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A New Dawn Free read è 9 ´ ❰Read❯ ➫ A New Dawn Author John Jackson Miller – Danpashley.co.uk Ever since the Jedi were marked for death and forced to flee Coruscant Kanan Jarrus has devoted himself to staying alive rather than serving the Force Wandering the galaxy alone from one anonymous job Ever since the Jedi were marked for Forces and desperate revolutionaries he's not about to get caught in the crossfire Then the brutal death of a friend at the Empire's hands forces the ex A New PDFEPUB or Jedi to make a choice bow down to fear or stand up and fightBut Jarrus won't be fighting alone Unlikely allies including a bomb throwing radical a former Imperial surveill. Before Kanan and Hera became perpetually exasperated space parents to their motley crew of rebels they were a brawling drunken ex padawan and a rebel spy looking for possible recruits to the cause This is a fun look at how Kanan and Hera met and it reads a lot like an extended version of Rebels It bogs down in a few places but is especially tense and fun at the end

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Ever since the Jedi were marked for death and forced to flee Coruscant Kanan Jarrus has devoted himself to staying alive rather than serving the Force Wandering the galaxy alone from one anonymous job to another he avoids trouble especially with the Empire at all costs So when he discovers a deadly conflict brewing between ruthless Imperial. 3 of 5 stars at The BiblioSanctum many Star Wars fans I was initially disappointed by the news earlier this year that Lucasfilm has pretty much nuked most of the franchise’s Expanded Universe declaring all of it as no longer official canon But after some thinking I’ve come to terms with it and now actually believe that it was a wise decision Having ballooned into this humongous bloated entity after all these years if anything needed a hard reset it was the Star Wars EU And having been a long time reader of Marvel and DC comics I’ve grown accustomed to stuff like retcons and massive wipes by nowBesides I can finally give up the New Jedi Order for good without feeling guilty about stalling halfway through the series since like forever Move over old school stuff it’s time for new stories Time for the very aptly named A New DawnAs the first Star Wars novel integrating input from the Lucasfilm Story Group A New Dawn is set in the time between the movies Episode III and IV not long after the fall of the Republic and the legendary JediIt probably also behooves me to mention that I’m currently following the new animated series Star Wars Rebels which had a role in motivating me to pick up this book I’m enjoying what I’ve seen so far so it was only natural that I was interested in reading this It serves as a preuel to the show taking place roughly six years before the events in the first episode and two of the lead characters are featured as protagonist in the book as well Essentially it tells the story of how the former Jedi Kanan Jarrus and the Twi’lek rebel Hera Syndulla first metThat said you don’t need to know anything about the show to read the book In fact I find that the two are completely different in tone and vibe The show feels geared towards a younger audience; being on the Disney X D channel and all that’s perhaps not too surprising The book on the other hand is mature and I’m guessing most people who read it will agree that John Jackson Miller did not dial anything downStill I can’t describe A New Dawn as anything other than standard Star Wars fare in terms of the uality of writing and story This was a slight downer given the publication significance of this book and the fact it marks a new beginning I had hoped for something a little well just MORE But on the bright side it should make readers of Star Wars fiction feel right at home You have the very recognizable character types such as the Jedi in exile and hotshot starship pilot You have a ruthless villain and Imperial tyranny You have sweeping battles in space and the spark of rebellion So on second thought being the same old same old might not be such a bad thingI also loved the characters They’re the best aspect of this book and not just because I really like Kanan and Hera from the animated series though that helped John Jackson Miller goes into the background of both characters giving us great insight into their personalities and motivations On the show they’re not only the leaders of their crew but almost like the father and mother figures and I can appreciate the nature of their partnership so much after reading this Other supporting characters that I’ve only met for the first time in the novel were well written as well most notably the former Clone Wars veteran and conspiracy theorist Skelly whose persona is as volatile as the incendiary devices he loves so muchAll told this wasn’t a bad book but it’s also unlikely that it’s going to end up on my shelf of favorite Star Wars novels Still I enjoyed it well enough While A New Dawn had a decent story that was entertaining but not all that memorable the strength really goes to the characters rather than plot and that’s a huge redeeming factor It would also make a great jumping on point for new fans which is why I think all the a shame that it wasn’t special but I think the majority of readers will like it just fine and won’t be too disappointed which is where I

