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ActionScript 3 kindle ↠ 0 for Adobe Flash CS3 Professional Hands Download ☆ Todd Perkins Ï [Epub] ❧ ActionScript 3.0 for Adobe Flash CS3 Professional Hands-On Training Author Todd Perkins – When Flash Player 9 released in June 2006 it introduced thWhen Flash Player 9 released in June 2006 it introduced the new scripting language ActionScript 3 which has already taken hold in the Adobe Flex application development community In its latest release Flash CS3 incorporates this new and much improved upon language into its development environment giving Flash authorsflexibility than ever before Now they just need to learn how to use it and get started uickly For the first time the Flash experts at Lyndacom have poured What this book does it does very well It illustrates the new syntax and methods of AS3 and shows you exactly how to use them It is illustrated and organized so efficiently that it can function as a cookbook referenceIt's a deceptively compact book very handsomely bound and thoroughly illustrated with color screenshot examples It is much better printed than earlier lynda dot com H O T Flash books cleaner typography opaue paper for color printing though inside there's a superficial family resemblance You get a series of step by step read and type exercises as well as a few supporting video tutorials It even uses the old snowboarder example that the H O T books have used for the last three versions of FlashAs I say the resemblance is only superficial The tutorials are much concentrated than is usual The chapters and subsections are short a key concept may be covered and demonstrated in just two or three pages but this concentration of material can make it very slow going reuiring two or three re reads The few videos provided seem to be there merely for tradition's sake and add little to the tutorialsI recommend this book but do not recommend attempting to learn AS3 from this book alone Its virtue is its limitation the author covers all the basics seldom digressing from his lessons so you may feel cramped and distracted if you try to cover than one chapter at time What you're missing is commentary and elbow room a sense of overall context and practical application For this you should get the ShupeRosser book Learning ActionScript 30 and two or three othersYou might also get Todd Perkins's follow on to this book 'Beyond the Basics' also from lynda Though advanced it recaps this book's material very well and being a series of short video tutorials is easier to follow Put both Todd Perkins efforts together and you get one fine five star tutorial on how to code ActionScript 30CORRECTION When I wrote this I was unaware that Todd Perkins also had a Lyndacom DVD package with the same title This consists of videos and exercise files and is really excellent as is its successor Beyond the Basics If you want to learn AS3 I strongly recommend getting both the lyndacom DVD sets as well as this book as backup

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Their training expertise into this exciting book release ActionScript 3 in Adobe Flash CS3 Professional Hands On Training teaches readers all they need to know to get up and running with ActionScript 3 in Flash It covers all the essentials and new features including the brand new ActionScript debugger that allows users to step through a wide variety of properties in their code at runtime with greater flexibility and feedback Readers will also learn modern Web design This series of books does a really good job of presenting the material You can also use the CD examples as starters for your projects Kudoos

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ActionScript 3 0 for Adobe Flash CS3 Professional Hands On TrainingAnd workflow techniues for developing their projects successfully with Flash using ActionScript 3 Accompanied by a CD ROM loaded with classroom proven exercises and uickTime training videos this book ensures readers will master the key features of ActionScript 3 in no time Now that Flash is an integral part of the Adobe Creative Suite 3 Web Premium Web Standard and Design Premium packages there is an even greater need for the clear step by step approach this book offe If you are an animator looking to enter the world of actionscript or you just don't have much development experience then this book may be appropriate but for anyone else the useful content could be compressed to the size of a pamphletAs for the accompanying CD I found the content on this to be totally useless there are much better video tutorials available on line for free