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R friendly subheadings a double column format a one year Bible reading plan and an attached ribbon page marker Our handy Mini Pocket sized edition faux leather Bibles are easy to slip Holy Bible Mini Pocket Bible MOBI #221 into a purse pocket or backpack Holy Bible Mini Pocket Bible MOBI #221 Also perfect for the nightstand Features Include Red Letter Bible Words of Christ in Red Thematic Scripture Verse Finder Reader Friendly Subheadings One Year Bible Reading Plan Zippered Black Faux Leather Lay Flat Binding Gold Gilt Edge Pages and. I love sunflower seeds so I used them to give a good measurementhence the sunflower seeds I only just got the Bible so I don’t know what to expect yet I don’t like that I have to give a starstars because I don’t have enough to go off of yet

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KJV Holy Bible Mini Pocket Bible – Zippered Black Faux Leather Bible w Ribbon Marker King James VersionRibbon Marker Double Column Format and Presentation Pageli x x Inches Point Type The KJV is the best selling book in the English language and Christian Art Gifts KJV Bibles feature the timeless text that seamlessly blends with modern lifestyles to demonstrate the continuing value of the KJV Bible Christian Art Gifts offer a wide variety of KJV Bible accessories From Bible Covers Coloring Books Journaling Bibles Journals Planner and Devotional Books the company strives to bring the best uality products with a special message on each one. This Bible is far nicer than I thought it was going to be I bought it because I wanted to have a small zipper bible to take with me in my backpack when I go for bike rides I didn’t want it to be too ‘good’ in case it got wet or dirty Cheap and cheerful was the idea But it’s very nice indeed The text is obviously uite small but the print uality is high and the letters are very very clear so it’s not difficult to read if you do wear reading glasses you’ll definitely need them but if you don’t you won’t need a magnifying glass either The words of Christ are in red including Revelation The cover looks a bit nasty in the pictures but in real life it’s nice it’s very pliable and the cover has a nice soft durable feel to it The zip action is clean and easy and the zipper doesn’t stick or get caught on the ribbon As one might expect it doesn’t exactly lie flat but the binding is not ‘tight’ so it’s really basically effortless to keep it fully open with one finger The binding is sewn in a large number of low page count signatures so it doesn’t have that cheap ‘children’s book’ feel where the signatures have too many pages each The paper is nice and smooth to the touch a soft white that is not as glaring as say printer paper and has very low show through so the text is very clear There is an index of topics one with what to read when you are looking for guidance on various themes and one with what to read when you feel various feelings like bored tempted lonely etc and there’s a check box reading list to get through the Bible in a year No maps no introduction none of the other usual stuff you get with Bibles I would mention as well that the book itself is surprisingly light I have a Cambridge leather zipper bible of exactly the same size and it’s noticeably heavier the present one is less of a bijou item though Overall I would describe it as a book which feels very nice to hold in the hand which I expect to last a long time and which gives that nice feeling of having bought something which is really worth owning while not being expensive It’s published in South Africa and printed in China and comes in a glossy wrap around band for packaging Thoughtfully designed and well made A bargain

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Free read KJV Holy Bible, Mini Pocket Bible – Zippered Black Faux Leather Bible w/Ribbon Marker, King James Version ã PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB free ´ [Download] ✤ KJV Holy Bible, Mini Pocket Bible – Zippered Black Faux LOur KJV Bible Mini eBook #8608 Black Mini Pocket Edition King James Version faux leather Bible is a zippered black bible that is easy to carry Its black bible cover is constructed of uality man made material imported from Italy KJV Holy PDF or with the look and feel of real leather trade name LuxLeather Design features of this zippered small faux leather bible include a debossed decorative motif and silver foiled debossed title Inside you'll find silver gilt edged pages Holy Bible Mini Kindle #180 a helpful Scripture verse finder reade. How is it that everyone has not gotten a copy of this treasure I love it Very compact just the size I wanted and expected I can readily have this with me on any trip I appears durable The words are small not a problem for me as is expected for a compact bible They are nicely contrasted against the very white of the pages to make reading even effectiveI love the zipper that protects pages and enhances the compactness even I love it and sure will be getting another for gifting Thanks Christian Art Publishers