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The Vagina Monologues Free read ½ PDF, DOC, TXT, eBook or Kindle ePUB free î ➶ [Read] ➲ The Vagina Monologues By Eve Ensler ➾ – I decided to talk to women about their vaginas to do vagina interviews which became vagina monologuesAt first women were reluctant to taWomen secretly love to talk about their vaginas They get very excited mainly because no one's ever asked them befo. There's a lot to critiue about this but I really don't feel like getting into it I will say this though Eve Ensler doesn't know what a vagina is If you're unclear a vagina is the passage leading from the uterus to the vulva in certain female mammals Everyone in this play says vagina when they really usually mean vulva I'm not being oddly specific they are completely different parts of the anatomy COME ON Vulva is a prettier word than vagina anyway I liked the reclaiming cunt speech That was about it

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I decided to talk to women about their vaginas to do vagina The Vagina PDF or interviews which became vagina mono. “I bet you're worried I was worried I was worried about vaginas I was worried about what we think about vaginas and even worried that we don't think about them”To be honest I was worried as well I didn't want to think about vaginas I still don't want to think about vaginas simply because I've got the gay you know But it is important that we doThinking reading talking about vaginas in a feminist way that's what I'm here for We use the word penis in so many different situations and variations without cringing careless evenBut we never say vagina out loud We hardly ever think it And when we do we cringe and lower our voices or we shout it out loud as an insult Why is thatBecause the female sex organ in comparison to the male opposite is at least as oppressed shunned and mistreated as the female sex in comparison to the male one This tiny book holds the power to not only normalise but to praise and strengthen the way we treat and talk about vaginas which praises and empowers females as individuals in our societyMy only criticism is the overwhelming and tiring amount of letters and listing of stars who support this movement which only appear in this special V Day edition It sounded like a praise of personal fame than giving evidence of the movement's influence Sometimes less is Thanks for Emma Watson and Our shared shelf for bringing this book to my attentionIn a nutshell an empowering and revolutionary readFind of my books on Instagram

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The Vagina MonologuesLoguesAt first women were reluctant to talk They were a little shy But once they got going you couldn't stop them. Thank you Secret Santa ♥5 It May Not Be Perfect but it’s a start StarsI may not have grown up in a “down there” age but I most definitely grew up in a “down there” house I don’t remember ever having open dialogue with my mother about vaginas growing up not once Or maybe once actually when we discussed menstruation This sign of womanhood that brought about nightmares of waking up in puddles of blood that could be hidden with scraps of material bunched around your underwear making you waddle like a duck or awkward looking fingers of cotton wrapped in plastic to look like candy So yeah not all that much sex ed at home And the watered down sterilization of sex at school was little illuminating It would be an act of violence that initiated my self discovery as a card carrying member of the vagina brigade At sixteen I hated my vagina It was a cause of great suffrage for me it had never done a damn thing in my life that didn’t cause pain From it I got humiliating blood and cramps that would knock me flat with their sharp spiking fissures of agony And then to add insult to injury rape A space in my body that someone could force themselves into against my will simply because it was there A whole new pain not just physical but spiritual Years later when I was in my mid twenties I remember sitting in the living room with my best friend and her daughter who was five I remember hearing her whisper something to her daughter about going to her room if she wanted to do that and not really paying attention Until her daughter said “Is it because my vagina is gross” That got my attention I turned my head from the book I was reading and froze staring onto a scene that perplexed me And her mother my friend said – without a bit of discomfort “No Your vagina is not now and will never be gross” And I started to silently cry as their conversation continued and her mother explained that it was perfectly acceptable to explore her body and her vagina but that she shouldn’t do it in the living room That if she wanted to do that she should go to her room and close the door I looked over at this five year old and she was smiling at her mommy with wide blue eyes and rosy pink cheeks I left the room to go wipe away the tears and came back and hugged my friend startling her She laughed it off when I told her how amazing of a mother she was But you see I thought my vagina was gross My whole life Because it was a secret I couldn’t talk about It was a cunt It was a pussy It was words used to describe someone who was weak and inferior The heart is capable of sacrificeSo is the vagina The heart is capable to forgive and repair It can change its shape to let us inIt can expand to let us out So can the vagina It can ache for us and stretch for us die for usand bleed and bleed us into this difficultwondrous world So can the vagina I don’t know that I think vaginas are flowers or our centres or anything like that BUT I do think they are something we need to talk about openly because living in terror disgust or simple ignorance of our own bodies is no way to live No way at all