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PDF Ù BOOK Rose Under Fire FREE Í DANPASHLEY ë ❴EPUB❵ ✰ Rose Under Fire Author Elizabeth Wein – Danpashley.co.uk While flying an Allied fighter plane from Paris to England American ATA pilot and amateur poet Rose Justice is captured by the Nazis and sent to Ravensbrück the notorious women's concentrItically acclaimed and best selling Code Name Verity delivers another stunning WWII thriller The unforgettable story of Rose Justice is forged from heart wrenching courage resolve and the slim bright chance of surviv Extraordinary Shattering UnforgettableI was afraid to read this book after CODE NAME VERITY not because I feared it wouldn't be as good or better on a technical level but because I was afraid I wouldn't connect to it uite so strongly I needn't have worried Rose's story told by a single narrator and in four sections is different in scope and focus from the two part shared narration we got in CNV Her voice is uniuely her own American rather than English or Scottish with its own rhythms and vocabulary The story is self contained though there are glimpses of a couple of characters we met in CNV which I loved so it isn't necessary to have read the other book to understand this one But the same ualities of humanity and courage and fierce loyalty between two and young women in the face of the unthinkable are present in this book as in CNV without it ever feeling like a repeat of the same storyA tremendous work of historical fiction one that never forgets the human faces and hearts behind the details and is all the powerful for it

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Ic circumstances Rose finds hope in the impossible through the loyalty bravery and friendship of her fellow prisoners But will that be enough to endure the fate that's in store for her?Elizabeth Wein author of the cr 25 starsPrepare the flame throwers now Confession I am not really an Elizabeth Wein fan I didn't like Code Name Verity but decided to give her another go with Rose Under Fire I received a free copy via NetGalley and it was most definitely not publication ready which is ok since that's the whole point after all But being stripped of its gimmickiness handwritten journal entries pages of scrolled dead girl names and so on didn't do the book any favors This book initially runs somewhat parallel to Verity We meet Maddie again as she befriends Rose Justice the protagonist of this novel Rose is a you guessed it pilot an 18 year old transport pilot arrived fresh from the States to aid the Allies in their war effort against the Germans Most of the book is not about flying however It's about the Concentration Camps Incredibly Jews are largely absent from the story Rose does something a little foolish in an effort to be brave and is caught by the Germans and shipped to a Work Camp at Ravensbrück There she meets various other women prisoners including the Rabbits mostly Polish girls from Lublin on whom medical experiments were performed Having grown up a couple hours' drive from Auschwitz in a Polish Jewish family Roma Gypsy on my grandfather's side we seriously could not win as far as Hitler was concerned and having a maternal grandfather who perished there meant the Camps weren't just a story; they were ever real and ever present My grandmother changed her name from a very Jewish sounding one just to survive the war My mom never knew her father The war stripped that and much from her I realize that the Holocaust was not an atrocity committed solely against the Jews Statistics vary and there are clearly political agendas at stake that I don't want to get into Suffice it to say I find it odd and discomfiting that Wein would write a story about the Camps without mentioning the Jews or mentioning them only in passingMy main issues with this book however deal solely with its literary merit It rambled and was unfocused The format is similar to Verity in that the story is told mostly through journal entries I didn't find Rose to be a particularly complex character She's a poet and so we are unfortunately subjected to Wein writing poetry which is used as a device to prod the plot along At the end of the novel Rose is asked to testify at the Nuremberg trials and even though she promised to bear witness to the crimes committed she won't do it; she essentially runs and hides the story ends with the possibility that she'll change her mind but she has to be talked into it I never connected with Rose or the story but felt manipulated to feel Big Emotions Teenagers can read this book and feel important because they're reading about War and Camps and Death but really this is just a story about a plucky girl making good and surviving to tell the tale which is apparently so much interesting than burning in the pits and having no one remember your name

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Rose Under FireWhile flying an Allied fighter plane from Paris to England American ATA pilot and amateur poet Rose Justice is captured by the Nazis and sent to Ravensbrück the notorious women's concentration camp Trapped in horrif First this isn't Code Name VerityTo me Rose Under Fire was a harder read than Verity Verity was one of my favorite books last year It was a heartbreaking and beautiful story about friendship and courage set during World War II that I compulsively read in a day However I never forgot that it was a work of historical fiction With Rose even though I knew it was also a work of Elizabeth Wein's ability and imagination it felt so much like a memoir It was so much harder to take knowing that all these atrocities were based on actual events It's not a uick read nor is it an easy read The experiences of the women at Ravensbruck were so horrible and beyond imagination it's no wonder that people at the time didn't believe the stories coming out of Europe It's also for that reason though that I think a book like Rose Under Fire is so importantRose Justice is an eager American pilot who learned flying at the knee of her father the owner of a flight school in Pennsylvania She goes to England to join the Air Transport Auxiliary and assist the Allied cause Her uncle uses his connections to get her a flying assignment to France and it is on the return back to England where she disappears No one has a clue where she or her plane is because she has been captured and taken to Germany She ends up in Ravensbruck a women's concentration camp along with women from France Poland and Germany She encounters a group of Polish women who have been nicknamed the Rabbits because they were subject to horrible experimental medical procedures One of the Rabbits Roza was only 14 when she was captured by the NazisWhat I love about Wein's writing is her ability to take historical events and facts and use them to buttress her story It's not so much about Nazi medical experimentation as it is about Roza And Izabela And Aniela And all the other women whose names Roza forces Rose to memorize in case something happens to them so that their stories their names can be toldThis story is also about hope when it's not that thing with feathersHope is the most treacherous thing in the world It lifts you and lets you plummetIt's about maintaining hope while surviving a reality that is harsher than most people can imagine It's about surviving a place that was designed to systematically dehumanize and purge its prisoners For Rose her poems help keep her from becoming a schmootzich someone whose desperation has turned her into a savage Something else that helps Rose are her friendships with the other prisoners It wouldn't be an Elizabeth Wein story without powerful relationships The friendships in Rose though are different because they are born of circumstance horrible circumstance It is unlikely that the prisoners would have even encountered each other in the outside world and yet they now depend upon one another to make it through another day Sometimes though the most powerful bonds are the ones forged in fire It's what keeps you standing when hope plummets It's a tiny strip of Cherry Soda nail polish that stubbornly clings to your toes even when your head has been shaved and your clothes stripped offI was a bit undone by this book I honestly expected to finish it in a day or two but I had to take breaks when the historical aspect overpowered the fictional At the same time I wanted to learn about the very real women who inspired this story This book is a testament to their endurance and bravery and one that I think everyone should read This review appears on Young Adult Anonymous