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reader ✓ Places of My Infancy À Giuseppe Tomasi di Lampedusa À [Epub] ➞ Places of My Infancy By Giuseppe Tomasi di Lampedusa – Giuseppe Tomasi di Lampedusa's brief but brilliant writing career lasted a mere two years before he succumbed to lung cancer In that time he producAtes in Sicily at the turn of 20th century For me childhood was a lost paradise writes Lampedusa I was king of the home Lampedusa gives lush intimate descriptions of the estates in town and country the home with its one hundred rooms its garden with fountains full of e 2 and a half starsmy hopes for meditations on memorythe dreamlike fervor of youth i got via a uick flip thru were unfulfilled i suspect the big allure of this text is infatuation w classical eurocentric ideals of high culture and aristocracy which Giuseppe's childhood of literal nobility lacks none theres memories but its basically 100 pages describing how fine well decorated and richly immense his family's properties are and the atmosphere of tendernessnostalgia is probably related to this backdrop of excess historically being associated with romance and refinement rather than any emotional punch delivered by Giuseppe himselfi liked when he gushed about his love for his family home tho and i wish he pursued the end bit about a couple rando objects which his attention 2 hinted of a special childhood preoccupation hes a good writer and prob able 2 invoke sentiment when its intentional Places of Infancy just isn't about poetry but documentation he does vouch that the world would benefit if everyone constantly recorded everything and all diaries could be viewed which is interesting and makes the description of yet another drawing room of brocade a bit bearable some people just live in sim mansions i would have made in 6th grade i guess

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Els its church its theater where wandering country theater groups would perform the maids and the groundskeepers and Lampedusa's own family members Each detail from his mother's silver comb to his father's camera owned in 1900 unlocks a memory of some event from the er I love Lampedusa

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Places of My InfancyGiuseppe Tomasi di Lampedusa's brief but brilliant writing career lasted a mere two years before he succumbed to lung cancer In that time he produced one novel The Leopard three stories and the beginning of a memoir Places of my Infancy a tour of Lampedusa's family est Giuseppe Tomasi 1896 – 1957 was the last prince of Lampedusa Since I am a product of mid twentieth century middle class America you might as well tell me that this man came from the planet Neptune I have no context in which to comprehend his heritage or his life He saw the end of the family line After the First World War their fortunes began to crumble In the next war Allied bombers destroyed their palace in Palermo and a ruinous lawsuit over his father’s inheritance had left Tomasi and the forty four other claimants relatively poor Tomasi retired to his library and during the last three years of his life became an author He finished his novel The Leopard and showed it to two publishers Both rejected it and he put it away When he died he considered himself a failureThe posthumous publication of The Leopard made him famous For years it was his only literary heritage but recently some short fiction his letters and his critical essays have come into print Places of My Infancy is not the beginning of an unfnishedl memoir nor a polished essay It is seven brief chapters of childhood memories written down as they came to him in the process of writing It is a slight work of reminiscence that he wrote only for himself In the final sentence he writes “May these lines that no one will read be a homage to its unblemished memory”He is referring to the Villa Margherita where the family often gathered for the summer In The Leopard it becomes a structure of one hundred rooms Although not that grand in reality it was a magnificent home built in 1680 and carefully restored in 1810 Tomasi describes it as “a kind of Vatican” In Places of My Infancy the villa is a playground that he romps through on his tricycle As a young adult he recognized it as an antiue falling into disrepair and awkwardly showing traces of modernization One of his impoverished uncles sold it in 1944 Tomasi had been dead for over a decade when an earthuake destroyed it in 1968The Villa Margherita is an apt metaphor for Tomasi’s life as a member of twentieth century European aristocracy Since he is writing for himself he doesn’t develop the metaphor but the reader may pull it from this fragmentary work Despite its promising title Places of My Infancy is not a very good introduction to Giuseppe Tomasi di Lampedusa For readers of The Leopard it is an enjoyable foray into his life and ever growing literary reputation