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The Seal WifeFor the first time in paperback here is the bestselling novel by “a writer of extraordinary gifts” Tobias Wolff Stunning hypnotic spare The Seal Wife tells the story of a young scientist and his consuming love for a woman known only as the Aleut a woma The author of The Kiss her memoir addressing her viewpoint on her voluntary role in a romantic sexual relationship with her father Kathryn Harrison is eually shocking in The Seal Wife Of course knowing this is fiction it is a little different I will admit to having to deter myself from being influenced in a discriminating way? by the incest she engaged herself inNot surprisingly then There is a feminist view here More specifically the men are all portrayed rather negatively through stereotypes womanizer abusive looking only for sex dominatingLike the setting tiny town in Alaska with only a few thousand the novel is a barren landscape peppered with pockets of elouent language several prosaic scenes little dialogue but readers will easily be lost on the way andor in between the maybe worthwhile powerful vignettesAs she as in her memoir Harrison writes fiction with what I assess to be than necessary candor To be precise I admire honesty and straightforward writers but the details visual descriptions in some scenes euate to a crude style that I do notThis is again like The Kiss a book about obsession Bigelow the protagonist somehow becomes enad with The Aleut Woman She has no other name; she will notcannot talk to him Interestingly she refuses his offers for anything emotionally intimate including kisses caresses fondling oral sex Missionary style She allows herself one orgasm which she induces sadly by her own hand while he is inside her For as long as She as Bigelow names her will leave her door open to allow him to enter he will bring a gift usually a pelt usually a rabbit she will cook as he watches her closely they will lie together in her bed she will bathe in a pot of snow she has melted then smoke for a while all while he observes sometimes talking little sometimes unable to pause Then he will return to his lonely house still knowing her no better than when he was first granted entrance; no better than the first night he followed her home from Getz's General Merchandise in town where she gestures for four things he has now memorized tea tobacco toffee paregoric She is not a deaf mute as she reacts to sounds allows herself the one cry during orgasm Even sad than this she never really recognizes him his presence except in a passive indirect way Sometimes she nods gestures to all his words but mostly she merely goes about her life with him there as an accessory; she even has a way of looking at him that is not looking at him as if she is looking through him But she has to at least somewhat acknowledge him as they have sex almost every night So it seems this daily sex is enough to have Bigelow grieve as he never has before in his life not for anyone even his late father when a little than eight months later she does not let him in Not long after she disappears From the middle of June until September when she returns as mysteriously as she left our protagonist is a study of obsession He tries to replace She with other girls with little success There is the prostitute Violet whom figures out his secret that he wants a girl whom he can fuck without talking She charges him extra to remain silent There is Getz's daughter whom lives above The General Merchandise whom is also not a deaf mute but will notcannot communicate verbally Although Miriam is engaging especially later on writing to him showing affection etcetera he cannot be seduced A different man since The Aleut Woman he wants her Any other woman is compared to her; he thinks of her while having sex with other women No other woman will do Throughout all of this Bigelow does have to make ends meet This is where Harrison's sedulous research is exemplified as he is a meteorologist during 195 Scientific vernacular is used; he flies a weather kite advances in weather weather technology are referenced There are few other characters than the ones already mentioned; maybe a few others that live in the desolate lonely landscape of the tiny town in Alaska then the man whom lived in She's abode during the interim when she disappeared whom was the one to notify Bigelow on her return Embarrassingly pretty much the entire town knew about his affairs with The Aleut Woman as is inevitable in a town of that size They also commended him on his kite though Alas he never really has much contact with anyone else his days are full with euations weather occasionally a female A loner Only twenty six though Seems young to be so secluded from society from lifeI feel like this is an emerging sub genre Otherwise one I am only now being introduced to lonely lives in cold isolated barren lonely desolate settings Ripe places for grief death obsession drama darkness Kathryn Harrison's try with this was admirable with the needed picturesue language but needed than that to impress me overall

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N who refuses to speak A novel of passions both dangerous and generative The Seal Wife explores the nature of desire and its ability to propel an individual beyond himself and outside convention Kathryn Harrison brilliantly re creates the Alaskan frontier I came across this book completely by accident the title caught my eye when I was sitting in the library I picked it up and read the whole thing in an afternoon It's a mesmerizing atmospheric story of obsession set in the Alaskan frontier The setting drew me in right away as did Bigelow's obsession with a woman who refuses to speak then mysteriously disappears Harrison captures Bigelow's longing so perfectly it made me ache right along with him as I turned the pages I'll definitely be reading her other books

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Book à The Seal Wife Æ 248 pages ↠ Kathryn harrison ↠ ❰Reading❯ ➺ The Seal Wife Author Kathryn Harrison – For the first time in paperback here is the bestselling novel by “a writer of extraordinary gifts” Tobias Wolff Stunning hypnotic spare The Seal Wife teDuring the period of the First World War as she explores with deep understanding the interior landscape of the human psyche a landscape eerily continuous with the splendor and terror of the frozen frontier and the storms that blow over the earth and its fa This is one of those books that I’m glad I can review other reader’s impressions of and they certainly run the gamut It’s a book that on face value seems to be what Bookmaniac noted “Nothing interesting happens during the whole story” But then Maggie Nicole kick it up a notch Maggie posts “Two of the major themes of this book are sound and silence Music is both a succor and means by which the weather station gets built The women in the book are either silent and their means of and reasons for silence must be discovered by Bigelow or they are so chatty that he pays them to keep uiet” You go girl I think it’s one of those stories that you have to work at it to get something out of it you have to be willing to look for the themes and threads that run thru the book and decide if it works for you Personally I enjoyed Harrison’s writing style and descriptions I seem to be drawn to short chapter books I think there was a lot symbolism in it than I picked up on the kite? the towns interest in it? The main character’s sexual meanderings??? This would be a great read for a book club to dissect