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S the hedonistic atmosphere of Venice at the time already an international tourist destination and how that was reflected by the mysterious Vivaldi in his baroue music which is still available in a range of recordin An excellent interesting and detailed portrait of seventeenth century Venice and where one of its most famous composers fit into the whole As a fan of Vivaldi's Ring of Mystery I could not have found a delightful way to learn about the floating city

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Vivaldi's VeniceA detailed evocation of Venice and the city's musical culture that inspired Vivaldi At the time Venice was uniuely a city where all classes mingled in their love of music; aristocrats gondoliers and the workers met I lived in Venice on the Lido past the Jewish cemetery near San Nicolo when I was studying at the Marciana Biblioteca to write my books on Giordano Bruno; but I did not know much that Barbier argues First as we in the US discusses class division Venice featured a near classlessness for forty days a year or during the feste All classes mixed during these long parties suffused with the best foods music and dance “unlike many countries Venice had no privileged class keeper of its pleasures and a working class which received only the leftovers but a truly uniue society which at every level and dozens of times a year participated on an eual footing in the collective festivities which glorified the State” p37One of the forty feast days was forty days after Easter the Feast of the Ascension in May which unlike most held at San Marco was at San Nicolo The Lido san Nicolo was where the Doge yearly married the sea tossing a gold ring into the waters from the Bucintoro ceremonial rowed ship that could capsize in a wind On the occasion the Doge said “Desponsamus te Mare in signo veri perpetiue dominii” so it was a “marriage” only in sense of male domination Also since 1180 the Ascension Feast was a huge market day in a dozen languages selling everything from bergamot and textiles to slavesDuring Carnevale Venetians and foreigners went to theaters and opera masked and to church feste as well such as Carnevale Thursday the day before Lent at San Marco in the afternoon Many poor girls became great singers in the convents orphanages the ospedali of Venice like Pieta where Vivaldi held a position perhaps choir master Must check but this book lacks a good indexVenice forbid foreigners even ambassadors to interact with Venetians this too very interesting in the US where the President invites Russia and Ukraine to interfere in our elections Baretti wrote “the Venetian nobles and all their servants are forbidden by a very strict law death penalty to speak or to correspond with foreign visitors residing in Venice on behalf of their sovereigns” Les Italiens 1773 Even the bourgeois giving fêtes would refuse nobles via foreign doormen In fact foreigners—stranieri — could learn little about the domestic customs of Venetians; these laborious contacts saddened living in La SerenissimaIn music Venice began opera and grew it from a privileged form to a popular one from Monteverdi through to Vivaldi in the 18C when Neapolitan castrati came to dominate the stage with rock star compensation With them Neapolitan opera also dominated from 1725 on 131 Despite this forty years later Jean Jacues Rousseau was astonished by the gondoliers’ barcarolles “I discovered that I had never heard singing before” though many were composed by the oarsmen themselves 5 But the words were often taken from Tasso’s Gerusalemme liberata some knowing its large sections trading seuel stanzas from one boat to another Goethe also heard Tasso sung on his visit to Venice Often sung at night Tasso provided plenty of nocturnal verses as at the beginning of Canto XII where those awake do not go to bed like those tired after a day’s work“Era la notte e non prendean ristoro co’ lo sonno ancora di faticose gente” Garzanti 1977 vol 2 358 Andrew Marvell’s employer the young Lord Fairfax whose plebeian cavalry defeated King Charles I’s translated Tasso like Canto 16 stanza 10 on the wind “l’aura che rende le alberi fioriti” crafted after the Odyssey VII 121ff The gondoliers had also sung HomerLike Van Gogh Vivaldi died in poverty in Vienna partly because his patron Charles VI had died just before he arrived Also Maria Theresa Empress of Austria failed to support him though he had been on close terms with her through her visit to Venice

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read Vivaldi's Venice mobi Å Hardcover ✓ patrick barbier Þ [PDF / Epub] ✅ Vivaldi's Venice Author Patrick Barbier – A detailed evocation of Venice and the city's musical culture that inspired Vivaldi At the time Venice was uniuely a city where all classes mingled in their love of To listen to all types of music All that is known about Vivaldi's life is included and all the recent discoveries that have been made about that life as well as details from Vivaldi's contemporaries The book capture По сути это описание определённой эпохи в Венеции с точки зрения именно музыки какую роль она играла в жизни Республики и её жителей как она распространялась что было модно и интересно как музыку изучали и преподавали Привязка к Вивальди довольно условная он скорее использован как якорь для привязки конкретного времени Про него самого новых сведений да и вообще подробных коих кстати не так много в принципе здесь не найтиИ именно как описание эпохи эта книга и интересна Ведь во многом музыка и особенно опера в то время играла роль современного театра телевизора концертов и пр развлечений вместе взятых И Венеция как один из центров музыкальной жизни даёт довольно полную картину и помогает примерно понять как же это всё происходило как воспитывались музыканты как работали импрессарио чем зарабатывали композиторы и прС другой стороны интересно узнать саму Тишайшую Республику с ещё одной стороны ведь музыка играла огромное значения для всех слоёв населения Именно в Венеции появились первые театры куда допускали всех без различий по сословиям Конечно были разные места за разные деньги но сам факт того что в оперные театры ходили ремесленники гондольеры и прочий люд очень показателенКнига написана и переведена легко без излишнего занудства характерного для чисто исследовательского труда и при этом с достаточной фактологией для того чтобы неплохо представить предмет описания