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The Cardboard Valise Ben Katchor “The creator of the last great American comic strip” Michael Chabon gives us his first book in than ten years the story of the fantastical nation of Outer Canthus and the three people who in some way or another in­habit its shores Emile Delilah is a young xenophile lover of foreign nations so addicted to traveling The Cardboard Kindle to the exotic regions. I really liked Ben Katchor's other books Jew of New York Julius Knipl Real Estate Photographer Beauty Supply District At first the art seems sloppy but the you read the detail you start to appreciate in the seemingly primitive drawings Panel by panel he creates a world similar to our own but skewed to make the familiar details of life seem new and interestingPlaces Outer Canthus are named after body parts Small personality uirks wearing shorts no matter the weather become political statements He's a short pants advocate A trip to the drug store turns up uestionable ointments and devices Katchor finds humor in obscure occupations and far fetched industries One of the most amazing things about Katchor's writing is that he rarely deals with anything blatantly vulgar and yet his writing doesn't seem prudish There's definitely an edge to what he's writing but it doesn't depend on offensive language or violence It seems like he's determined to elevate the mundane into art that entertains He succeeds most of the timeMy only negative comment is that male characters dominate the narrative Women are usually ornamental in his picture stories I would like to see how he would handle a female character over the length of a bookI'm waiting for another announced book from Katchor The Dairy Restaurant

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Of Outer Canthus that the government pays him a monthly stipend just so he can continue his visits Liv­ing in the same tenement as Emile are Boreal Rince the exiled king of Outer Canthus and Elijah Salamis a supranationalist determined to erase the cultural and geographic boundaries that separate the citizens of the Earth Although they rarely meet their lives in­tertwine throu. More Katchor brilliance in a uasi narrative package And a package with actual handles no lessEmphasis should be placed on uasi here because a lot of reviewers have seemed frustrated that The Cardboard Valise did not meet their expectations as a graphic novel or a cohesive story arc As a book I suppose First Valise is much of a collection than it is a continuous story The Jew Of New York aside Katchor is a minaturist with franchises like Julius Knipl Real Estate Photographer that may extend over years in standalone weekly or monthly strips in alternative free weeklies or Metropolis magazine This one does hover around two characters and a few central arenas—Tensit Island Outer Canthus Fluxion City—but not only is it episodic the semi linearity that makes it such a superbly Katchor collection works against it holding together as a taleReading Katchor means entering an alternate dimension where your expectations aren't going to get much traction You'll want to take the book in smaller bitesAll that said five stars for taking cultural norms and narrative expectations folding them into origami airplanes just work with me on this metaphor and sending them flying out the window Katchor's aesthetic—wait no I'd already said it was a whole dimension—abuts our own but shares only partial congruence I deeply love the art the acerbic absurdist commentary on neocolonalism and the gently dark ways in which he pulls any sense of story out from under you

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Free read The Cardboard Valise ò PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB ☆ [Reading] ➶ The Cardboard Valise By Ben Katchor –  Ben Katchor “The creator of the last great American comic strip”—Michael Chabon gives us his first book in than ten years the story of the fantastical nation of Outer CanthusGh the elaborate fictions they construct and inhabit a vast panorama of humane hamburger stands exuisitely ethereal ethnic restaurants ancient restroom ruins and wild tracts of land that fit neatly next to high rise hotels The Cardboard Valise is a graphic novel as travelogue a canvas of semi surrealism and a poetic whimsical beguiling work of Ben Katchor’s dazzling imaginatio. The rare graphic novel that made me s l o w d o w n when I read it There are many mysteries in this book as well as the mystery of why the processing center decided to assign it to graphic non fiction I have a low level migraine so I'm not going to attempt any real exploration of why this was wonderful to me But I will say that the narration invaded my nap dreams and that's always a sign of a good book The way it is structured with re appearing characters but no overarching story makes it seem like it appeared in some alternative weekly newspaper I don't think it did but I haven't done my research But if it had been part of one and I had been in the serving area that would be so so sweet