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Fireworks MX Magic kindle ¾ read î lisa lopuck ´ ❃ [EPUB] ✻ Fireworks MX Magic (Magic (New Riders)) By Lisa Lopuck ➜ – Fireworks MX Magic has self contained projects including step by step instructions explanations tips and tricks You can customize each project or use them Fireworks MX Magic has self contained projects including step by step instructions explanations tips and tricks You can customize each project or use them as launching pads for their own projects This book covers the This expensive book on Fireworks MX has a little over 200 pages covering 15 projects It is assumed that you are a beginner wanting to move to the next level The projects address important problems you will encounter on a daily basis and explain solutions in a simple step by step fashionTo give a preview of what to expect when you work through this book you will learn how to create flashy buttons understand the concepts behind large scale link management building the ultimate navigational bar creating perfect pop up menus etc There are a few advanced topics like using Fireworks extensions and collaborative workflow All in all this is an excellent book deriving its value from the project based approach one project per chapter written and reviewed by experts in the industryThe entire book is in black and white so the only color you will see is the little yellowish orange on the cover The book doesn't sit like a normal book on a bookshelf because of its uniue dimensions 8x10 instead of 10x8 I personally didn't care too much for this format but it isn't bothersome either The project files are on the accompanying CD ROM The book uses a two column format throughout whereby the text is aligned with the associated images This provides faster understanding of the topic being discussedI thoroughly enjoyed reading the chapters on how to build a very cool navigational bar and how to design a dynamic interface using rollovers etc The chapter on flashy buttons was fun also Beginners will not be confused by the writing style which is very direct and simple I didn't find anything magical about this book as hinted in the title but it is a very practical book and useful to almost any Fireworks designerConsidering the tremendous background that the authors possess they could have provided tips and covered another 10 15 projects for the price of the book But other than that this is an excellent book on the path to becoming an Intermediate user if you don't mind the price Enjoy

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Rations manipulate photos and design layouts while offering integration with all professional web applications including Flash Dreamweaver and UltraDev CD ROM contains all files needed to complete projects in the book If your looking for the basics on getting started there are many others that will do the job This book step right into the heart of Fireworks and bends and stretches the tool we know as FireworksExcellent projects and if you don't have a need for the project there are so many great tips and tricks buried in these books that alone is worth the priceExcellent desk book to keep around

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Fireworks MX Magic Magic New RidersFunctional upgrades and best practices of Fireworks with special emphasis on building web graphics animation navigation and integrating Fireworks into the workflow Macromedia's Fireworks allows users to develop illust These Magic books are very hit and miss and this one does missing than hitting While there are a few good sections this book is of a portfolio for a few selected graphic designers than a useful instructional guideFireworks Magic is divided into sections which deal with certain tasks or techniues In many of the Magic books this works because the techniues are useful timesaving or at least provide motivation and inspiration to create That is not the case here The problem with this particualr book is two foldThe techniues illustrated are in many cases elementary in comparison to the book's focus If you do not know how to blend a background together a web techniue used sparingly in modern design anyway or proper exporting formats jpg vs gif why would you spend hundreds of dollars on Fireworks which is almost exclusively a web design tool? This book has almost no instructional value so even if you were a designer and your firm was switching over to fireworks something we did several years ago this in no way reflects the type of book your boss would put on your desk to bring you up to speed In other words if you were reading this book you probably already have fireworks experience but they want to show you how to blend a background or export agif? Not very well thought outSecondly the work presented in this book is with a couple of exceptions poor If one of my designers presented something similar to the work shown in most sections of this book we would be having a serious talk about their need for retraining In fact there are many techniues used in this book which I truly uestionIn the very least this book could have been a source of design inspiration It the best case it could have been both a inspirational design book and have some good instructional content In reality it has neither With the exception of two sections this book is a proverbial show and tell for mediocre designers