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D workarounds and shortcutsDesign guidance Readers can create any modern web feature including forms animations pop up windows and This book lets you know which browsers situations and audiences MX 2004 The Epub #218 are appropriate for eachWith over illustrations a handcrafted index and the clarity of thought that has made bestsellers of every Missing Manual to date this edition is the ultimate atlas for Dreamweaver MX An amazing and thorough book Each chapter teaches you the information in two ways one in the standard paragraphs and illustrations then the second at the end of each lesson with a detailed tutorial to follow in the Dreamweaver program itself So you can choose to learn the lesson the way it best suits you There were a couple of lessons where I skipped right to the tutorial a couple where I didn t feel that I needed to go through the tutorial and some where I went through bothDon t be intimidated by the size of the book 800 pages it is not dry or boring It is simply packed with great information that takes you step by step from novice to just about expert And maybe I shouldn t say this but it would be a bargain at three times the priceIf you need to learn Dreamweaver MX 2004 there is no other book This is the one you need

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Dreamweaver MX 2004 The Missing ManualMacromedia s 2004 The PDFEPUB #233 Dreamweaver MX offers a rich environment for building professional web sites with drag and drop simplicity clean HTML code and dynamic database driven web site creation tools It comes with everything except perhaps the most important feature of all a printed manualEnter Dreamweaver MX The Missing Manual the book that enables both first time and experienced web designers to bring stunni The slogan of the Missing Manual series is The book that should have been in the box and Dreamweaver MX 2004 The Missing Manual lives up to the series reputation Macromedia wouldn t want to ship this book with the software because it s a doorstop at 800 pages Imagine what it would do to the packaging and the pricing of the already expensive softwareOne itsy bitsy negative but this book is not the only one avoiding it Dreamweaver s help file doesn t cover it and neither does the forum on Macromedia s Web site There is a feature called download stats listing the size of the file and the time it would take to download it At what speed 56k T1 What I would assume 56k but assumptions are not reliableAt 800 pages you can expect all the features to be covered through step by step instructions notes and screen shots The hard core stuff like building dynamic Web pages working with databases and using server programming within Dreamweaver are all there for those ready for a challengeMcFarland goes the extra mile to note differences between computer systems Mac vs PCs and browsers compatibility Looking at the table of contents is proof of the book s completeness and all I need to do is attest to its readability First timers to creating a Web site or to Dreamweaver as well as owners of earlier versions will gain plenty of knowledge from this one

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doc ↠ Dreamweaver MX 2004 Read ¼ danpashley ´ ❴PDF / Epub❵ ☂ Dreamweaver MX 2004: The Missing Manual Author David Sawyer McFarland – Macromedia s Dreamweaver MX offers a rich environment for building professional web sites with drag and drop simplicity clean HTML code and dynamic datNg interactive web sites to life What sets this new edition apart is the crystal Dreamweaver MX Kindle clear writing welcome humor and exclusive features like these Live examples With a step by step annotated tutorial readers follow the construction of a state of the art commercial web site complete with Flash buttons Cascading Style Sheets and dynamic databasesTricks of the trade The book is bursting with undocumente I ve been designing web sites for a number of years now and my program of choice was Adobe GoLive However I recently decided to switch to Dreamweaver MX 2004 because I wanted to take advantage of the program s advanced CSS and CSS P capabilities But I waited to make the switch until I knew this Missing Manual was available I d heard it was going to be released and because I already own some other Missing titles I instinctively knew this would be the book to getI wasn t disappointed This book is EXCELLENT both for newcomers to web design with Dreamweaver but also for switchers like myself who have experience with web design but not with Dreamweaver The book takes a step by step approachSome of Dreamweaver s features overlap with GoLive s and some are common to all visual web editors but that doesn t matter You ll still enjoy reading this book and you ll pick up lots of useful tips along the wayThe tutorials are PRICELESS You simply download the files from the book s web site and work through them step by step with the author holding your hand all the way I really like the approach learn the features then learn to use them in a tutorialOne very small caveat is that if you are looking for EXTENSIVE coverage on CSS layouts without tables you won t find it here Yes there is a chapter on how to lay out pages with nothing but CSS positioning and there is a tutorial which are a wonderful start to the subject But you ll need something like Eric Meyer on CSS in order to take your CSS layout skills to the maxThis book easily deserves the 5 stars I gave it