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The Last Picture ShowThis is one of McMurtry's most memorable novels the basis for the film of the same name Set Well this ain't no Lonesome Dove Yes it's penned by the same author and it's set in Texas but that's basically where the similarities begin and end The grand expansive romanticism in LD is nowhere to be found here Neither is the hope for a better life or struggle against punishing weather systems The only element that the characters here are fighting against is lonelinessIt's so bleak it's so dead the life in this small Texan town It's so empty It's so limited Monotonous Rinse and repeatFunnily enough I loved that Or rather it broke my heart but it resonated a deep truth for me I imagine John Updike probably loved this book especially the bedroom scenes between Ruth and Herman Popper Or any scene featuring the incredibly jaded promiscuous Lois drinking from her flaskEveryone in this book is reaching for temporary relief from heartache and invisibility through sex There's a TON of sex in this book some with prostitutes much of it teenage some of it middle age And some of it teenage AND middle ageIt's a near perfect book I think this would have completely had me like completely had it not been for that scene If you've read it you know what I'm talking about If you haven't well let's call it the bovine rape scene in which a gaggle of teenagers wrestle down a blind heifer and fuck her So sorry I spoiled it for you And McMurtry spoiled the book a bit for me too by including this lovely bit of bestiality I'm not that easy to shock and I don't think I'm naive but I had a really tough time believing a whole bunch of boys would think this is a great idea And two of them being main characters well it made me care a lot less about their fates or feelings knowing this is their idea of fun and not just once this wasn't their first rodeo folks Do I sympathize with people who sodomize animals with their friends Hm not particularly In fact I didn't care a lot about the teenagers here In addition to the moo love the pretty 16 year old Jacey was shallower than a toddler's wading pool Instead my heart went out to the older characters the mothers the wives who had barely managed to get to their 40s without committing suicide Their despair is real Their need to connect even if temporarily is tremendously poignant Their disappointment so far reaching vaster even than the desert landscape traversed by the cowboys of Lonesome Dove

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In a small dusty Texas town it introduces Jacy Duane and Sonny teenagers stumbling towards After Lonesome Dove I wanted to see what McMurtry's writing was like when he wasn't invoking the Great West The novel dedicated to the small Texas town where he grew upThe Last Picture Show is a rather bleak look at life in the 50s Sonny is in high school with his best friend Duane and still a virgin In fact the entire book is about the discovery of sex of most of the primary characters I was a bit taken back by the casual mention of sex with farm animals that was engaged by both Sonny and Duane and their friends I guess things were downhill from the Lonesome Dove world where this was rare and frowned upon I have no idea whether this wasis so prevalent but then having lived in Texas and traveled around it some I suppose it is believable they did elect Ted Cruz after all to the Senate The primary tension is around Sonny's listlessness his affair with the wife of the high school sports coach the ill fated relationship between Duane and the beautiful Jacey Jacey and her willful sexpot mother Loris and others in the community The writing is ok but the bleakness got a bit depressing As Loris explains to Jacey while encouraging her to sleep with Duane much to Jacey's surprise Things happen the same way over and over again I think it's monotonous in this part of the country than it is in other placesEverything gets old if you do it often enough I don't particularly care who you marry but if you want to find out about monotony real uick just marry Duane p 49 This matter of fact talking is particular to Loris but speaks volumes about sexual attitudes marry being a euphemism for sex throughout and just feels so sad and helpless Expressed differently to Sonny by Ruth his 40yo lover Loneliness is like ice After you've been lonely enough you don't even realize you're cold but you are It's like I was a refrigerator that had never been defrosted at all never p 126 The book was an ok read but falls far short of the beauty and vision of Lonesome Dove I also felt that the characters as well drawn as they were still lacked a bit of depth in many places particularly Duane and the coach and the book left me wanting and feeling sadThe book is the first of McMurtry's Thalia series of five books I did not develop enough sympathy for either Sonny or Duane to continue along these dusty dreary north Texas landscapes to continue I will finish the Lonesome Dove books and maybe give the Houston series in particular Terms of Endearment a chance though

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kindle Ö The Last Picture Show Ø Mass Market Paperback read Ë danpashley È ❮PDF❯ ✩ The Last Picture Show Author Larry McMurtry – This is one of McMurtry's most memorable novels the basis for the film of the same name Set in a small dusty Texas Adulthood discovering the beguiling mysteries of sex and the even baffling mysteries of lo I cannot understand how this book has received such high ratings It was only the second book I have ever been unable to finish due to pure distaste for it It's described as a coming of age story but all I picked up on was that this is a fucked up town full of fucked up people For instance Duane and Jacy The star couple of the high school Jacy's family is rich Duane is poor Jacy's parents don't like Duane blah blah blah Typical storyline for a rich girl and a poor boy Jacy is thinking of going all the way with Duane even though they won't be married until after school Blah blah blah right Well at first I was rooting for Duane the poor kid who landed the rich girl who doesn't care that he's poor Then one night Jacy goes to a party with the rich kids Duane is pissed off and he and his friends get drunk and decide to do the most normal thing on that Friday night chase down the blind cow on someon'e farm and have sex with it That's right a bunch of teenage boys and one cow I'm pretty sure the term cow orgy was used by the author So how can I go on rooting for Duane to have sex with Jacy when he has put his dick in a cow Forget that This ins't the only thing I read in the book that grossed me out but I won't go into the rest of itAll I can say is that I can't enjoy a book if I don't identify with or at least partially like a character At least ONE character Almost all the people in this book are fucked up This isn't a painting of small town life This is a book about a car crash in the form of words If I can save at least one person from reading this book my job is done