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Download X Men by Chris Claremont Ebook ☆ 200 pages è [Read] ➳ X Men Author Chris Claremont – Gathered together by Professor Charles Xavier to protect a world that fears and hates them the X Men had fought many battles been on adventures that spanned galaxies grappled enemies of limitless migh GaGathered together by Professor Charles Xavier to protect a world that fears and hates them the X Men had fought many battles been on adventures that spanned galaxies grappled enem i have decided that the x men is actually short for the exposition men i mean i know this is a collection of several comic books strung together to make one big fat storyand in order to refresh readers' minds as to what happened a month ago or whatever it is sometimes necessary to throw in little callbacks to previous escapades but boy does it end up reading awkwardly this is my name this is your name remember when we did that?? now we are doing this why?? in order to facilitate this thing that we need to do and on and on and oni expected a little from the man who co authored with george lucas the continuing adventures of willow ufgoodi don't read a lot of superhero comics i have read a bunch of batman because he is pretty awesome but this is my first x men having fallen asleep in each of the x men movies this is what i know wolverine is cranky and has awesome claws i ♥ alan cumming and the green chick is painted and you can see her boobsthat is neither here nor there i am just showing off my extensive knowledge of the x men so this is my uestion are all superhero books really about how shitty it is to be a superhero?? because batman never gets to have any fun and everyone in here is miserable i'm phoenix i am alive now i am dead now i am alive again now i am in the cosmos now i am back in time now i am confused now i am evil now maybe i will die again who knowsthat's just awful if these books are supposed to be about idealized men and women superheroes in general not specifically the x men who are special cases because they are largely ostracized and serve an escapist role why are they so unhappy?? and what the fuck is with the dazzler?? i love that she had a spin off comic that got canceled because everyone hated it i am pretending that this is something i know but i only know it because greg told mebecause really how could this get old??it was a different time karen i am so glad i was not really alive in a time when that character was thought to be a good idea disco ball superpowers?? unacceptable ummm and i guess that is my book reviewbow pause for ovationcome to my blog

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Ies of limitless might but none of this could prepare them for the most shocking struggle they would ever face One of their own members Jean Grey has gained power beyond all compr The purpose of the X men was completely subverted in this It was so cool Their actions are genuine and heroic but their foes have also manipulated the world into thinking that they are the good guys too They’ve hidden themselves rather cleverly in their crime so when the X men attempt to bring down such a syndicate it makes them look like the bad guys for a change It only took the most minor of manipulations to turn fear and respect into hatred and animosity And when that’s paired with The Phoenix who has just been released from the shackles of Jean grey it makes for a rather intense and fiery plot Jean Grey has become her power The person the individual has practically been destroyed in the process All that’s left is fire and destruction She’s not the kind of woman you want to mess with So who could stop such a powerful force? Well the rest of the X men of course But the Phoenix is almost a Goddess so this isn’t going to be a simple fight She has no mercy no pity and no love which the X men harbour in abundance for her Indeed this conflict is going to be rather conflicting Power corrupts absolute power absolutely corrupts It’s a great uote isn’t it? The ending of this was the only one that could ever have bene possible; it was dramatic and effective It was a great ending to a great comic The artwork is a little dated by today’s standards but that’s the problem with older comics It was still uite enjoyable though It took me a while to get used to it but eventually it did begin to flow like the story itself What I found uite interesting was how Wolverine didn’t take centre stage The Wolverine in here is much different to the movie version which was good because it meant that the X men actually felt like a team rather than a one man army Because of this each character has a moment in the story They’re all individuals but they’re personalities fit well together They’ve grown used to each other’s eccentricities I got a real sense of history and comradeship in this because again they felt like team The movies really failed with this element of the story They sacrificed so much of this in favour of Hugh Jackman strutting around killing everything This was so much better

