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Summary Ð Adventure Bible Cover Pink Medium ç PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB free ✓ ➳ [Reading] ➶ Adventure Bible Cover Pink Medium By Join or create book clubs ➩ – Have your child take their Bible wherever they goYour young explorer will love carrying thOther materials safely tucked insideDurable nylon constructionMultiple PocketsKeeps the Bible safe and easy to carr. My daughter's bible stays in this case and it is so cute The pink color is bright and just right for any girl out there Also there is enough pockets to store several items including a note book stationery etc In addition the handle is a FANTASTIC feature as it makes the bible easier to carry around It is hands down a great product

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Wn Adventure Bible in this durable and protective Bible cover Multiple pockets keep notebooks writing utensils and. This is a great bible cover it has lots of pockets and places to put extra notebooks or paper for note taking during classes My kids use their bibles at Sunday School and at camp so it is nice for them to be able to have somewhere to place the paper for their notes and somewhere to put all of the paper they get to bring home There are also a couple of slots to hold pencilspens so that everything you need is right at hand PerfectThe reason this was given 4 stars instead of 5 is that the bible tends to slip out of the inside pockets during use leaving it unprotected as the kids are not likely to put it back in while using it They just close the cover back leaving it out of the pockets on the inside so it is closed in the cover but not encased on the inside They are using the Adventure Bible's this cover was made for so it seems the cover is a bit oversized or not uite the right design for the bible However we love the other features enough to overlook this one

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Adventure Bible Cover Pink MediumHave your child take their Bible Cover Pink PDF #198 wherever they goYour young explorer will love carrying their o. An accurate detailed description and video are given in another review so I won't go over that info againI LOVE this cover I did not buy it as a bible cover but as a journal cover for my beloved Leuchtturm 1917 Dotted Berry Notebook 575 by 825 inches 249 pages I used a seam ripper and removed the Adventure Bible logo from the front of the cover It came off easily but did leave small holes from the stitching see photo It is not too noticeable though I do plan on putting a patch or something on to cover them I'm picky The fabric the cover is made out of is a bit stiff This causes the case to get a bit crunched looking on the outside unless it is stuffed full It isn't a big negative but I have included a picture to show thisEven if you aren't traveling this cover is a great way to keep all your favorite journaling goodies together right where you need themThe pockets on the outside give you plenty of room for lots of pens markers post its big glue stick scissors washi tape ruler etc I have all of those things and in mine The outside pockets have a little gap on the sides where the flap doesn't uite cover the depth of the pockets see photo I haven't had anything fall out yet so it seems like it'll be ok If you are worried you could add a bit of velcro thereOn the inside there are two pen loops and two slim pockets intended to hold the covers of the bible I keep my journal inside one of the pockets and varying items in the other The pockets don't hold anything tightly but it makes your journal not go flying out when you open it The inside is uite large and would hold two of the Leuchtturm journals and still leave room for For the price and features you can't find a better journal coverNote The flash caused the journal too look very shiny in my photos It's not The color minus shine is represented faithfullyUPDATE It has been almost 6 months since I bought this and it is holding up extremely well Very durable It holds a ton of stuff and has been perfect for the purpose of a travel cover for my art journal