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FREE READER ´ DOC Firethorn Discarded Heroes #4 » DANPASHLEY ó ➶ Firethorn Discarded Heroes #4 Download ✤ Author Ronie Kendig – Former Marine Griffin Riddell had found purpose working with Nightshade—until he’s falsely convicted of a murder that plants him in a federal pAn trust Amid explosive confusion covert operative Kazi Faron breaks Griffin out of a maximum security prison Then she delivers the death blow the Nightshade team has been dism Prepare yourself for an explosive finale before picking up this book And prepare yourself for ALL the emotions If there’s an emotion you don’t experience go back and read it again because you missed somethingThis is hands down one of my all time favourite series and this book showcases all of the reasons why Intense action fantastic banter high personal stakes we’re talking heroes AND their families here and a plot that packs punch after punch—literally and figuratively Kazi and Griffin are an amazing combination so completely opposite in every way on the surface and yet very similar when you glimpse down underneath the layers And there’s something about the way these two get to know each other—having to trust each other fully in a professional sense and yet so wary and guarded personally It’s a scintillating dance—with uite a few acrobatics thrown in thanks to KaziAs the conclusion to a series you couldn’t ask for Well technically there IS one thing I could ask for but if I told you that would be a spoiler You’ll be emotionally wrung out and yet wanting at the same time And you’ll likely be thoroughly addicted to Ronie Kendig’s writing forever But hey There are plenty of worse things to be addicted to rightSo what are you waiting for Read it already

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Former Marine Griffin Riddell had found purpose working with Nightshade until he’s falsely convicted of a murder that plants him in a federal penitentiary Is there anyone he c Three stars for it was goodI found it pretty easy to stay interested and turning the pages However all too often those pages were moving in the opposite direction because there were SO many POVs and it was really hard to keep them all straight A uick insertion of the person's name at the top of the POV change would have made it clear who was who right away The whole story is constant action as the team races against time to reunite before they are all brutally killed Someone ruthless has smacked them in the middle of an international scandal waiting to break I knew ahead of time someone was going to die and I'd kinda figured out who but Zi wanted to be wrong because it was one of my favorite characters I don't like losing favoritesAlso I was shocked to encounter three religious swearsGod Jeez and gosh in this Christian published title UghI think the first and second books remain my favorite of the series but this one is worth a read just to see what happens

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Firethorn Discarded Heroes #4Antled Together Kazi and Griffin must rescue the others and figure out who’s behind the sabotage Can two people overcome their mistrust of each other in time to save Nightshad First posted on my blog Legacy of a WriterAnyone who’s read anything by Ronie Kendig knows that she can deliver “rapid fire fiction” and she does not disappoint in Firethorn the grand finale for the Discarded Heroes series Open this book and instantly you will be sucked into the latest adventure for the Nightshade team Except instead of being sent on a missionthey are the mission—to regroup back together and hunt down whoever tried to permanently dismantle the Nightshade teamWhat I found most intriguing about Firethorn is that it wasn’t just about Griffin Legend and Kazi—though they are very central characters—but touches on each one of the members of the Nightshade team Including their wives Getting to see the men and their families from previous books—Max and Sydney Colton and Piper Canyon and Dani—fight for their livelihood was the most gripping part of the book After growing so attached to all of them in Nightshade Digitalis and Wolfsbane I was nearly out of my mind with worry when the Nightshade was targeted and the members scatteredBringing in Kazi—an assassin who’s always worked alone—was a really neat twist in contrast to the tight teamwork that Griffin is used to with the Nightshade team This book almost rivaled Wolfsbane’s position as my favorite out of the series Almost I admit I was a little depressed on finishing this book—one ending just completely took me by surprise And while I don’t hate the book—by any means—it stillreally saddened me No spoilers in this review so that’s all I’m sayingRonie Kendig is at the top of her game with Firethorn The writing grips you the characters once again spring from the pages and the action is non stop It’s so hard to believe the Discarded Heroes series has come to an end The characters have become so special and personal to me But I know whatever bookseries she comes out with next I am going to love—It’s Ronie Kendig we’re talkin’ about here a lady who writes my kind of suspensehow can I not