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read Hons and Rebels kindle ´ Audio Cassette  jessica mitford ï [Epub] ➟ Hons and Rebels ➤ Jessica Mitford – The brilliantly entertaining classic memoir of one of the century's most extraordinary families The Mitfords'Stunning fabulously true at once touching and wilIc made notorious by Nancy's novels Diana's marriage to Sir Oswald Mosley Unity's infatuation with Hitler Debo's marriage to a duke and Jessica's passionate commitment to communism Hons and Rebels is an enchanting and deeply absorb This is the fascinating autobiography of Jessica Decca Mitford one of the famous Mitford Sisters She was raised in a large eccentric family as 'impoverished gentry' and then had an unconventional life herselfI do not know very much about the British class system but really got a feel for what her childhood was like as she describes it so well Her adventures in Spain during the Civil War are fascinating and one gets the impression that Decca would have been great fun to be around The book was first published in 1960 but the style of writing is very modern and I was surprised that it was written this long ago There are some moments which are laugh out loud funny although she doesn't shy away from some very difficult and upsetting subjects such as her sister's close relationship with Adolf Hitler It is fascinating to read about how the upper classes lived and interacted with each other; being well connected makes their lives a lot easier and you can see why they are resistant to change as they lead charmed lives A lot of the people mentioned in the book are famous in their own right eg her parents and infamously her sistersI wish there were books like this as history is so male dominated When I had finished I wanted to read it all over again

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The brilliantly entertaining classic memoir of one of the century's most extraordinary families The Mitfords'Stunning fabulously true at once touching and wildly funny' Tatler'The Mitford family is one of the century's most enigmat There were six Mitford sisters Deborah a duchess Diana who married Oswald Mosley Unity a passionate fan of Hitler Nancy a novelist Pamela who kept her head down and Jessica whose autobiography this is She gives an engrossing account of an eccentrically aristocratic childhood from which she emerges a socialist and elopes with her cousin Esmond to the Spanish Civil War From there they go to America where they live on their considerable wits until the invasion of Poland when Esmond returns to fight Hitler and Jessica pregnant stays on in AmericaI heard this praised on Radio 4’s ‘A Good Read’ and it lived up to the praise There's a real sense of the pre war uncertainty about which of wildly different ways events will develop It's beautifully written funny without ever being flip exciting sometimes poignant The author is fully aware how her background has shaped her but determinedly herself I gobbled it up in a few days Much recommended

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Hons and RebelsIng memoir of an isolated and eccentric upbringing which conceals beneath its witty light hearted surface much wisdom and depth of feeling'More than an extremely amusing autobiography she has evoked a whole generation' Sunday Times Book Review Leisurely read – Hons and Rebels by Jessica MitfordThe occasionally pungent aroma of non politically correct narrative has the ability to revive one’s spirits in this forever neo liberalising sanitized society that we inhabit Mitford’s prose can be mischievous and the gently ambling story line of this autobiographical account is enjoyable a genuine leisurely read thus far I’m not uite at the endThe author was able to bring her youthful wonder through the text into her early adulthood having maintained this vivacity whilst relating the difficult female teenage yearsThere is than a little sadness and some tragedy in the mix also and Mitford does come across as strong robust and grounded in her journey through early lifeEnraptured by a mix of ideology and disillusion with the pre war status uo and a little bored by the tedium of country life Jessica moves effortlessly beyond the boundaries of England as she pursues her passion with some vigour communismShe sojourns through Spain with husband Esmond Romilly trying in not such a relaxing way to make ends meet from day to day let alone month to monthThey endure several attempts at alternative pastimes – intending them to be fairly lucrative – but alas otherwise is the case There is a rhythm to the line of narrative up and down through difficulties and mood swings whilst meeting extravagant individuals of several genres – this is where Mitford and Romilly’s sense of adventure refreshes the soul A genuine ‘real life’ accountRobert Peach3rd March 2017 Hons and Rebels