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Et there by jumping learns about time from a ticking watchdog named Tock and even embarks on a uest to rescue Rhyme and Reason Somewhere along the way Milo realizes something astonishing Life is far from dull In fact it’s exciting beyond his wildest drea Anyone who has a passion for words and wordplay will enjoy reading The Phantom Tollbooth In this charming children's book author Norton Juster takes us on an adventure with his main character Milo a young boy who enters a chaotic place called the Kingdom of Wisdom and finds that to restore order in the kingdom he must save the banished princesses Rhyme and ReasonWhen the story begins Milo gets home one afternoon expecting to go through the same humdrum after school routine he always goes through But on this particular day he arrives home to find a tollbooth waiting to transport him to a faraway place Soon Milo is traveling through the Kingdom of Wisdom seeking to rescue Rhyme and Reason with the help of his companions Tock the Watchdog and the HumbugAlong the way Milo meets some interesting and clever characters such as the Whether Man not to be confused with the Weather Man for after all it's important to know whether there will be weather than what the weather will be and Kakofonous Dischord Doctor of Dissonance whom Milo meets on the outskirts of the Valley of Sound Page after page Juster's clever puns and witty plays on words make his characters memorable and his storyline entertainingOn his journey Milo travels to several places within the Kingdom of Wisdom learning useful things along the way In Dictionopolis for instance he discovers the abundance of words and the importance of choosing the right word for the right occasion On his way to Digitopolis a land ruled by numbers Milo ends up on the Island of Conclusions There he decides to himself From now on I'm going to have a very good reason before I make up my mind about anything and he learns that you can lose too much time jumping to ConclusionsArmed with the knowledge he has gathered on his journey through the Kingdom Milo finally reaches the Mountains of Ignorance where he and his faithful companions dodge and outwit various demons and ultimately save the princesses Rhyme and Reason In the end Milo is transported back to the present with a newfound curiosity about the world and a greater appreciation for learningJuster's humor throughout the story is at times subtle at times downright silly but often clever and thought provoking making this book an enjoyable read for young and old alike They say there's a child in all of us and The Phantom Tollbooth truly is a children's book for all ages

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The Phantom TollboothLibrarian's Note For an alternate cover edition of the same ISBN click hereHailed as “a classic humorous full of warmth and real invention” The New Yorker this beloved story first published than fifty years ago introduces readers to Milo and his advent ‘welcome to the island of conclusions’‘but how did we get here?’ wondered milo‘you jumped of course’ explained canby i must have read this book for the first time when i was about 9 or 10 and i will forever attribute it to how my love of words puns and silly idioms began its a major part of my sense of humour one that started developing with this story and the wordplay in this is even enjoyable as an adult there are many reasons why reading childrens literature past childhood is beneficial for a reader where i was always enamoured by milos adventures to dictionopolis and beyond its now the meaning behind his journey that really hits home ‘so many things are possible just as long as you dont know they are impossible’ these types of messages arent always missing from adult literature but rarely are they presented in such an innocent and hopeful way i think its a good thing to momentarily revert back to the mindset of a child where dreams are infinite and limits are suggestions ↠ 5 stars

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read The Phantom Tollbooth epub ´ Paperback ☆ danpashley â [Read] ➲ The Phantom Tollbooth Author Norton Juster – Librarian's Note For an alternate cover edition of the same ISBN click hereHailed as “a classic humorous full of warmth and real invention” The New Yorker this belovUres in the Lands Beyond For Milo everything’s a bore When a tollbooth mysteriously appears in his room he drives through only because he’s got nothing better to do But on the other side things seem different Milo visits the Island of Conclusions you g My mother got this for us when I was 8 and it was first published in 1961 I still own that original edtion and it is not in great shape due to multiple readings This is as much an adult as a children's book Although I loved the story right away it was meaningful as I got older and I understood all the plays on words and deeper messages Still worth rereading every decade or so as an adult and it remains one of my favorite books It's a very witty book I'm a sucker for maps however basic and there is a map of the pretend world written about in the inside covers of the book A very good fantasy with a very real heart