark machine in the centre of the planetarium to bring the estate into pulsing stelliferous Meaning all in a soaring dome around her Those first 20 pages were cake and I was feeling very much in controlThen page 21through the rest of the novel about 180 pages send Oedipa and the reader on a fragmented surreal allusion soaked reality bentwarpedtwisted sojourn that felt a bit like a David LynchDavid Mamet collaboration where nothing and no one is anywhere close to what they seem Dense compact multi layered prose and some memorable oddball characters make the confusion plenty entertaining but grasping the central core of the piece was rather elusive at least for me The framing edgework of the story is as historical mystery centered on an alleged vast conspiracy involving a secret underground postal carrier network known as Trystero The calling cardicon of this shadowy organization is Which is a mockery of the horn symbolizing the real life postal carrier known as Thurn and Taxis Eventually I gathered that the major theme being explored by Pynchon is the untrustworthiness of communication and that it’s impossible to verify information because the source is always distorted from the standpoint of the observer Thus communication when filtered through the lens of the recipient often brings confusion than enlightenment and uestions than answers “Though she knew even less about radios than about Southern Californians there were to both outward patterns a hieroglyphic sense of concealed meaning of an intent to communicate” At least I think that is what Pynchon was getting at in this book My problem was that I didn’t clue into that until late into the story and by that time I was simply riding the crest of the enjoyable language and mini scenes into the finish line Having now read the book I feel like if I were to go back and read it again knowing what I now know I will be able to get far out of it I guess I might also realize that I am reading too much into it and the emperor really has no clothes For now I will give Pynchon the benefit of the doubt Based on his reputation he has certainly earned it Even given my less than perfect understanding of the nuances moving through the narrative there is much to enjoy There are some wonderful scenes and character interactions that I loved For example the The Courier’s Tragedy is a play that Oedipa sees that actually touches on the themes of the wider novel I thought it was fascinating There is also some magnificent passages that I could read simply to enjoy the language Everybody who says the same words is the same person if the spectra are the same only they happen differently in time you dig But the time is arbitrary You pick your zero point anywhere you want that way you can shuffle each person's time line sideways till they all coincide Then you'd have this big God maybe a couple hundred million chorus saying 'rich chocolaty goodness' together and it would all be the same voice Language like that is always a pleasure to read However without the glue of understanding all that Pynchon was attempting to say my enjoyment was somewhat muted That’s just me I enjoyed the experience of reading this and as I mentioned to a GR friend the other day I have thought better of this book during the days since I finished this than I did while I was actually reading it That tells me that the book affected me and seeped into my brain than I was able to consciously detect Maybe that’s how Pynchon works I’m not sure However it is a uestion I plan to investigate by visiting his other works as well as returning to this one 30 Recommended though a bit confused