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Played Gridiron #4 She's been playing it closeAra Martin and college football star Ty Masters have been best friends since the first day of school when Ty literally ran her over She fell for him immediately but having lived under the shadow of her famous father she knows a relationship with irresistible Ty would only end in heartbreak For four years she’s kept NOW LIVE US UKRe read 9418I'm a huge fan of Jen Frederick and especially of this series I've been waiting for Ty's story for what seems like forever and I am not afraid to admit I suealed a little when I found his book on my Kindle He's wasn't a huge presence in the series but he still instantly grabbed my attention and I knew his book was going to be brilliant Played is a friends to lovers tale of Ty and his BFF Ara They've been close since the start of school but now that they're both about to start their lives out of school Ara looking for a job in the art world and Ty getting drafted into the NFL they have to face those feelings that have been building under the surface What I really liked about Ty and Ara's relationship is that they stayed close no matter what Even when their feelings were starting to be revealed to each other they were still very close and didn't give up on their friendship Ara fought against it the most but Ty was right there to make her see that they did belong together and I loved him for that This book seemed to have a lot less off that college angst that the previous books did but I actually really liked that it was the sweetest of the whole series I think it still complemented the other books really well and getting to see of Knox has me wanting to go back and re read his book so I think I just found my plans for the night ARC kindly provided in exchange for an honest review

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Download Epub ↠ Played (Gridiron, #4) ☆ Á Jen frederick ä ❰Read❯ ➲ Played (Gridiron, #4) Author Jen Frederick – She's been playing it closeAra Martin and college football star Ty Masters have been best friends since the first day of school when Ty literaHer feelings hidden But one drunken encounter weeks before graduation is about to expose Ara’s biggest secret and destroy her most treasured relationship He’s been playing for keepsTy is about to be drafted into the NFL but his personal life is a mess He’s got an agent he doesn’t like a brother who can’t stop offering his opinion and An example set doesn’t have to be followedTurns out my 14 year old son has already found his wife Well if we work it by Knox and Ty’s rules the person who can tell the identical twins apart is their life partner From the time he attended kindy my son was always able to tell his little twin friends apart Me no chance in heck Of course I asked him how he was able to tell them apart? His response cracked me up keep in mind he was only 4 One of them smiles After a humorous chat with the girls’ mother she laughingly told me he was right One of the twins is an outgoing chatterbox and the other is shy and a little reserved So my son has already been allocated his wifethe problem is I’m not sure which one 😉 I really enjoyed Played There are only a few NA series that I can read and this is one of my favourites I think the reason why I navigate towards College NA over others is that most of the characters take their studies seriously and have goals Sure they can be reckless and immature but they seem to be good than bad In this case both our main characters are Seniors and steps away from graduating and having to make decisions about their futures Both Ara and Ty are facing challenges and struggles Sometimes it takes an accident to steer you in the right directionWe all have examples set for us by important people in our lives Whether we choose to follow by example pick apart and use the best of the example or completely disregard the example is a choice we have to make Ara has her father as a bad example of relationships Ty has his brother as an example of successfully being drafted in the NFL I hope I got that right???This is a friend to lovers story and I loved that these two had the foundations already set to grow from They were a little stubborn and made me want to bop them on the head but I understood where their hesitations stemmed from I admit to getting a little impatient with Ara and thought she was a goose for running She admits to her mistakes and learns from them so I forgave herI thoroughly enjoyed Played and I hope that there will be of this series in the future

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A beautiful woman he craves but can’t have He can fire his agent and ignore his brother but he’s not sure what to do about Ara Ty’s been able to run down every uarterback he’s faced but his sexy stubborn best friend keeps slipping through his fingersLuckily he's not one for giving up and once he gets his hands on her he's never letting Think Ty is the best Masters Twin I really enjoyed this book and the whole series so far I 've been looking forward to Ty's books Since his twin brothers book where we got to see him Ty is a lot different then his twin brother Knox Ty even though he's a lil older seems like the younger brother in somes way He feels like he is in Knox's shadow when really he isnt He has put he career in the NFL on hold by a year cause of Knox but he never says anything He just wants to be himself and get where he wants to be by being Ty Masters not the twin brother of Knox Things don't go uite his way he a trying to life a clean life before the draft pick but drama seems to follow him Which doesn't make thinks easy for him just thank god he has his best friend Ara to keep him from losing it Ara as been Ty's best friend for 4 year They get on so so well they tell each other everything and are alway there for each other She knows him better than anyone even his twin brother at times There relationship asnt gone anywhere until one nite of where things got a lil steamy between the pair But Ara thought it was better to just not talk about it and not put a stress on there friendship it was to important to them Ara had seen how friendships can go when there taken to another level and she didn't want to have that happen to get and Ty he meant the world to She didn't care if her body want her sexy best friend she needed to find a way to calm it down even it if was getting harder and harder the she saw him I luvd these two together They were so good for each other even though at times I wanted to smack there heads together They are both so stubborn they both couldn't see what a good thing they had They both out themselves in stupid position they didn't have to The sexual chemistry between them was so hot They just would take that leap to the next level Everyone around them could see how good they were it was just that needed to wake up I really liked the story and it was great to get a bit of Knox I did miss Ellie I luv them together But I do like Ty and Knox's twin thing it was so funny how things would work between them But I also liked how Ara knew then apart it showed how much she knew her best friend I would highly recommend this book It's the first series I 've read from this author but it won't be the last I couldn't put this book down once I started it had me hooked I m really hoping that she does with series I m still hoping she does Jack Ellie's brothers book I 've wanted that from the first book to It's hard to not want of these sexy footballer I 've fallen for them all