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Fireworks MX From Zero to Hero kindle Õ read ß joyce j. evans Ä ☆ Fireworks MX From Zero to Hero PDF / Epub ✩ Author Joyce J. Evans – Covers features including using the tools panel adjusting levels applying filters rotating objects picking colors importing text applyiLors importing text applying transformations and slicing an image Although I use Fireworks for some time I always do the most neccesary things I figured out myself But now I want to create some advanced and creative pictures After buying this book I have learned a lot and as mentioned on the book s backcover in a very fast speed Now it is to me to get the right inspiration to make my own pictures for publishing Take a look at

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Nel adjusting levels applying filters rotating objects picking co If you are new to Fireworks or a seasoned veteran this book is a must have It starts you off slowly with an introduction to web graphics in general and then introduces you to the Fireworks MX interface Then you get to work with the tools of the trade and create some simple content to help reinforce the points you learned See the tools in action The book is very well paced moving you along very uickly I am an intermediate user and found out so many things that I never knew Then on to the Hero section of the book where you work with vectors to create a simple tabbed folder making decorative ornaments and my favourite chapter Spectacular Text Effects 3D text metal text filling text with an image are just a few of the great text effects highlighted From here you move on to colour enhancements andretouching photos And then you also get to create some interface with metallic buttons and pop up menus hotspots disjointed rollovers and much Simply amazing tutorials The final 2 chapters cover the Super Hero status with topics including using extensions with Fireworks MX automation tools creating your own extensions and finally integrating Fireworks MX with Dreamweaver MX This was a real eye opener for me Some great information here for a productive work flow using these two programsThe techniues taught in this book are simple yet remarkably stunning Lots of really worthwhile tips covering all aspects of web images using Fireworks There is a colour section in the book with samples of some of the projects built along the way All of the excercise files can be downloaded from the Friends of Ed website All in all a terrific book full of great tips techniues and excercises Joyce s writing style is a joy to read and follow A great addition to anyone s reference book arsenal

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Fireworks MX From Zero to HeroCovers features From Zero ePUB #9734 including using the tools pa As the title suggests this is mainly aimed at newcomers to Fireworks MX but even as someone who has used this graphics program since v3 I found the Zero section taught me a lot about functions I never knew were there The Hero section written by veteran tutorial writer Joyce Evans then puts everything to work with some simple but stunning techniues In contrast to Fireworks MX Magic New Riders which Joyce also contributed a couple of chapters to the emphasis here is not on big set piece projects but on techniues you are likely to use over and over again creating highlights metallic buttons tabbed menu buttons enhancing and retouching photographsWhy only 4 stars The book s in black and white with only a small section in colour which really doesn t do justice to the contents Still it s very reasonably priced and good value for money