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Nightbirds on NantucketIs unbearable When mysterious men lurk about in the evening fog the resourceful Dido rallies against their shenanigans with help from Dutiful a cabinboy named Nate and a pink wha Writing a successful novel is sometimes a little like inventing a recipe for a special dish Take a dash of Jules Verne add essence of Charles Dickens several pinches of Herman Melville and season with adventure Would that it was as simple as that What you need is the main ingredient the protein in the dish and in Night Birds in Nantucket that is provided by the indomitable figure of Dido TwiteWhen we last saw Dido she'd been lost at sea somewhere off the northeast coast of England presumed dead That was December 1833 It is now ten months later and the poor lass has lain in a coma after having been picked up by the whaler Sarah Casket Like an amalgamation of Snow White and Moby Dick's Ishmael she is found in a wooden straw filled coffin like box on the other side of the world north of East Cape on the Russian side of the Bering Straits the East Cape Cape Dezhnev since 1898 was then popular with whalers She has been looked after by young Nate Pardon all the while and when she finally awakens it is to find it could be months before she is in a position to head back to England And while she waits she finds that those on board the Sarah Casket are a very strange bunch indeedFirst there is Jabez Casket the uaker captain from Nantucket who addresses everyone as thee and has a singular mission on his mind Then there is his daughter Dutiful Penance who has chosen to remain below unseen from grief at the loss of her mother What about the rascally Ebenezer Slighcarp the first mate what's his game And who is the mysterious woman Dido finds below decks who threatens Dido if her presence is revealed As the whaler makes its way back to the North Atlantic Dido discovers the Captain's obsession is with a pink whale but it is not until they reach Nantucket seven months later in April or May 1835 that Dido goes ashore to find that the story is not over yetIt's hard to review the third of the Wolves Chronicles without revealing too much of the story but by referring to the previously mentioned three authors I hope to indicate how intricately Joan Aiken plots what many might regard as 'only' a children's book Jules Verne's From the Earth to the Moon 1865 set at the end of the American Civil War features a manned projectile being sent to the earth's satellite One of the proposals involves building a giant cannon to the plans of J T Marston and the contemporary book illustration I'm sure furnished the inspiration for one of the main narrative devices Meanwhile Dickens or indeed any of his contemporaries wrote several plots about orphans and suchlike being badly bullied and manipulated by adults who should have known better; this is certainly the case with Dutiful Penance and Dido both of whom who have lost at least one parentLastly Melville's most famous novel Moby Dick is clearly a part model for Night Birds in Nantucket a pink whale called Rosie Lee and the madly driven Captain Casket parallel the white whale Moby Dick and Captain Ahab and a ship is indeed sunk by the action of the whale though not in the way one would guess let alone expectAmazingly there is even an assassination attempt on the British monarch in this novel much like the young ueen Victoria who nearly lost her life by a bullet at the end of May 1842 The one reads the one's impressed by Aiken's rich and inventive imagination But without the central figure of the resourceful irreverent brave and intensely likeable Dido who affects virtually everyone she comes in contact with it would matter not a jot how cleverly the story is plotted By the end of Night Birds the reader will be agog to know what happens to the young heroine next

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Ket's ship lands in Nantucket where Dido and the captain's daughter Dutiful Penitence are left in the care of Dutiful's sinister Aunt Tribulation In Tribulation's farmhouse life What a jolly good read this is well suited for YA audience I should think Perhaps every British home has a stack of books by this author Joan Aiken but this was my first reading of her It was a whale of a tale pun intended An old sea captain sails his whaler always on the lookout for the big pink whale he had saved off Nantucket when a younger man and eventually this same whale saves the day for Nantucket from a Hanoverian scheme to kill the English king Aiken created lively and believable characters and generously painted the plot with good hearted humour I am very glad I tried this author and have another from this series in my stackPublished 1966Library Loan but also available to Kindle Unlimited subscribers

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Nightbirds on Nantucket Book â 218 pages Download á [Ebook] ➠ Nightbirds on Nantucket By Joan Aiken – Having had enough of life on board the ship that saved her from a watery grave Dido Twite wants nothing than to sail home to England Instead Captain Casket's ship lands in Nantucket where Dido and thHaving had enough of life on board the ship that saved her from a watery grave Dido Twite wants nothing Nightbirds on eBook #218 than to sail home to England Instead Captain Cas Oh boy This may be my favorite of all the Joan Aiken books Dido Twite is simply one of the greatest characters I've ever read I wonder if anyone writing today could handle the challenge of a story with an adult Dido as protagonistsome book learnin'At the beginning Dido is an eccentric somewhat snappy child with little to endear her It is not long however before Simon and the reader begin to see something attractive in the ‘‘brat’’ p 23 Initially it is her ‘‘forlorn neglected air’’ but soon her uirky slang language becomes her hallmark At first it is the odd word or phrase ‘‘jellyboy’’ or ‘‘wotcher my cully’’ But once she gets into her stride Dido’s language increases in its use of original early nineteenth century slang her variations upon it and a totally made up but authentic sounding idiolect Into the first category come words such as ‘‘havey cavey’’ ‘‘mint sauce’’ and ‘‘sapskull’’ The second includes ‘‘betwaddled’’ and ‘‘tipple topped’’ In the last come words for which I can find no dictionary meaning ‘‘croopus’’ ‘‘lobbed his groats’’ and ‘‘in the nitch’’ Although Dido is not the sole user of dialect or slang the originality of her speech is intrinsic to her character and helps endear her to the reader Her language is evocative and does not necessitate a constant recourse to the dictionary a meaning can always be derived from the context What it evokes is the language of the time and it epitomises Dido Twite Lathey G A havey cavey business language in historical fiction with particular reference to the novels of Joan Aiken and Leon Garfield in Historical Fiction for Children Capturing the Past FM Collins and J Graham eds London David Fulton Publishers 2001