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I Am Slaughter reader · 238 pages ó danpashley ê [Read] ➼ I Am Slaughter ➹ Dan Abnett – Danpashley.co.uk A brand new Black Library event series begins After a millennium of peace the Imperium is beset by a brand new invasion The Imperial Fists respond and havoc ensues The Beast has arisen and the galaxyA brand new Black Library event series begins After a millennium of peace the Imperium is beset by a brand new invasion The Imperial Fists respond and havoc ensues The Beast has arisen and the galaxy will burn It is the thirty second millennium and the Imperium is at peace The Traitor Legions of Chaos are but a distant memory and the many alien races that have long plagued mankind are held in check by the Space Mari The Beast was an Ork warboss of immense power His Waagh on the Imperium during the 30K timeline is infamous here we get the story of that time But this story isn't just about the Ork threat since it also delves into the politics of the Imperial SenateThe Imperial Fists are detached from their guardianship of Terra and the entire Chapter is sent out to the world of Ardamanta to fight the xenos Chrome But something is driving the Chrome towards the Imperium The vast majority of the book is devoted to the Imperial Fists operations against the Chromes as well as looking into the issues plaguing the Senate as seen through the eyes of the Inuisition and the Officio Assissinorium It isn't till the end you realize that a huge Ork invasion is underwayA great book from lore standpoints and I also enjoyed the look into the power politics of the Senate This is a three book set so I shall have to rush out and find the second book of this excellent story

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Nes When a mission to exterminate one such xenos breed on the world of Ardamantua draws in of their forces the Imperial Fists abandon the walls of Terra for the first time in than a thousand years And when another greater foe strikes even the heroic sons of Rogal Dorn may be powerless against it The Beast Arises and it is mightyIt's the start of a brand new and epic than the most epic thing you can think of event se Pretty good i don't know enough about warhammer to judge this lore wise but it was extremely entertaining and very descriptive and action packed it does deserve the 5 star rating for the way it was written it was very fluid and easy to understand and for the enjoyment it was pretty good so if you want to enter warhammer i guess you could start here it is what i am doing

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I Am SlaughterRies from Black Library It's a brand new story set in an unexplored era of Imperial history and as well as showing the entire Imperial Fists chapter in action against an ork invasion of staggering scale it gives us a look at Terra itself the machinations of the High Lords and the start of the Imperium's slide into the dystopian horror we all know and love Also did we mention orks? Lots of orks Seriously so many orks You can read the full review over at my blog span of lore material that any novel or a series for that matter that is set in the vibrant chaos of the Warhammer 40000 can cover is immense There is a history of millenniums involved and Black Library has done a tireless and amazing job over the years of covering as much material as it can whether we go back to the earliest days of the setting with the Horus Heresy mega series or the carefully planned and executed vignettes set in the 41st Millennium The wonderful diversity at its heart is what makes all of this tick for me and in that respect the latest series from the publisher has not disappointedI Am Slaughter is the first novel in the Beast Arises series and is written by a veteran of the setting entire Dan Abnett Over the years he has given some of the best work in 40K and I Am Slaughter is no slouch by any means The story begins with the Imperial Fists Space Marines engaging in a massive planetary attack against a verminous xenos species and it ends in rather surprising ways As this is the start of the series much is left to the reader’s imagination but Abnett teases enough to keep you hooked and reading all the way through though there are some rather typical missteps by the masterDespite being one of the most prominent of the Space Marine Chapters as they’ve been around since the founding of the Imperium the Imperial Fists have rarely gotten a platform anywhere near the size of what some of the other major Chapters such as the Ultramarines and the Dark Angels and the Space Wolves have had And usually they are the butt of a cruel joke as they seem to always die in droves Coincidentally Dan Abnett killed an entire company of Fists in the animated Warhammer 40000 movie Ultramarines which came out in 2010 It was a rather sad affair for the Fists and it does indeed sadden that they seem to get burdened with such a fate often than any other Chapter I Am Slaughter is no differentThe story starts some 2400 years after the Horus Heresy has ended and relative peace has settled across the Imperium The horrors of that disastrous conflict are a distant memory and the Imperium prospers even as vast wars are waged to keep it safe But there is always some trouble that is than it seems This is where the Imperial Fists come in as they deploy to a system six warp weeks from Terra to eradicate a verminous xenos species called the Chromes The celebrated defenders of Terra deploy en masse almost at full chapter strength to prove to the Imperium at large that there are some wars that only they can prosecute A political maneuver in many ways since the power of the Space Marines is waning in these troubled times And this is when disaster strikes and the Beast ArisesThe one aspect of I Am Slaughter that I really liked was that we finally got to see the machinations of the High Lords of Terra In the wake of the Horus Heresy it was the High Lords who came to wield actual power in the Imperium representing the most senior of all the institutions of united Mankind such as the Officio Assassinorum the Imperial Guard the Navy the Navigators the Inuisition and many others twelve in all And they’ve always been a rather distant presence in the 41st millennium The closest we came to see them IIRC was in Bill King’s fourth Space Wolves novel Wolfblade and that proved to be one hell of a tease