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A New DawnAnce agent a vengeful security officer and the mysterious Hera Syndulla an agent provocateur with motives of her own team up with Jarrus to challenge the Empire As a crisis of apocalyptic proportions unfolds on the planet Gorse they must stand together against one of the Emperor's most fearsome enforcers for the sake of a world and its peop. As part of my uest to read The Rise of the Empire in order I ended up getting the chance reread the first novel that is officially considered part of the Star Wars canon John Jackson Miller’s A New Dawn Normally when I update reviews I would consider keeping the old review if my opinions changed significantly enough However I don’t need to do that with A New Dawn because my opinion remains largely the same I love this book Before Claudia Grey came along with her phenomenal Star Wars debut Lost Stars this was my favorite star wars novel that was part of Lucasfilm’s official canon This is a prime example of how to do a Star Wars spinoff novel Many fans give this distinction to Timothy Zahn’s Heir to the Empire and while I wholeheartedly agree with them that it is a great book and a groundbreaking classic for the Star Wars franchise A New Dawn had a much harder taskHeir to the Empire had the advantage of being new and have a similar sense of discovery and tension to the movies when it came out in 1991 Before the release of this book there was a relative lack of Star Wars material outside the Original Trilogy Also it actually continued the story after the films so we didn’t know what would happen to Luke Skywalker Han Solo Princess Leia or our other favorite classic characters from the Original Trilogy A New Dawn had two key disadvantages At the time of the book’s release many Star Wars Stories outside the main saga movies existed so it didn't have the novelty of Heir to the Empire Some fans actually consider works such as Zahn’s Thrawn Trilogy which included Heir to the Empire Bioware’s Knights of the Old Republic RPG video games andor either of the animated TV shows based around the Clone Wars to be even better than the movies It was also the first book to be released after Lucasfilm rebooted the expanded universe rendering everything outside Episodes I VI and the CGI animated TV series Star Wars The Clone Wars non canon Some particularly despicable fans actively wanted to see A New Dawn fail While it never reached the success of the Thrawn Trilogy it hasn’t stopped the release of the new novels and the book did reach the New York Times Bestseller listSecond A New Dawn simply doesn’t have the same narrative advantage that Heir to the Empire did when it was released in that we knew how it would end Kanan and Hera were not going to get killed or crippled because the book takes place before Star Wars Rebels where the two characters were alive and well and already working together A friend of mine on this site Sam uixote who prolifically reviews comic books points out a similar criticism to many new Star Wars comics that are released that they don’t need to exist The same sentiment can be applied to A New Dawn However while Sam's point is valid I can't hold that against this novel or any of the new books comics TV series video games or spinoff films that contain stories because I go into these materials knowing just that None of them need to exist and they are all made simply for lucasfilm to scrape our pockets clean of our hard earned cash I can exclusively watch the Original Trilogy the Force Awakens soon to be Episodes VIII and IX even the preuels and get a basic understanding of the main plot points and character motivations Even if these other materials present interesting lore and backstories that add to the star wars universe or introduce memorable stories and characters the main saga films were good or bad movies and still are good or bad movies So with that out of the way now lets actually get into the book I already said I love it so why is thatTHE STORY Kanan Jarrus formerly the jedi padawan Caleb Dume has survived order 66 and is now living as a scoundrel constantly moving between planets jobs and people to avoid detection by the Empire Things uickly change while he is working miner on the planet Gorse collecting thorillide from it’s moon Cynda Kanan decides to pack his belongings and le