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la Javanaise Read ✓ PDF, DOC, TXT, eBook or Kindle ePUB free ✓ [PDF / Epub] ☂ la Javanaise ✐ Jean-Noël Liaut – A life of glamour and tragedy set against the watershed cultural and political movements of twentieth century Europe Toto Koopman 1908–1991 is a new addition to the sRors of the camp Toto found solace in Erica Brausen the German art dealer who launched the career of Francis Bacon and the two women lived out their lives together surrounded by cultural luminaries like Edmonde Charles Roux and Luchino Visconti But even in her later decades Toto remained impossible for anyone to possess The Many Lives of Miss K explores the allure of a freethinking and courageous woman who fiercely protective of her independence was sought after by so many but ultimately known by very fe. The hype about the first biracial fashion model was not followed by a good book Maybe something was literally lost in translation from its original Drench Miss K Toto Koopman was a self indulgent prima donna and social climber She becomes much sympathetic when arrested and sent to a concentration camp during WWII But after the war she is back to her old tricks The writing is passably entertaining but the freuent use of unnamed sources detracts from the book's credibility It's a short book so you won't have wasted too much time

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Sphinxlike and tantalizing Toto conducted her life as a game driven by audacity and style Jean Noël Liaut chases his enigmatic subject through the many roles and lives she inhabited both happy and tragic Though her beauty charisma and taste for the extraordinary made her an exuberant fixture of Paris fashion and café society her intelligence and steely sense of self drove her toward bigger things culminating in espionage during WWII for which she was imprisoned by the Nazis in Ravensbruck After the hor. Miss K stands for legendary icon and Catharina “Toto” Koopman Born in Indonesia in 1908 her father was Dutch and her mother was half Indonesian with Chinese ancestry And although at the time this was cause for much prejudice and segregation Toto did not seem affected by this at all In fact she became to be the first and very acclaimed bi racial celebrity model Under the tutelage of Coco Chanel Toto became famous in her own right spearing ahead to become than just a glamourous modelNot only was Toto gorgeous and exotic she was also very strong minded with exceptional optimism even at the harshest of times in her life Her beauty and wits not to mention her flaunting independence made Toto notorious as a woman who made her mark in 20th century Europe She spoke several languages was well versed in the arts a muse for one of the most important galleries from the 40’s to the 70’s that launched famous artists was a fashion enigma a spy for the resistance during World War II – and she survived the HolocaustThis adventuress woman whose uest for independence had no limits lived an outrageously unconventional life even her romances had no sexual boundaries or gender preference Toto really was uniue and outstanding in all that she lived almost to the point of it sounding surreal were it not for the true historical accounting for it allThe Many Lives of Miss K by Jean Noel Liaut is a fascinating read There is nothing missing in terms of accuracy and delicious recounting of the history itself And although at times it reads uite factually the book is chock full of very personal insightful brow raising shocking and extremely interesting information that I just could not put this down The Many Lives of Miss K A definite page turner that unfolds the life of a spectacular individual whose life could not be incredible if it were fiction

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la JavanaiseA life of glamour and tragedy set against the watershed cultural and political movements of twentieth century Europe Toto Koopman – is a new addition to the set of iconoclastic women whose biographies intrigue and inspire modern day readers Like her contemporaries Lee Miller or Vita Sackville West Toto lived with an independent spirit typical of the men of her generation moving in the worlds of fashion society art and politics with an insouciant ease that would stir both admiration and envy even today. The biography of Toto Koopman an intriguing woman who lived life to the fullest is told with contagious enthusiasm by her biographer Jean Noël Liaut He takes us to the most vibrant and exciting scenes in 20th century Europe Paris in the '20s and '30s the gruesome '40s in Italy and the German camps London in the '50s and '60s Sicilian islands where the artistic elite gathers to holiday the list goes on and onThe same can be said about the heroine of the story Toto Koopman; successful model spy resistance fighter camp survivor society lady art lover archeologist polyglot biracial bisexual sexually liberated free spirit she can hardly be described in one word let alone a list like this It never seems to feel like a complete portrayal too closed and narrow to define a woman who lived life the way she wanted unconditionallyThe author is clearly very much at home in the fashion world the art world and the cosmopolitan society in which Toto spend her life This makes for some very interesting insights into that kind of society and the kinds of people Toto rubbed shoulders with as well as some great anecdotes about the people in her life or the parties and events she attended However the focus on the artistic and fashionable aspects of her life does mean there are some aspects are underexplored Her role in the Italian resistance and the English counter intelligence services remains vague The Dutch translation does have an additional chapter in which a Dutch researcher explores her activities a bit which I think is a great addition to the biographySecondly there are a lot of gay and bi people in Toto's life I suppose the cosmopolitan and artistic environment allowed them to be open about their sexuality But the book doesn't devote any space to put their lives in context with the wider lgbt community It also doesn't examine why or how it was possible for Toto to live so openly bisexual and to be in a long term relationship with another woman It only comments that it was so unusual for that time to have an openly lesbian couple Personally I would have liked to have that subject explored a bit The Javanese Toto's ethnicityMy one major grievance with this book is the way it handles her ethnicity Whenever the author refers to it a racial and offensive term is used I could understand bringing it up once to underscore the kind of society she grew up in and how she would have been viewed by white Dutch people However the term is used systematically whenever her ethnicity is brought up right up to the captioning of the photographsI cannot understand why the author doesn't use the far common terms like Indo or Indische Nederlander basically two terms to refer to Dutch Indonesians Not only are these regular terms and not offensive they also give a very precise connotation of the kind of social and cultural environment Toto grew up inI also cannot understand the translator not fixing that in their translation which is specifically meant for a Dutch market with uite likely a lot of Dutch Indonesians being interested in the book Though considering the translator making a major translation mistake specifically regarding colonial Indonesia translating the phrase en malais in Malay the old word for the Indonesian language as in Malaysia We're not in Malaysia dear translator we're in Indonesia we could safely assume that the translator has absolutely no idea about the history and specific word use related to colonial IndonesiaSpeaking of the Indonesian language I was very surprised not to see it in the list of languages Toto was able to speak Did she not speak Indonesian I would find that very surprising considering her childhood spend in Java and her talent for picking up languagesAll in all I get the impression that Toto's French biographer and the translator has very little feel for her Dutch Indonesian roots and exactly what that entailsThe translationI would not recommend anyone to read the Dutch translation of this biography Either read the French original or get your hands on the English translation that one based on the preview on seems to be far better translatedThe Dutch translation is lacking some very basic editing as well as having moments in which it's verifiably imprecize in its translation the example I've given about Malay but also when the original English text is given in a footnoteWith regards to editing at times it's completely unclear to whom pronouns refer to There's one paragraph which is so nonsensical that after reading it four times I still don't know how the sentences are connected to one another Then there are parts that it is clear that part of the sentence is left out or punctuation is missing ConclusionThis biography though it has its flaws is told with such enthusiasm that it leaves you wanting Toto was a fascinating woman I'm rather surprised that she isn't yet the hero in a novel or a movie because her life does seem to scream for fictionalization