The Corrosion of Character: The Personal Conseuences of Work in the New Capitalism review ´ 104

review The Corrosion of Character: The Personal Consequences of Work in the New Capitalism

The Corrosion of Character: The Personal Consequences of Work in the New Capitalism review ´ 104 Ô [Download] ➽ The Corrosion of Character: The Personal Consequences of Work in the New Capitalism By Richard Sennett – A Business Week Best Book of the YearIn his classic The Hidden Injuries of Class written with Jonathan Cobb Sennett interviewed a man he called Enrico a hardworking janitor whose life was structured by a union pay schedule and given meaning by his sacrifices for the future In this new book a bestseller in Germany Sennett explores the contemporary scene characterized by Enrico's son Rico whose life is materially successful yet whose work lacks long term commitments or loyalties Distinguished by Sennett's combination of broad historical and literary learning and a reporter's willingness to walk into a store or factory a. Written in a very relatable manner it poses uestions to modern developments and how human these are It gives very good and developed insights into these for myself as a product designerinnovator and teacher these are very valid and meaningful uestions I highly recommend it

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Nd strike up a conversation New York Times Book Review this book challenges the reader to decide whether the flexibility of modern capitalism is merely a fresh form of oppression Publishers Weekly starred review Praise for The Corrosion of Character A benchmark for our time―Daniel Bell An incredibly insightful book―William Julius Wilson A remarkable synthesis of acute empirical observation and serious moral reflection―Richard Rorty Sennett offers abundant fresh insights illuminated by his concern with people's struggle to give meaning to their lives―Memphis Commercial Appeal. Sennett sees de industrialisation from the 1980's onwards as having a negative affect on workers lives and provides case studies along with theory Another short but easily readable text that is ideal for undergraduate studies in social sciences but makes easy but thoughtful general reading Recommended Needs to be read along with Giddens or similar for an alternative view

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The Corrosion of Character The Personal Consequences of Work in the New CapitalismCorrosion of PDF #8608 A Business Week Best Book of the Year A devastating and wholly necessary book―Studs Terkel author of The EpubWorking In The Corrosion of Character Richard Sennett among the country's most distinguished thinkers has concentrated into The Corrosion of MOBI #243 pages a profoundly affecting argument Business Week that draws The Corrosion of Character The PDFEPUB or on interviews with dismissed IBM executives bakers a bartender The Corrosion of Character The PDFEPUB or turned advertising executive and many others to call into uestion the terms of our new economy. A great read although a bit dated I hadn't realized when I ordered this that it was a 20 year old book So rather than being a look at how the world of work is now it really shows how it began where loyalty commitment longevity and pride in being a part of something eroded As the author says The ualities of good work are not the ualities of good character And nothing much has changed for the worker in America since the book was published No long term commitment is the norm now on both sides rather than just a few companies' way of doing business Flexible employment often means no set schedules no definite hours So rather than a means to work life balance workers have to keep their entire 24 hours open with no set schedule and little advance notice Technology has reduced many trades to button pushing as he uses the example of bakers in the book Computer skills or the ability to push the right button at the right time has become important than actually knowing how to create the product It's a bit heavy on old studies and stats but the author provides human examples to back them up