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FREE DOC î READER Perfect English Grammar ´ DANPASHLEY ó ❄ [EPUB] ✼ Perfect English Grammar: The Indispensable Guide to Excellent Writing and Speaking By Join or create book clubs ➝ – Learn to communicate exactly what you mean with this writing and speaking guide From conjuEs let you express yourself fully Look It Up Seamless navigation makes it easy to find answers uickly Geek Out Explore the tricky uestions with Grant Barrett’s help Perfect English Grammar helps you clearly say what you want to say―and the best way to say it value for money item

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Learn to communicate exactly what you mean with this writing and speaking guide From conjugating verbs to mastering punctuation to polishing your speaking skills Perfect English Grammar makes it easier than ever to improve your grasp of grammar Language learners My credentials Taught high school and college English for 10 years MA in EnglishI like this book I really want to love it but before I could recommend it for high school and college students it needs a second edition with some added material and better organization It’s generally well written and the concepts the author includes are clearly explained but in its current form it’s not really a practical reference for students who need help with the sentence level problems teachers and professors are most likely to call outWho I would recommend this book to the student who doesn't struggle too much with the mechanics of writing but doesn't have much formal instruction in grammar and wants to cover the basics before taking a grammar course in college or before taking an AP English Language and Composition class that will expect them to understand these concepts before moving on to advanced grammatical and rhetorical concepts It’s also a useful reference for advanced English language learnersSpecific pros and cons I noted while readingBOOK ORGANIZATION• It’s easy to either read cover to cover or use as a reference The table of contents and index are clear and easy to use• However the overall organization is sometimes idiosyncratic I'm not sure why he has a whole but only two page section to listdefine parts of speech then addresses spelling and sentence structure then goes back to the parts of speech Also a subsection on the word brung is given the same importance as the subsection writing with consistent tenses which appears right after itCOMPOSITION• Tips for composition are to the point and even after getting a MA in English writing a thesis teaching for ten years and working on my own fiction I found them helpful and inspiring I never thought of using PowerPoint to organize a writing project before Duh But they'll also be helpful to the college freshman or high school student looking for help with tackling the blank page• I like that each tip is stated simply and in bold at the beginning of a brief but enlightening paragraph of explanation This makes reviewskimming very easy• The section on composition is brief but cogent It's not intended to serve as an instructive text for a composition course but instead just a uick reference for those who need reminders about such things as the differences between introconclusion and body paragraphs and what kinds of things to put in a body paragraph• The one bone I have to pick and this may just be because it's my own biggest pet peeve is that he doesn't address plagiarism even briefly I suppose this is excusable since he doesn't go into how to cite sources since each departmentprogram will use a different citation guide but still a brief Note on Plagiarism would be a nice reminder for studentsATTITUDE TOWARD GRAMMAR• Kudos to the author for taking a descriptive rather than prescriptive view of grammar For example he is flexible on the sparing use of coordinating conjunctions at the beginning of a sentence or the use of contractions even in formal writing• This will probably be controversial but I applaud the author for supporting the use of they and them to refer to a singular noun of unknown gender He points out that this usage has been around for at least 600 yearsSTUDENT EDITING ISSUES• In general the author does a good job of addressing common problems at the micro level like forming plurals or using apostrophes correctly but not so much at the sentence level• He does a good job describing the most common parts of the sentence but doesn't highlight related editing issues like run ons comma splices subject verb agreement and dangling modifiers He occasionally and very briefly touches on a few of these common errors but they are virtually hidden and nowhere near as well explained as the mechanical tips He really needs a whole section on “Common Sentence Errors” with these issues covered effectively and with bold easy to find subheadings• Sentence structure It would be nice to have some graphic assists such as color coding or circlingunderliningarrows especially in cases like demonstrating the direct object or object of the preposition The verbal explanations however are succinct and accurate• I do like how he explains independent and dependent clauses it's brief and clear without getting into the issue of coordinating vs subordinating conjunctions which usually just makes students glaze over He does address conjunctions but only after clearly and simply explaining the difference between independentdependent clauses• The Common Mistakes with Commas section only includes two common mistakes really just one since they’re closely related There are a lot common mistakes he could have included• He provides good practical long term advice on improving spelling• Spelling rules In the section on adding a suffix to a word ending in y it might be nice to point out the few common exceptions like attorney attorneys monkey monkeys• I like how he briefly addresses little usage uirks like nth in the section on cardinal numbers and the differences in writing dates and times between the US and the rest of the world This is helpful both to English language learners and native speakers who aren’t widely read• I like the good solid useful tips on how to choose verb tenses when writing about various things like commenting on what a source says versus narrating a chain of events One common issue that I wish he had included in the list however is what tense to use when summarizing part of a literary text present tense is most widely accepted among scholars but students often use the past tenseKerri MillerELA AcademyNOTE I received this product at a discounted rate in exchange for my honest and unbiased review

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Perfect English Grammar The Indispensable Guide to Excellent Writing and SpeakingOf all levels can turn to this easy to navigate grammar guide again and again for uick and authoritative information for improving everyday communication Never Be Wrong Catchy examples help you remember core grammar rules Sharpen Your Style Composition guidelin I love this book I found the introduction very interesting and read the first few chapters word for word I was so curious about the other chapters that I skipped around after that The sections are color coded which I will never remember but it does make it easier to get to the correct section a little uicker cover everything from general principals to spelling to abbreviations The most useful chapter is punctuation but my favorite was the last one that covers things such as double negatives clichés and dangling modifiers The book reminded me of how I was taught in High School English back in the mid 70s Based on the way kids talk and write today I don't think that is the case today If you want a handy resource for writing professional material this book is well worth the costI received this product at a discounted rate in exchange for my honest and unbiased review