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EBOOK ☆ EPUB Craving By Helen Hardt ì 9781943893171 å [KINDLE] ❆ Craving ❤ Helen Hardt – Danpashley.co.uk Your Escape Into A World of Dark Mysteries Spicy RomanceAfter being left at the altar Jade Roberts seeks solace at her best friend’s ranch on the Colorado western slope Her humiliation stilCatapults into his life She is beautiful sweet and giving and his desire for her becomes a craving he fears he'll never be able to satisfyPassion sizzles between the two loversbut long buried secrets haunt them both and may eventually tear them apart Have you ever agreed to buddy read a trilogy which I just discovered has now morphed into at least a six book series with a friend who swears up and down that you will absolutely love a book and then you get halfway through said book and you are about to beat your head against the wall and wonder why in the hell you ever agreed to buddy read this?Please tell me I'm not the only one to make this mistakeAnd I can't really blame my friend because she does know that I love messed up books the messed up the better usually and the book is set on the western slope of Colorado an area of the state for which I will always hold a fondness So my friend really did think that I would love these books First off the author gets several things wrong about the setting Granted I know that Snow Creek is a made up town so I can't fault her for anything there But she does use Grand Junction as a backdrop for the first few chapters and it pops up every so often and there are just things wrong about Junction Spoiler cut just because I'm probably about to go on a rant hereview spoilerFirst off I have never heard a local say I am going to Grand Junction The city is nearly always referred to as just plain Junction by anyone who lives close by and I can always point out the n00bs who refer to Junction as anything other than well Junction And the airplane flying into the airport at least three seats across before an aisle? I have a hard time believing any flight into Junction would be a 2 3 or a 3 3 Usually it's a puddlejumper 1 2; rarely I have seen a 2 2 but never anything bigger than a 2 2 Also Talon when he picks Jade up at the airport states that he is parked on this level or the level of the baggage claim Yeah no fucking shit There's only one level at the Junction airport it's called a big parking lot outside where your car sits in the desert sun with no protection and they rip you off for 10 a day There are no parking garages and no levels All of this may seem petty to criticize and perhaps it is but I am very familiar with Junction just imagine if someone set a book in your hometown and got ALL THE THINGS wrong It's annoying to me hide spoiler

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Your Escape Into A World of Dark Mysteries Spicy RomanceAfter being left at the altar Jade Roberts seeks solace at her best friend’s ranch on the Colorado western slope Her humiliation still ripe she doesn't expect to be attracted to her friend’s An seat gripping emotional masterpieceHelen has stolen my heart with this epic story of 2 broken souls I opened this ARC with the intention of it lasting a couple of evenings of after work reading Wow was I wrong I started and finished this book in 4 hours I didn't even stop for a break I couldn't I was drawn in from the very first chapter I can not wait for of the Steel Brothers I was blown away with the story that is Talon and Jade They both have walls built they both have been hurt and humiliated one much than the other but they have protected their hearts to not fall in love But will their emotions get the best of them? Jade has just been left at the alter and decided to move in with her best friend on the Steel ranch when she gets to the airport Marj Jade's best friend was not able to pick her up so she sent her brother Talon The one Steel brother she hasn't meet And the chemistry she felt was instant but she was determined to not let him get to her Talon has served in the military and seen things he wish he hadn't He also suffers from what appears to be a childhood trauma He has been severely hurt and doesn't know how to show any emotion other than he is a master in the bedroom His words not mine He is the perfect Alpha Male; tall dark and extremely sexy But his emotional walls are taller than the wall in China He knows he has feelings for Jade or at least he thinks he does Will the 2 ever really be able to open up to one another? Oh I wish I knew

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Craving By Helen HarReticent brother but when the gorgeous cowboy kisses her all bets are offTalon Steel is broken Having never fully healed from a horrific childhood trauma he simply exists taking from women what is offered and giving nothing in returnuntil Jade Roberts I found this read through an ad on FB and it basically stated that this was a series to read after Fifty Shades I'll admit I am one of those people that really enjoyed the Fifty Shades trilogy I won't even discuss the book that came after the trilogycoughcoughGrey Anyway I was excited to see that maybe this would be just as good; if not betterI have to be honest and say that this was just an ok read for me It had great potential and I am going to remain positive and hope that as the story progresses it might fall into placebut as for book oneI was disappointed yet intrigued to the point where I will carry on My biggest complaint was that it was hard to connect to the main characters Considering Talon was dealing with a crap ton of trauma from his childhood I had a hard time empathising with him He was an ass for the most part and I would have liked to have seen him have a soft side to him somewhere Maybe that will still come in the second bookI sure hope so Then there is Jade I found her to be a bit of a door mat at times then she would change to a bitchshe had uite a bipolar feel to her at times The sex between these two was hotbut forewarningthere is a ton of it In fact I'd say they spent most of their times in the sack or shower rather than discussing what their relationship meantAgain let's hope there is communication in book two The story starts with Jade making a move to her friends ranch in Colorado after she has been left at the alter by her husband to be Her friend lives on a huge ranch with her brothers and has welcomed Jade to come stay The Steel siblings are very rich and have split ownership of the Ranch Talon Steel is the middle brother and he is the mysterious and dark one He has a ton of trauma and secrets and is not the type to open up to anyone When he gets a look at his sister's friend he knows there is something different about his attraction to her He doesn't like it and immediately he erects his walls up very high During their many midnight meetings in the kitchen when Jade and Talon can't sleep sparks begin to fly and both their lives will never be the same when the walls start crumbling downI am very hopeful for this series I think it has a ton of potential and because of this I will continue on for now My fingers are crossed that things will pick up It isn't the most original book out there but it still has the sexy brooding heroes that we come to love in our romances Let's hope Talon will get through his many issues and become the hero I swoon for