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Read Red, White, and the Blues (Chronos Origins #2) doc Ù White and the Blues ´ Rysa Walker ¶ ❰EPUB❯ ✷ Red, White, and the Blues (Chronos Origins #2) Author Rysa Walker – The United States’ past is hijacked in a time warping advent88 Manhattan Project never gets off the groundTyson and Madi have only three days to undo the strategy that changed the tides of war and the fate of the world A surprise survivor from CHRONOS could be their best hope for flipping the timeline If he’s on their side But can they risk trusting him when the past the future and the lives of millions hang in the balan Red White and the Blues is the second book in the Chronos Origins series by Rysa Walker It picks up immediately from the twist at the ending of the first book Now Then and Everywhen I would definitely recommend reading these in order In the first book the main character Madi learns she has the genetic ability to use a Chronos key to travel through time She is a young adult in 2136 Bethesda when she discovers a key in the yard of her family's home In the first book Madi and her friends from 2136 work with historians from Chronos Headuarters of the year 2304 to repair a rift in the timeline to prevent disastrous conseuences set off by alterations in the 1960s Even though the timeline is restored the Chronos historians return home to 2304 to find out that they are now players in a popular recreational time travel game called Temporal Dilemma aka The Game Not only does this force them to play The Game but Madi is also named as a member of their team Further the challengers seem to be a team of advanced players from a differentparallel dimension And The Game is no longer a simulation but it is real The opposing team have already entered their moves which prevent the US from entering WWII causing an immense time shift with tragic outcomes Madi her friends and the Chronos historians must work together to figure out which historical alterations were made by the other team and what moves in The Game they must accomplish to counteract the time shift and restore their futureThe writing is solid character development expands from book one with several very interesting threads woven between the characters both within and between timelines The historical events settings and people are described with just enough detail to feel plausible However throughout most of the book the various actions the multitude of different dates and times and the historical news snippets are difficult to keep up with and very confusing This makes the book a less than leisurely read because there is almost too much fractured information to follow The last third of the book does bring everything in better focus as the story unfolds and the by end almost everything makes senseI gave Red White and the Blues 35 stars because I really enjoyed the characters and much of the historical content but it wasn't a compelling read that I couldn't put down I thought Now Then and Everywhen was a bit better primarily because it wasn't laden with the complexities of parallel dimensions which diminished the reading experience somewhat for meI thank NetGalley and the publisher 47North for providing this advanced reader copy

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EPUB #232 Europe Pearl Harbor never happens a fascist cloud hangs over the postwar United States and CHRONOS itself is erased from existenceNow Tyson Madi and a team of seasoned players must make their moves in s New York Jazz and the blues waft from Village clubs The World’s Fair draws assassins Madison Suare Garden hosts Nazis And the White and the PDFEPUB #1 As always fantastic The CRONOS world is so rich and intricate and yet I never feel confused Read in order as that is essential Full disclosure I received a copy of the book from the publisher in exchange for an honest review

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Red White and the Blues Chronos Origins #2The United States’ and the PDFEPUB #192 past is hijacked in a time warping adventure of future interdimensional high risk games by the bestselling author of the CHRONOS seriesHistory is turned inside out when off world travelers challenge Tyson Reyes and Madi Grace to a real life game of Temporal Dilemma Three rounds from the opponents and Hitler takes Red White I received this ARC in exchange for an honest review Thanks to the publishers and Netgalley