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Book » It's Time to Talk Ë and Listen How to Have Constructive Conversations About Race Ú anatasia s. kim phd Ú ❮PDF❯ ❤ It's Time to Talk (and Listen): How to Have Constructive Conversations About Race, Class, Sexuality, AbilityBout friends and colleagues whose family members are not speaking to each other because of different political opinions whove exchanged words that have mutually offended one another If silence is one end of the continuum and verbal conflict anchors the other how do we reach a middle ground? How do we take part in the in between spaces where both parties can speak and listen?With this book as your guide youll learn to navigate these difficult conversations and take what youve learned beyond the conversation and out into the worldwhether its through politics social justice movements or simply expanding the minds of those around you Regardless of what side of the conversation you are advocating Drs Kim and del Prado provide a model to navigate a discussion with someone who may have an opposing point of view One can apply the guidelines proffered by Dr Kim and Dr del Prado beyond culture and diversity to almost any topicGo for it don’t be afraid to speak your mind and listen

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Conversations about controversial topics can be difficult painful and emotionally charged This user friendly guide will help you engage in effective compassionate discussions with family friends colleagues and even strangers about race immigration gender marriage euality sexism marginalization andWe talk every dayand we often do it without thinking But as you well know there are some things that are harder to talk aboutespecially issues pertaining to politics culture lifestyle and diversity If youve ever struggled in a conversation about a controversial topic with a loved one work colleague or even a stranger you know exactly how I grew up in a family where we did not talk about hard topics and instead just put our heads down and swept things under the rug So I've always struggled with how to have difficult conversations not just with family members but also at work with my spouse my friends and even my kids This book helped me identify the barriers that stood in my way of having difficult conversations strong emotions assumptions about what others would think about me fear that I would ruin my relationship It helped me dig deep by making me answer uestions that were challenging but eye opening how do you manage disagreements and conflict? head on? avoid it at all costs? or do you pray it goes away? I love chapter 2 on locating and acknowledging barriers and the authors challenge to know thyself If you do nothing else read this chapter so you can see what emotions and assumptions you're carrying around and bringing to every conversation you have with othersChapter 3 was also very helpful because the authors remind us that if we start with value driven intentions for example empathy respect honesty this can be the anchoring point for opening up and really talking and listening to others AND coming back to those values as reminders when conversations don't go well and need to be approached differentlyI thought this book was going to give me a list of uestions I can use at work and at home but than that it made me ask uestions of MYSELF that made me see what unsaid emotions and assumptions I've been bringing to every conversation This book is a must read for anyone struggling with how to have open conversations about difficult topics The chapters go uickly and are guided with uestions you can ask of yourself and examples of how these challenges and action plans can play out in real life Thank you Dr Kim and Dr Del Prado two female psychologists for writing an eye opening book that I will be returning to many times

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It's Time to Talk and Listen How to Have Constructive Conversations About Race Class Sexuality Ability & Gender in a Polarized WorldUncomfortable and heated the discussion can become And even if you are one of the lucky few that expresses themselves elouently how do you move beyond mere lip service and turn words into actionable change?This groundbreaking book will show you how to get to that important next level in difficult conversations to talk in an authentic and straightforward way about culture and diversity and to speak from the heart with tools from the head Using a simpleeight step approach youll learn communication strategies that are supported by research and have been practiced in classrooms work meetings therapy sessions and We constantly hear a At a time when it’s become even easier and common to speak according to our preset notions this book helped me to step back and examine my assumptions and interactions What I was struck by in reading this book was the genuine and passionate spirit that the authors have toward the subject Through the “Authors’ Turn” sections Kim and Prado remind us that they too are with us on this same difficult but necessary journey Not only does the book provide a useful eight step framework for how to approach difficult conversations about race gender and other issues but the discussion about each step provides insightful background and practical methods to gently encourage us to take that step In particular I found the uestions in the “Your Turn” section of each chapter very useful in making me examine where I was with each step of the model and where I could be to stretch myself further It does start with us