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kindle ☆ Spencerian Penmanship read ✓ danpashley ë ❰BOOKS❯ ✬ Spencerian Penmanship (Theory Book plus five copybooks) Author Platt Rogers Spencer – These copybooks lay flat and are easier to use since there is no binding to contend with In the mid 1800's the SpenceriaNdwriting was much prized Today in our computer age a fine beautiful and legible handwriting brings a warm personal touch to our correspondence These books 5 copybooks and I don't think I really knew what I was getting into when I ordered this Theory Book plus workbooks They are not kidding around So this is from the 1800's in a time lost to us This teaches you to write each letter by a series of strokes so like a W would be like a 1212 or something I actually think it is strokes than that but as for this example is concerned you would write your 1 stroke then your 2 stroke then 1 and again your 2 stroke So the first workbook the first of it is just drawing these individual strokes A lot of them A LOT Then once you get the hang of that wink wink you are asked to put strokes together which makes a letterIt took me a while to figure out what was going on and then to my horror I realized what the book was asking of meI took up fountain pens recently Vintage fountain pens with Flexy nibs and that has brought me down this pathI will do this I will I find myself doing all sorts of other things instead of this but I will do this I am just building up my resolve that is allI am excited about the prospect of practicing this one day when I am ready sometime in the future I am sure it will be very rewarding and I am looking forward to the day that I have enough in me to put that first stroke in that workbook and commit to starting my lessons

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These copybooks lay flat and are easier to use since there is no binding to contend with In the mid 1800's the Spencerian form of penmanship became a standard An elegant ha These books are a relatively uick and practical guide to skills from a time gone by this is a part of its charm If you want to purchase this I say go for it but try to keep in mind what you are signing up forThe Spencerian method depends on a decent sized writing desk or table with ample room to sit properly as the theory book will explain in detail It will be difficult to use Spencerian script in casual setting if you are holding a notepad in one hand and the pen in another You would have to master whole arm movement first and even then it gets trickyGood penmanship will only come if you commit to holding and wielding the pen in a way that is very counterintuitive for people of this day and age and it will take a lot of effort and a little discomfort to do it correctly while still being able to relax the muscles you are using and not get cramped up If you are serious about adopting this method bite the bullet It's very doable with practice But you have to be willing to keep yourself from lazily resting your hand on the page at all and only letting your ring finger and little finger skim the surface of the page If you only want to copy what the letters look like without using the right muscular movements then this style will be a lot difficult tiring and forced than it needs to be In short it won't be the real deal and you will probably get discouraged over time There are plenty of free examples of Spencerian letters for those who aren't interested in learning the right techniueThe paper in these bindings is truly subpar for the kinds of pens and inks they were originally intended for but don't let that discourage you unless you are genuinely purist and don't have the time to make your own practice sheets No doubt the original editions had better uality paper but then they were probably relatively expensive For everyday pens and pencils they should work fine Personally I used the workbook exercises as a guide for ruling my own sheets of paper to practice onThese books don't delve into the strokes necessary to make any kinds of punctuation marks and other symbols They euip you with just capital and lowercase letters and numbers 0 9 There is no instruction for indenting paragraphs handling flourishes drawing birds or any of the other skills that tend to fall into either the practical or the calligraphic side of the Spencerian method That being said it's a great starting point if all you want to do is learn what makes this style tick and how to pull it offYou can use most pens and pencils for these exercises but I don't recommend ballpoint pens because of the difference in the physical sensations you are looking for when learning the strokes the way the ink behaves coming off of the tip and because of the difficulties of using ballpoint pens for shading It's easy when learning this style of handwriting from a modern perspective to over stress the upward strokes Historically the down strokes usually carried the most weight even when avoiding any shading It is easier to feel the push and pull of the strokes and develop a good techniue using any other kind of tip than with ballpoint yes even with pencil For a real advanced level learning experience you might even want to try your hand at practicing with a dip penuill and some good ink Don't feel pressured though Figuring those kinds of pens out involve their own set of skillsDon't misunderstand what a copybook is for The point isn't just to reproduce the images in each exercise Each one is a puzzle How do I manage to make strokes that look like that using the muscles that the theory book is asking me to use? How do

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Spencerian Penmanship Theory Book plus five copybooksA theory book available separately or as a set may be used to introduce cursive writing to second or third graders or to improve the handwriting of older students or adults Interesting and the exercises are usefulI suggest you photocopy the pages one side only if you are going to do the exercises with fountain or dip pen as the ink goes straight through and ruins the other side Wish I'd done that to begin withVery reasonably priced product