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Published originally as Kill The Black One First'Absorbing revealing and affecting There are pleasures here and lessons to be learnt whatever colour you are' T he Sunday Times'Michael Fuller is an extraordinary man with a remarkable and interesting story' Helen MirrenMichael Fuller had an idyllic childhood growing up in care in Surrey looked after by Margaret who gave him the love and comfort his biological mother never did He loved to ride his bike a What a wonderful story What a lovely man I lived through all the times he describes so movingly in this book although not of course from a police perspective Yes it is a very readable journey through this thoughtful and intelligent man's life well written and perceptive yes it is a story about race identity and belonging and displacement as the blurb describes but it is also a story about hope and persistence and resilience the gift of education and so many other wonderful human gifts I used to tell my children it's not where you start in life it's where you finish and Michael Fuller demonstrates his resilience and grace in every line every chapter every paragraph of his book It is a story that is inspirational and uplifting He experienced such levels of abuse and discrimination yet kept his dignity and triumphed It's a great story worth telling and I loved it May it go on to great commercial success It would make an awesome film I have read two outstanding memoirs this year Edith Eger's The Choice and this book Both are about facing monumental prejudice and becoming whole Amazing people both amazing memoirs to learn from Read this and wonder

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A Search For Belonging A Story about Race Identity Belonging and DisplacementOm within he joined the police force but experienced racism and ineuality From colleagues shouting racist insults into his office to the Brixton Riots where 'Kill the black one first' was yelled from the crowds Determined despite everything not to turn and walk away he rose through the ranks and made his way to the very top A Search For Belonging is a story of resilience persistence and optimism; of how one man set out against the odds to try and belo Having been a young copper in the early 80's I remember well seeing the few black officers amongst us at that time they were still a 'novelty' Sometimes I walked a central London beat with two of them and boy did they have a tougher time of it Without a doubt they were pioneers and brave souls They took 'stick' from narrow minded colleagues and from elements of their ethnic communities But I would like to add that some not all rose above it showing remarkable strength of character and leaving a long lasting impression of their moral fortitude Michael Fuller was clearly one of these guys I never met him but dare say our paths may have crossed on various main set'shouts' MPMP from Alpha two in pursuit of a Dolomite Sprint west along Fulham Road Anyone considering joining should read this book and anyone who appreciates a story of success should read this book Michael Fuller and 'Margaret' are two very inspirational figures Mind how you go

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Download kindle ☆ A Search For Belonging á A Story about Race Í ❰Read❯ ➵ A Search For Belonging: A Story about Race, Identity, Belonging and Displacement Author Michael Fuller – Published originally as Kill The Black One First'Absorbing revealing and affecting TNd collect coins and stamps and grew up celebrating the freedom of 1960s Britain But when he was nine a local paper described him as the 'coloured boy' in his school production It was the first time Michael felt judged based on the colour of his skinThirty six years later Michael became Britain's first ever black Chief ConstableThat moment taught Michael he would always be searching for a place to belong Hoping to tackle injustice and create change fr This value of this book cannot be over estimated As a BME officer of the same era my experiences of poor treatment were so similar to Dr Fuller's it was as if I was right back there experiencing the hurt afresh This book is timely it serves as recognition to those BME officers who were brave enough to go before and pay the high price so future officers won't have to