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X Men by Chris ClaremoEhension and that power has corrupted her absolutely Now they must decide if the life of the woman they cherish is worth the existence of the entire universeCollects X Men #129 13 Mixed feelings for this one Good reading for diehard Marvel and X Men fans but lukewarm for everyone else While I like Bronze Age DC I don't think I care for Bronze Age X Men or Claremont's writing The closest thing I can compare this to is Frank Miller's The Dark Knight Returns which is vital and important to the Batman universe weird and 80s and hated by some Unlike TDKR however which I own and love this was a chore to read Also the polar opposite of grim darkLet me start with the good The art is awesome even at thirty five years old But I really don't mind it The plot is solid minus the ending And there's a lot going on We learn about Jean Grey'swhat do you call itevil version?Dark Phoenix Kitty Pryde has some self discovery The X Men grow as a team There are some pretty good fight scenes And the setting is uite dynamic even heading out to space So there's that But I have a lot of problems with thisTo contextualize it's 1980 The X Men have been around almost 20 years Marvel is in its heyday This is way before the era of gritty realism and even six years before The Dark Knight Returns Super heroes are still a bit gee golly gosh and saving the universe I get that And I actually like how that works in DC sometimes like with Crisis on Infinite Earths New Teen Titans I got into comics late and reading backwards can be hit or miss In this case for me it's a miss Claremont's writing is heavy with camp and cheese The long winded prose the gushy dialog the inner monologue drivel I don't need to hear everyone's thoughts in every single panel And how many times do we need to hear the phrases ruby uartz visor and psionic rapport? I'm spoiled with modern comics We all are Because writers must not be paid by the word any But here between the prose dialog and monologues there was so much reading it was insane It was like Watchmen level of prose but the prose was not greatAdd to being prosaic and cheesy the dialog and monologues were really inconsistent Some characters' language was formal and lacking contractions or using weird ones like shan't Really shan't? And why does no one use the word and? Are they saving that much time by not using the letter D?Then the characters themselves Other than their atrocious dialog I mostly enjoyed the X Men They can be pretty badass when they're not whining I guess I wish they were a bit tougher But the villains I really had trouble with The basic early plot involves Jason WyngardMastermind who begins to telepathically seduce and control Jean GreyDark Phoenix with a weird 18th century mind fantasy I'm not sure I'm buying it The universe's greatest telepathtelekinetic is fooled by a guy with mutton chops? Then his cohorts are just dummies Shaw absorbs kinetic energy Leland controls mass Pierce is a simple cyborg So two physicists and a robotscary And these guys these glorified 18th century ponytail wearing scientists beat the X Men How does this happen? Then there's Dazzler Her super power? Light powers And when she attacks she dazzles Her foes have literally been dazzled like an epileptic seizure And it's 1980 Why is the Dazzler just now starting her disco career in New York?There's also some weird creepy sexuality going on here because every woman is half naked The White ueen likes saying examination and probe with Storm in her underwear AngelWarren Worthington III's girlfriend's name is Candy Southern Really? And Phoenix is constantly described as being on a lustful uest for power and completion and dying dying of course being a rather obvious metaphor So there's that Then there's the ending Which is rather long and tedious and hilly view spoilerI don't know what a star gate is Like a wormhole? Thanks vague convenient plot devices Dark Phoenix goes to a galaxy far far away where she runs into a spaceship from the Empire Watching Star Wars are we Claremont? After the X Men battle Dark Phoenix the first time yes they do it again Cyclops literally proposes to Jean Grey Awww Fast forward past galactic exploration to a very long winded and pointless battle between the X Men and parallel dimensional versions of themselves the X Men fight Dark Phoenix again Professor Xavier fights Dark Phoenix with some weird anti energy static field thing vague convenient plot device which doesn't even work then a weakened Jean just sort of blows up But don't fret boys and girls she dies a human rather than a god demon starkiller thing whatever So she's redeemed Isn't that nice? Then Cyclops yells to the stars paraphrase Jean Nooooo Fanfare Roll credits The end hide spoiler