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Jesus Through Middle Eastern Eyes: Cultural Studies in the Gospels Summary Ú 104 ¶ [EPUB] ✻ Jesus Through Middle Eastern Eyes: Cultural Studies in the Gospels ❀ Join or create book clubs – Beginning with Jesus' birth Ken Bailey leads you on a kaleidoscopic study ofThe pen of Ken Bailey is a must have for any student of the New Testament If you have benefited from Bailey's work over the years this book will be a welcome and indispensable addition to your Through Middle Eastern ePUB #10003 library If you are unfamiliar with Bailey's work this book will introduce you to a very old yet entirely new way of understanding Jesus. Anyone interested in the larger cultural context of Jesus's teaching will find this book fascinating and profoundly helpful I bought it for my wife speculatively for Christmas and she has absolutely loved it Christians from any background we are Catholics will bless the day they acuire this book We are spreading the news round our Christian friends because Bailey teaches us so much that we never hear in sermons

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Beginning with Jesus' birth Ken Bailey leads you Middle Eastern PDFEPUB #231 on a kaleidoscopic study of Jesus throughout the four Gospels Bailey examines the life and ministry of Jesus with attention to the Lord's Prayer the Beatitudes Jesus' relationship to women and especially Jesus' parables Through it all Bailey employs his trademark expertise as a master. By far the best Christian book I have read in decades Bailey uses his lifetime of living and studying in the Middle East to illuminate many of the accounts in the Gospel of Luke bringing in insights from manuscripts in languages other than the familiar Latin and Greek His account of the Christmas story differs radically from the familiar account but is eually consistent with the story as written It alone is worth the price of the bookHe uses an analysis of Middle Eastern story telling to show that Jesus' parables like the tide come in peak and then recede following the same logical path by which they arrived with the high point or conclusion coming in the middle not at the end Thus the high point of the tale of the Prodigal Son comes in the middle with the father running dignity and robes askew to meet the returning son not at the end with the sour reaction of the stay at home brother He illustrates this tidal structure with good diagrams but it takes a little getting used to the sole drawback to an otherwise remarkable volume

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Jesus Through Middle Eastern Eyes Cultural Studies in the GospelsOf Middle Eastern culture to lead you into a deeper understanding of the person and significance of Jesus within his Jesus Through PDF own cultural context With a sure but gentle hand Bailey lifts away the obscuring layers of modern Western interpretation to reveal Jesus in the light of his actual historical and cultural setting This entirely new material from. Language changes over time so do attitudes Many of Bailey’s points seem to rely on the Aramaic and middle eastern culture not changing over the past 2000 years That simply cannot be trueHis attitude toward Bathsheba is unconscionable Bailey accuses her of seducing King David when the Biblical account reads like rape