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Her Bosss Baby Free download Ñ 100 ☆ [PDF / Epub] ☆ Her Bosss Baby By Chloe Lane – Danpashley.co.uk I need a babyand my secretary needs me I’ve got money than I could ever need coming my way and I’m going to use it for a noble purposebut my ahole father has put an impossible condition on the tru I need a babyand my secretary neeI’ve got an unbelievably fckable secretary Skye’s got lips like pillows and enough curves to drive any man wild so when she overhears my problem and suggests we fake a pregnancy I’m all ears Only bending her over my desk and barebacking her isn’t fake Pushing her up against my office wind. A fast paced great read about an ex military man Matthew who wanted to get under his dad's rules so he joined the military and then started his own business His new secretary Skye has been lusting after him since she started and one day she hears him stating that he needs an heir to get his trust His trust is to build homes for veterans and people who can't afford high priced rent and he needs the money to start She offers him a deal she will give him a baby if he helps out her and her sister When the deal becomes than professional and feelings get involved on top of her getting pregnant everything seems great until her ex shows up and ruins it all Who will he believe Skye or the exA read with steamy scenes lustlove and I enjoyed the fact that he wasn't really a man wh and she was selfless and looked after her sister But there were some unanswered uestions what really happened with the ex as it wasn't completely explained did his dad have anything to do with her ex showing up and where was his mom in all of this Otherwise a great uick read with no cheating and a HEA that made me smileI voluntarily reviewed an ARC of this book

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Ow and claiming her isn’t fake And neither is this baby Her Boss’s Baby is a uick steamy standalone romance with a commanding hero and a heroine who’s head over heels no matter how off limits he is A dash of angst a generous helping of dirty talk and a sweet like candy HEA can be found insi. Mathew's dad hit him with a demand in the trust that he didn't expect so to say he was frustrated that morning was an understatement When he finally gets to talk to his dad his secretary can't help but eavesdrop on the conversation Skye has had a rough life so when she hears that he has to have a baby she thinks this is the perfect opportunity to help herself and him at the same time He takes some convincing though Although when things get started between them they are explosive That is until her past catches up with her Now he needs to make things right when he learns the truth I loved that she stood up for him and he made things right I voluntarily read and Advanced Reader Copy of this book

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Her Bosss BabyI need a babyand my secretary needs me I’ve got money than I could ever need coming my way and I’m going to Her Bosss Epubuse it for a noble purposebut my ahole father has put an impossible condition on the trust I need an heir I could use a surrogate and a turkey baster but why do that when. This novella delivers a steady paced dose of steaminess and a simmering chemistry between Matthew and Skye Matthew is ex military and he’s heir to a fortune and owner of a lucrative housing development business but he’s being bullied by his wealthy father who loathes his idea of constructing affordable homes for veterans He’s scarred both physically and emotionally and his father’s stipulation reuiring him to provide an heir before releasing his trust fund to him – money he wants to use to invest in his dream for providing veterans with this affordable housing – only weighs down his personal burdens His secretary Skye happens to be held hostage by her own troubles namely digging out from under her ex’s mission of telling lies to keep her unemployable in the journalism field which means she’s struggling to earn enough money to live and care for her ill sister She’s been relegated to accepting the secretarial job at Hunter Housing to put food on the table and pay the rent but she can’t deny her attraction to her wealthy and handsome boss When Skye overhears her boss arguing with his father and learns about the heir stipulation she proceeds to take a huge risk by suggesting a win win proposal she’ll have his baby he’ll receive his trust fund money so he can build the affordable housing complex for veterans and she’ll pocket enough money so she can pay her bills help her sister seek medical care and move away to find work in her chosen fieldPredictably their plans for faking a believable relationship and pregnancy backfire when Skye discovers she really is pregnant and the pair decides to pursue their growing feelings for one another Skye’s ex however has ulterior plansThis is a fast read and one the reader can uickly be caught up in and consumed by Plot twists are tied up nicely and the scene when Skye visits Matthew’s father answers several hanging uestions and provides plausible reasons for his behavior The HEA was neatly and satisfyingly developed Her Boss’s Baby is a light enjoyable read a Chloe Lane trademark