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Weeds in Nanas Garden kindle ´ eBook 9780994946713 Free ↠ Kathryn Harrison Ù ➫ [Ebook] ➦ Weeds in Nanas Garden By Kathryn Harrison ➶ – Danpashley.co.uk A young girl and her Nana hold a special bond that blooms in the surroundings of Nana's magical gardeOw thicker and her Nana declines but the girl accepts the difficult changes with love and learns to take over as the magical garden's caregiverExtending from the experience of caring for her mother artist Kathryn Harrison has created this poignant story with rich illustrations to candidly explore dementia diseases while demonstrating the power of love It is a journey that will c This is a beautifully illustrated colorful book that can be used as a tool for youth to help them understand Alzheimer's disease It has a sweet gentle approach to the understanding of how one is affected by it I recommend this book for those families and parents who struggle with finding words that represent how they might feel about it

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Ultivate understanding and touch your heartAfter the story a uestion and Answer section about Alzheimer's Disease and other dementia is included1 from the purchase of this book will be donated to the Alzheimer Society of Canada The Alzheimer Society is Canada's leading health charity for people living with Alzheimer's disease and other dementias Thank you for making a difference Weeds in Nana's Garden by Kathryn Harrison is a beautiful book that takes children through the process of losing a loved one to Alzheimer's by using the metaphor of a flower garden I found myself tearing up as I read the heartfelt message of finding ways to love a person through their disease The colorful gorgeous illustrations enhance the poignancy of the story This is a book I wish I'd had when my daughter was losing her Meemaw to Alzheimer's

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Weeds in Nanas GardenA young girl and her Nana hold a special bond that blooms in the surroundings of Nana's magical gardenThen one day the girl finds many weeds in the garden She soon discovers that her beloved Nana has Alzheimer's Disease; an illness that affects an adult brain with tangles that get in the way of thoughts kind of like how weeds get in the way of flowers As time passes the weeds gr Weeds in Nana’s Garden tells the story of a young girl and the bond that she and her nana share Throughout the years she has helped her nana in the garden planting and looking after the flowers One day when she visits her nana there are weeds in the garden climbing all over the flowers She doesn’t understand why her nana has stopped caring about her gardenHer mum explains that nana’s brain is sick and that she has something called Alzheimers a form of dementia that unfortunately causes unwanted tangles in her brain and everything gets muddled upOver time the little girls nana becomes sicker and sicker until she can no longer live at home any but the little girl still goes to her house to look after the gardenMs Harrison is to be commended for writing and illustrating a thoughtful poignant book aimed at children on a subject most people find hard to discuss and explainThe story is written in a light hearted manner yet shows just how an elderly person can deteriorate once dementia has taken hold It is told in a very kid friendly way especially with the added talk of fairies on each page and children will have no problems understanding itThe illustrations are divine and are so beautifully drawn There is pure emotion told in the illustrations that you don’t need words to express how the characters are feelingHaving had a grandparent live with Alzheimers for five years up until it took hold this book would have come in handy to explain what was happening to my children the great grandchildrenAt the back of the book there is also a uestions section that will further help children to understand the illnessThis would make a wonderful story to share if a family member or friend is living with dementia or for a class read to make children aware of what the condition is and how it affects peopleReviewed by Stacey on wwwwhisperingstoriescom