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Stronger Than You Know Read & Download ã 4 Ø [PDF] ✐ Stronger Than You Know By Jolene Perry – After police intervention fifteen year old Joy has finally escaped the trailer where she once lived with her mother and survived years of confinement and abuse Now living with her aunt uncle and cousi After police inFortable house she’s sure she’ll never belong Wracked by panic attacks afraid to talk to anyone at her new school Joy’s got a whole list of reasons why she’s crazy With immense courage Joy finds friends and grows closer to h. Grade C After being confined to her trailer for most of her fifteen years Joy is now safe living with her aunt uncle and cousins The scars on the outside of her body don't even slightly represent the pain she carries inside She barely talks spends most of her time in her room and has panic attacks when she's near males Slowly she begins to take risks and trust her new family and friendsJolene Perry created a realistic traumatized character in Joy though the speed at which she overcomes many of her issues is unrealistic There's no way someone with her history of abuse goes from panic attacks looking at men to dating a boy I understand publishers think YA novels almost need a romance but I think that sends the message boys help heal traumaPerry's writing was strongest in the flashbacks the only part of the book where I felt any tension Often chapters ended just when an emotional breakthrough was about to happen so as readers we don't get to read the payoffSTRONGER THAN YOU KNOW has a great message about the emotional rewards than come from risks that healing from even the worst experiences is possible I thought the timeline was much too rushed and ending was far too easyTHEMES sexual abuse physical abuse family romance trauma therapySTRONGER THAN YOU KNOW is a glimpse into the life of a teen recovering from abuse with an impossible timeline and corny ending

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Er new family But just when hope is taking hold she learns she must testify in her mother’s trial Can she face her old life without losing her way in the new one Will she ever truly belong in a world that seems too normal to be re. Waiting for this is gonna be torture

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Stronger Than You KnowAfter police intervention fifteen year old Joy has finally escaped the trailer where she once lived with her Stronger Than PDFEPUBmother and survived years of confinement and abuse Now living with her aunt uncle and cousins in a com. TW Child abuse and rape Joy has never seen the world outside until a few months ago She was confined in a small trailer by her mother who abused her and also brought in visitors who took advantage of her My heart broke so much for this kid All the inhumane things she went through shakes you to the core Finally getting out of that DISGUSTING place Joy is taken in by her Aunt Nicole and Uncle Rob These two are my favourite people throughout the book They are so empathetic specially Uncle Rob I loved his character I loved how he connected with Joy I loved how he became a father figure she never had He's amazing Now 3 months after Joy joins school She's not comfortable around males she gets panic attacks and doesn't feel safe It's uite understandable when you see the shit she went through The book has titles that give a little hint what the chapter will be about I really like books with different titles for each chapter Let's talk about Joy's character The book title basically describes everything she's stronger than you know It's remarkable how she slowly embraces her darkness but also finds light She tries her best to get better everyday you can see the effort on every chapter There's romance too Justin is the perfect kind of guy He's sweet empathetic talks a lot plays guitar and absolutely has heart eyes for Joy What a cutie I really enjoyed reading it I love stories which shows progress from a bad statetime This book speaks about a lot of things The abusive scenes made me cry and the writing throughout was very raw I loved it